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  1. 1,480 downloads
    minerva-nifty-generators (0.3.0) A collection of useful generator scripts for Rails.
  2. 1,070 downloads
    mines (0.0.2) Ruby in Mines is a framework for creating data mining application prototypes that focus on proces...
  3. 1,341 downloads
    minescope (0.0.1) Minescope is a rack application providing an interactive HTML5 Minecraft map viewer
  4. 3,778 downloads
    mine_shaft (1.0.1) Provides an easy way to authenticate and grab content from a Redmine project. A specific use-case...
  5. 399 downloads
    minestorethemecraft (0.0.1) A minestore themes gem for developers!
  6. 1,031 downloads
    mineworker (0.0.1) Mineworker is a bunch of methods for using with other gems (currently Redcarpet and Twitter)
  7. 485 downloads
    minfraud-ruby (0.1.1) Ruby interface to the MaxMind minFraud API service.
  8. 1,343 downloads
    mingle (0.3.1) Facebook, Twitter and Instagram integration for Ruby on Rails
  9. 13,373 downloads
    mingle4r (0.5.0) A wrapper connector for connecting to Mingle(
  10. 1,058 downloads
    mingle_access (0.0.1) I'm sick of hacking the same HTTP/S and OAuth code every time I write a Mingle integration!!
  11. 1,195 downloads
    mingle_cli (0.0.4) Command line interface to Mingle.
  12. 2,311 downloads
    mingle_event_changes (0.0.4) Parse out Mingle Event Feed content element of the entry. Better and simpler API for accessing ev...
  13. 7,783 downloads
    mingle_events (0.1.7) Mingle 3.3 introduced a new Events API in the form of an "Atom feed":http://www.thoughtworks...
  14. 5,412 downloads
    mingle_keyvalue_store (0.1.7) A key value store implentation that uses DynamoDB or Pstore underneath.
  15. 11,927 downloads
    mingle-macro-development-toolkit (2.0.2) This toolkit provides support for developing, testing and deploying custom Mingle macros.
  16. 14,717 downloads
    mingle_macro_models (1.3.4) Wrapper models used by custom Mingle macros.
  17. 2,918 downloads
    minglemingle (0.0.2) MingleMingle is a Mingle command line tool based on the Mingle REST api.
  18. 1,718 downloads
    mingle_party (0.0.7) An example implementation that demonstrates how to use Mingle API
  19. 7,438 downloads
    mingle-storage (0.0.11) Mingle storage API to support filesystem and AWS S3 backed storage
  20. 1,495 downloads
    minglr (1.3.11) * This gem provides two executable binaries to interact with Mingle (http://mingle.thoughtworks.c...
  21. 12,455 downloads
    mingo (0.4.3) Mingo is a minimal document-object mapper for MongoDB.
  22. 1,258 downloads
    ming-ruby (1.0-mswin32) ming-ruby (鋸) is an swf files generator.
  23. 282 downloads
    mingusbabcock-composite_primary_keys ( Composite key support for ActiveRecords (patched to see if the load 'active_record/associations.r...
  24. 7,440 downloads
    minhttp (0.0.9) MinHTTP allows one to send and receive raw HTTP requests. It's a very thin wrapper around EventMa...
  25. 3,592 downloads
    mini_aether (0.0.7-java) Resolves Aether artifact dependencies, downloads, and requires them.
  26. 419 downloads
    miniauth (0.0.1) Service-oriented authentication for Ruby apps
  27. 7,289 downloads
    mini_auth (1.0.0) A minimal authentication module for Rails
  28. 9,693 downloads
    mini_backtrace (0.1.3) MiniBacktrace allows you to take advantage of the Rails.backtrace_cleaner when using MiniTest. Th...
  29. 1,068 downloads
    miniball_ruby (0.0.2) This gem finds minimum bounding spheres of a set of points. It is a port of ...
  30. 4,741 downloads
    mini-bootstrap-rails (0.1.1) A pure gem just adds bootstrap to your Rails project.