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  1. 665 downloads
    magnit (0.0.2) magnit is a CLI tool to watch & recompile compass/stylus/less projects. It is a simple alternativ...
  2. 2,798 downloads
    magnolia (1.1.1) Library which makes it really easy to access your ma.gnolia bookmarks
  3. 6,942 downloads
    magnoline (0.5) A command line interface to the Magnolia CMS
  4. 1,433 downloads
    magnum ( Magnum is a library of classes for building .NET applications
  5. 2,858 downloads
    magnum-payload (0.4.1) Parse code pushes from multiple code hosting platforms
  6. 1,912 downloads
    magnum-pi (0.2.5) Create an easy interface to talk with APIs
  7. 3,372 downloads
    mago (0.1.0) Provides a command and API to detect magic numbers in ruby code
  8. 5,112 downloads
    magpie ( Magpie提供了支付宝(alipay), 网银在线(chinabank), 财付通(tenpay)的沙盒功能.使用Magpie, 开发人员可以测试商户系统提交到支付平台的参数是否正确, 并且当...
  9. 2,627 downloads
    magritte (0.5.8) Magritte is a simple but powerful wrapper to Open3 pipes that makes it easy to handle two-way p...
  10. 875 downloads
    magtek_card_reader (1.0.0) Provides a convenient wrapper around libusb to read credit cards with a Magtek Credit Card Reader.
  11. 3,012 downloads
    magti (0.1.1) Magti SMS gateway
  12. 991 downloads
    maguire (0.1.3) Currency data acquired from the Swiss Association for Standardization
  13. 495 downloads
    magus (0.0.1) Magento API wrapper in Ruby
  14. 2,031 downloads
    mahogany (0.0.2) Easy Redis in Ruby code
  15. 7,257 downloads
    mahoro (0.4) An interface to libmagic to determine file types using "magic" numbers. This can be used in place...
  16. 1,159 downloads
    mai (0.0.5) Mai CSS skeleton built on Compass
  17. 14,080 downloads
    maid (0.5.0) Be lazy: let Maid clean up after you. Think of it as "Hazel for hackers".
  18. 603 downloads
    maidenhead (1.0.1) Convert between latitude/longitude and Maidenhead Locator System strings
  19. 3,083 downloads
    maidservice (0.0.9) Distributed Page Cache Clearing using Redis pub/sub and hooking into Rails page caching
  20. 1,870 downloads
    maid-xdg ( XDG provides an interface for using XDG directory standard.
  21. 286 downloads
    maiku (0.6.1.maiku) A Maruku superset compiler.
  22. 28,500,970 downloads
    mail (2.6.1) A really Ruby Mail handler.
  23. 1,299 downloads
    mail_actual_recipient (0.1.0) Parses the actual recipient header to determine the destinations.
  24. 3,570 downloads
    mail_alternatives_with_attachments (2.0.0) ActionMailer 3 makes it much easier to send emails, but there is one case it doesn't handle well....
  25. 614 downloads
    mail_autoconfig (0.0.2) Determine configuration details for a mailbox using Mozilla's ISPDB
  26. 4,176 downloads
    mailbag (0.0.4) Mailbag keeps track of the emails that your application sends out by logging them to a database t...
  27. 22,320 downloads
    mailbox (0.2.7) Mailbox is a JRuby module that simplifies concurrency and is backed by JVM threads.
  28. 127,122 downloads
    mailboxer (0.12.1) A Rails engine that allows any model to act as messageable, adding the ability to exchange messag...
  29. 778 downloads
    mailboxer-without-notification (0.11.2) A Rails engine that allows any model to act as messageable, adding the ability to exchange messag...
  30. 5,492 downloads
    mailbuild (1.1.2) Ruby interface to the Mailbuild API.