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  1. 3,139 downloads
    lastfm-m3u (0.3) CLI tool to create m3u playlists of top artist tracks according to lastfm
  2. 1,632 downloads
    lastfm-path-finder (1.0.3) Gem for finding paths between artists in
  3. 4,376 downloads
    lastfm-tail (1.1.2) A small script, inspired by the Unix tail utility, for viewing recently-scrobbled tracks on
  4. 4,294 downloads
    lastfm_tools (1.1.1) A backuper, helper and data analyzer for API 2.0
  5. 1,767 downloads
    lastfm-top (0.2.0) A small script to view top artists, albums and tracks of a user.
  6. 2,760 downloads
    last_green_go_pipeline (1.3.1) friendly wrapper around the go-api-client that looks up the last green build of a Go.CD pipeline
  7. 5,519 downloads
    lastgroov (0.3.0) Now you can scrobble Grooveshark music!
  8. 1,099 downloads
    last_line (0.0.2) Explicitly allow GET requests for specific actions, verify authenticity token on GET
  9. 3,806 downloads
    last_mod_cache (1.0.2) An extension for ActiveRecord models that adds a a very easy to use caching layer for models that...
  10. 936 downloads
    lastobelus-merb_global (0.0.14) Localization (L10n) and Internationalization (i18n) support for the Merb MVC Framework
  11. 132 downloads
    lastobelus-merb-recaptcha (1.0.3) Merb plugin that provides helpers for service
  12. 487 downloads
    lastobelus-rubycas-client (2.0.7) Client library for the Central Authentication Service (CAS) protocol.
  13. 116 downloads
    lastobelus-vlad (1.4.0) Vlad the Deployer is pragmatic application deployment automation, without mercy. Much like Capist...
  14. 1,344 downloads
    lastpass (1.2.1) Unofficial LastPass API
  15. 1,427 downloads
    lastrb (0.1.0) Another ruby library for webservices
  16. 8,167 downloads
    last-resort (0.0.10) Last Resort is a Ruby gem for monitoring email sent by automated services (monit, logging package...
  17. 778 downloads
    last-seen-recipes-handler (0.0.2) A plugin for Chef::Knife which displays node metadata about the last chef run.
  18. 481 downloads
    last_tweet_redux (0.1.2) Runs a trivial background process that just fetches the last tweet and saves it to a Redis backen...
  19. 121 downloads
    laszpio-googlecharts (1.3.6) Sexy Charts using Google API & Ruby
  20. 120 downloads
    laszpio-laszpio-googlecharts (1.3.6) Sexy Charts using Google API & Ruby
  21. 4,284 downloads
    latch (0.4.0) This is a really simple countdown latch for Ruby.
  22. 263 downloads
    latchsdk (1.1) This SDK allows developers to integrate Latch on their Ruby services. Latch is a service that let...
  23. 2,241 downloads
    late (0.0.3) Late is a gem that provides extremely fast C binding based time methods
  24. 723 downloads
    latent_object_detector (0.0.3) Flags frequently used words in method names as possible latent concepts.
  25. 4,142 downloads
    later (0.2.0) Lean Redis-backed event scheduling library for Ruby
  26. 26,145 downloads
    later_dude (0.3.3) LaterDude is a small calendar helper plugin for Rails with i18n support.
  27. 1,320 downloads
    laterpaper (0.1.0) Library for using the Instapaper API
  28. 4,303 downloads
    latest (0.4.0) Latest keeps us up to speed by querying for a gem's most recent version number. Yep,...
  29. 5,562 downloads
    latest_branch (1.0.3) Return the most-recently-updated folder starting with a common prefix.
  30. 1,593 downloads
    latest_ruby (0.0.3) Knows about MRI, Rubinius, JRuby, MagLev and MacRuby.