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  1. 2,208 downloads
    mailbuilder (0.2.5) A simple ERB template mail builder. It creates an email with inline images. Very nice =)
  2. 5,075 downloads
    mail_builder (0.3) MailBuilder is a simple library for building RFC compliant MIME emails.
  3. 687 downloads
    mail_builder19 (1.0-java) MailBuilder is a simple library for building RFC compliant MIME emails.
  4. 4,125 downloads
    mailbuilder-preview (0.1.8) A nice helper when setting the styling for an email.
  5. 2,496 downloads
    mailcannon (0.1.1) A mass mailing tool for real threads aficionados
  6. 895 downloads
    mailcar (0.0.1) Mailcare is a mountable rails engine for sending mail to your users.
  7. 419,826 downloads
    mailcatcher (0.5.12) MailCatcher runs a super simple SMTP server which catches any message sent to it to displ...
  8. 103 downloads
    mailcatcher-api (0.0.1) MailCatcher REST API SDK
  9. 1,893 downloads
    mailcatcher-jruby (1.1.5) [JRuby portion] of the original MailCatcher. MailCatcher runs a super simple SMTP server ...
  10. 6,488 downloads
    mailcheck (1.0.0) A ruby translation of the Kicksend mailcheck javascript library (
  11. 2,710 downloads
    mailchecker (0.0.4) This will validate your email using web service, it will test for you the format...
  12. 1,545 downloads
    mail_checker (0.0.2) RSpec matchers and helpers to set expectations on mails delivered to MailCatcher
  13. 1,630 downloads
    mail_chess (0.2.0) Play chess with your friends in email!
  14. 73,403 downloads
    mailchimp (0.0.9) This provides Ruby access to (eventually) all of Mailchimp's APIs
  15. 31,403 downloads
    mailchimp-api (2.0.5) A Ruby API library for the MailChimp email platform
  16. 1,533 downloads
    mailchimp_exporter (0.0.3) Export your MailChimp data
  17. 5,541 downloads
    mailchimp_ses (1.0.4) Allows you to call MailChimp <-> Amazon SES integration methods.
  18. 2,112 downloads
    mailchimp_subscriber (0.1.22) Sync user emails with MailChimp mailing lists
  19. 961 downloads
    mail-control (0.1.1) MailControl is a simple gem for giving both your app and users control over when, if and how emai...
  20. 265 downloads
    mailcover_rails (1.0.0) This gem helps you to create real validation for email, not just a simple regex
  21. 1,648 downloads
    mailcrate (0.0.1) A mock SMTP server that can be run and inspected from tests. The server runs in memory and receiv...
  22. 38,947 downloads
    mailcvt (0.2.41) Convert mail to a one line log message.
  23. 3,192 downloads
    mail_diff (0.1.3) Version of PrettyDiff that generate markup that works in most email clients
  24. 13,658 downloads
    maildiode (0.2.5) MailDiode is a simple incoming SMTP server daemon.
  25. 6,803 downloads
    maildiode-greylist (0.1.1) Greylist anti-spam plugin for MailDiode
  26. 108,671 downloads
    maildir (2.1.0) A ruby library for reading and writing arbitrary messages in DJB's maildir format
  27. 3,734 downloads
    maildir-queue (1.0.1) A simple queue API with a maildir backend. Also includes an HTTP API
  28. 1,342 downloads
    maildis (0.0.2) Maildis is a command line bulk email dispatching tool. It supports HTML and plain text templates ...
  29. 2,915 downloads
    maildotyml (0.0.6) Add mail.yml to rails
  30. 3,902 downloads
    maildown (1.0.2) Best practice is to send text/plain && text/html markdown works great for both, so why write your...