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  1. 3,351 downloads
    misfit (0.0.4) Flexible approach to handling exceptions in ruby (for library writers, or consumers). Ispired by...
  2. 104 downloads
    misfit_activity (1.0.0) Misfit api client for activities only, profile, device and activities by date/range.
  3. 1,523 downloads
    misfo-aws-sdk-cloudwatch ( Extends the original aws-sdk gem from Amazon with support for the CloudWatch API
  4. 627 downloads
    misha-ruby-sdl-ffi (0.6) Ruby-SDL-FFI is a low-level binding to SDL and related libraries using Ruby-FFI. It provides very...
  5. 106 downloads
    mislav-addressable (2.1.1) Addressable is a replacement for the URI implementation that is part of Ruby's standard library. ...
  6. 3,495 downloads
    mislav_contacts (0.2.8) Ruby library for consuming Google, Yahoo!, Flickr and Windows Live contact APIs
  7. 107 downloads
    mislav-fakeweb ( A tool for faking responses to HTTP requests
  8. 1,030 downloads
    mislav-hanna (0.1.11) Hanna is an RDoc implemented in Haml, making its source clean and maintainable. It's built with s...
  9. 2,469 downloads
    mislav-is_paranoid (0.0.2) ActiveRecord 2.3 compatible gem "allowing you to hide and restore records without actually deleti...
  10. 423 downloads
    mislav-remark (0.3.0) HTML to Markdown converter
  11. 1,759 downloads
    mislav-rspactor (0.4.0) RSpactor is a command line tool to automatically run your changed specs (much like autotest).
  12. 208 downloads
    mislav-thor (0.9.10) A gem that maps options to a class
  13. 110 downloads
    mislav-ticgit (0.3.6) A distributed ticketing system for Git projects.
  14. 1,332 downloads
    mislav-will_paginate (2.3.10) The will_paginate library provides a simple, yet powerful and extensible API for ActiveRecord pag...
  15. 19,667 downloads
    miso (0.4.1) Miso is a unified API for simple image operations commonly used on the web.
  16. 5,353 downloads
    miso-java (0.1.5) Miso is a lightweight MVC Java web framework. This gem is a code generator for building Miso apps.
  17. 3,128 downloads
    misosoup (0.1.2) MisoSoup is a Rack application which can server any number of sub-Rack applications and a static ...
  18. 278 downloads
    miss-foo (0.0.1) Testing gem
  19. 4,179 downloads
    missile-command-ruby (0.0.8) Protect your cities, destroy the incoming enemy missiles!
  20. 314 downloads
    missing (0.0.2) Give you a hand on finding out all the missing routes in the config/routes.rb
  21. 2,887 downloads
    missing_controller_helpers_generator (1.0.1) missing_controller_helpers_generator was developed by: markbates
  22. 1,096 downloads
    missing_i18n (0.0.2) Rails mountable engine that finds missing i18n translations and displays them in a variety of for...
  23. 1,715 downloads
    missinglink (0.2.6) This gem, when installed, enables pulling down surveys, questions, and responses from the SurveyM...
  24. 2,791 downloads
    missingly (0.0.6) A DSL for defining method missing methods
  25. 1,472 downloads
    missing-math (0.1.4) A library of missing math functions.
  26. 1,438 downloads
    missingno (0.0.0) Automated method_missing and respond_to? generator
  27. 4,528 downloads
    missing_t (0.4.1) Finds all the missing i18n translations in your Rails project
  28. 2,206 downloads
    missing_translations (1.1.0) Show missing I18n keys in Rails applications
  29. 10,264 downloads
    missing_validators (1.0.1) Validates email addresses, URLs, IMEI, MAC addresses, latitude, longitude, hex colors and inequal...
  30. 955 downloads
    mission (0.0.1) A lots of useful tools, that have sence only in Ruby Bots