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  1. 3,993 downloads
    minitest-mustwonted (1.0.2) Provides a new unversal and esily extendable matchers engine
  2. 2,442 downloads
    minitest-nc (1.1.0) MiniTest extension for Mountain Lion's Notification Center
  3. 2,815 downloads
    minitest-notification (0.0.4) Test notifier for minitest via OSX Notification Center
  4. 128 downloads
    minitest-osx (0.1.0) A minitest reporter that reports the test stauts to the Mac OS X notification on 10.9+
  5. 1,120 downloads
    minitest_owrapper (0.0.1) With ruby or macruby test unit or minitest, results are damnly tied to output and you can't get ...
  6. 314 downloads
    minitest-parallel-db (0.0.4) Run tests in parallel with a single database
  7. 1,816 downloads
    minitest-perf (0.0.3) Save test run data to find slow tests and other interesting information
  8. 1,146 downloads
    minitest-power_assert (0.0.3) Power Assert for Minitest.
  9. 2,308 downloads
    minitest-predicates (0.1.0) Adds support for .predicate? methods to MiniTest (via method_missing)
  10. 636 downloads
    minitest-pretty_diff (0.1) Pretty-print hashes and arrays before diffing them in MiniTest
  11. 648 downloads
    minitest-profiler (0.0.2) Hooks into minitest and finds the slow-running tests.
  12. 234,945 downloads
    minitest-rails (2.1.0) Adds Minitest as the default testing library in Rails
  13. 226 downloads
    minitest-rails-assertions (0.1.0) The gem minitest-rails-assertions extends MiniTest to add some assertions to Rails tests.
  14. 69,695 downloads
    minitest-rails-capybara (2.1.1) Adds Capybara feature tests in Minitest and Rails.
  15. 14,798 downloads
    minitest-rails-shoulda (0.4.1) Making shoulda-matchers available for minitest-rails
  16. 6,436 downloads
    minitest_rails_tools (0.2.1) A collection of helpers for integrating Rails and Minitest.
  17. 643 downloads
    minitest-rails-tools (0.1.0) A collection of little helpers to make working with Rails and Minitest a bit easier.
  18. 275 downloads
    minitest-redgreen (1.0) Colorize and pluralize minitest output: failing red, pending yellow, passing green and errors pur...
  19. 411 downloads
    minitest-red_green (0.9.2) Adds red/green colors to standard minitest output
  20. 2,486 downloads
    minitest-reporter-api (0.0.5) Minitest Report API is a small patch to Minitest that allows reporters to be set in code, i.e. te...
  21. 609,027 downloads
    minitest-reporters (1.0.6) Death to haphazard monkey-patching! Extend Minitest through simple hooks.
  22. 651 downloads
    minitest-reporters-fail (0.0.1) A Minitest Reporter that Shows Failure Detail and Emoji
  23. 1,464 downloads
    minitest-reporters-ws (0.0.2) A Minitest Reporter that Outputs to a Websocket
  24. 1,648 downloads
    minitest-rerun (0.1.5) Print copy pasteable rerun snippets after failed runs
  25. 31,918 downloads
    minitest-rg (5.1.0) Adds color to your MiniTest output
  26. 1,098 downloads
    minitest_rspec_mocks (0.0.3) Name changed to minitest-rspec_mocks. Please grab the latest version under that name.
  27. 968 downloads
    minitest-rspec_mocks (0.1.2) Use rspec-mocks with minitest. A description of what this does doesn't get longer than that.
  28. 4,500 downloads
    minitest-ruby_golf_metrics (0.0.11) Provide metrics for evaluating ruby golf solutions concerning code length when running minitests.
  29. 144 downloads
    minitest-server (1.0.0) minitest-server provides a client/server setup with your minitest process, allowing your test run...
  30. 9,711 downloads
    minitest_should (0.3.1) Shoulda style syntax for minitest test::unit. Contexts are not yet supported, but you can use `sh...