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  1. 556 downloads
    luikore-cici (0.1.3) Mini Ruby GUI for Windows
  2. 143 downloads
    luikore-iconv-pure (0.0.1) a pure ruby, naive implementation of iconv for 1.9
  3. 276 downloads
    luislavena-github (0.1.4) The official `github` command line helper for simplifying your GitHub experience.
  4. 145 downloads
    luislavena-rake ( Rake is a Make-like program implemented in Ruby. Tasks and dependencies are specified in standard...
  5. 1,215 downloads
    luislavena-rake-compiler (0.6.0) Provide a standard and simplified way to build and package Ruby C extensions using Rake as glue.
  6. 291 downloads
    luislavena-sqlite3-ruby (1.2.5) This module allows Ruby programs to interface with the SQLite3 database engine (http://www.sqlite...
  7. 9,169 downloads
    luisparravicini-classifier (1.4.2) Bayesian classifier and others.
  8. 143 downloads
    LuizCarvalho-esvien (0.0.2) A simple Subversion client for Ruby
  9. 932 downloads
    luka (0.0.1) Luka is a simple proxy that gives you a fluent interface layer on top of any object.
  10. 5,799 downloads
    luka-astrails-safe (0.2.11) astrails-safe with email and dropbox support
  11. 831 downloads
    luka-multiinfo (0.0.6) This gem is Ruby interface to the Polkomtel's MultiInfo SMS gateway service, based on Luke Redpat...
  12. 144 downloads
    luke0x-paperclip (2.3.1) File attachments as attributes for ActiveRecord
  13. 422 downloads
    lukebayes-clix_flash_player (0.3.0) The Flash Player on OS X does not appropriately allow the command line to control it.
  14. 3,615 downloads
    lukemelia-twitter-stream (0.1.16) Simple Ruby client library for twitter streaming API. Uses EventMachine for connection handling. ...
  15. 429 downloads
    lukeredpath-simpleconfig (1.0.2) Simple Config is a plugin designed to make application-wide configuration settings (e.g. in a Rai...
  16. 411 downloads
    lukewendling-expressive_record (0.3.0) Add meaningful names for belongs_to associations to Rails 2.1 model object dirty changes to help ...
  17. 820 downloads
    lulu (0.0.4) Lulu merges the closest overlapping pair of map markers into a one whose area is the sum of the o...
  18. 1,965 downloads
    lulzcatz (0.2.1) A port of Acme::LOLCAT to ruby
  19. 1,332 downloads
    lumbar (0.0.1) "Lumbar supports building Backbone (JS) applications."
  20. 76,938 downloads
    lumber (1.2.2) Lumber tries to make it easy to use the more robust log4r logging system within your rails applic...
  21. 17,876 downloads
    lumberg (1.1.1) Ruby library for the WHM & cPanel API; It's not a half day or anything like that
  22. 3,360,131 downloads
    lumberjack (1.0.9) A simple, powerful, and very fast logging utility that can be a drop in replacement for Logger or...
  23. 717 downloads
    lumberjack_aziz_light (1.0.6) A simple, powerful, and very fast logging utility that can be a drop in replacement for Logger or...
  24. 2,151 downloads
    lumberjack-couchdb-driver (0.0.2) A Couchdb driver for the lumberjack logging gem.
  25. 1,310 downloads
    lumberjack-dsl (0.0.1) Lumberjack is best summed up as a generic DSL for constructing object trees.
  26. 3,978 downloads
    lumberjack_heroku_device (0.0.4) A logging device for the Lumberjack gem that writes log entries to Heroku's logging system.
  27. 2,722 downloads
    lumberjack_mongo_device (1.0.1) A logging device for the lumberjack gem that writes log entries to a MongoDB collection.
  28. 7,488 downloads
    lumberjack_multi-device (0.2.0) A proxy device that relays logging calls to more than one other device
  29. 10,056 downloads
    lumberjack_syslog_device (1.0.0) A logging device for the lumberjack gem that writes log entries to syslog.
  30. 89 downloads
    lumberyard-truck (0.5.0) Error reporting client for Lumberyard