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  1. 1,710 downloads
    mintdigital-youtube-g (0.5.1) youtube-g is a pure Ruby client for the YouTube GData API. It provides an easy way to access the ...
  2. 1,607 downloads
    minter-raccdoc (0.0.10) A Ruby interface into the Raccdoc protocol
  3. 1,639 downloads
    mintkit (0.0.3) Ruby API for Not at all affiliated with or endorsed by Your mileage ...
  4. 283 downloads
    mintpal_ruby (0.0.10) Provides a wrapper for API.
  5. 4,582 downloads
    MINT-scxml (1.1.7) This gem implements all core constucts of the state chart XML (SCXML) specification of the W3C. (...
  6. 1,134 downloads
    MINT-sdl (1.0.2) Multimodal Interaction Framework sound support Implements an agent that offers sound support.
  7. 5,084 downloads
    MINT-statemachine (1.5.0) The MINT Statemachine is a ruby library for building Finite State Machines, based on the Statemac...
  8. 3,768 downloads
    minty_scopes (0.9.1) Useful, reusable named_scopes for ActiveRecord.
  9. 2,168 downloads
    minus5_daemon (0.2.4) minus5_daemon is a simple lib for crating Ruby daemons it is built on top daemons.rb (http://...
  10. 3,245 downloads
    minus5_mssql (0.2.1) minus5_mssql is a simple lib for working with Microsoft Sql Server it is built on top of tiny...
  11. 1,898 downloads
    minute (0.2) Natural Language Date/Time parsing library for Ruby
  12. 3,235 downloads
    minute-franck (0.2.3) simple gem to create Freckle entries
  13. 7,943 downloads
    minuteman (1.0.3) Fast and furious tracking system using Redis bitwise operations
  14. 1,314 downloads
    minuteman-rails (0.1.0) Use Minuteman in your Rails app
  15. 1,456 downloads
    minx (0.1.0) An implementation of the CSP concurrency primitives
  16. 2,528 downloads
    mios (0.3.0) Object-oriented interactions with MiOS from MiCasaVerde
  17. 937 downloads
    miploy (0.0.1) This description will change as more features are loaded into it
  18. 7,364 downloads
    mips_tester (0.1.5) Class to test MIPS asm files. It relies on MARS' cli, so be sure to download its JAR first.
  19. 4,157 downloads
    mir (0.1.5) A commandline tool useful for automating the back up of files to Amazon S3
  20. 1,245 downloads
    mira (0.0.1) Bare minimum Viddler API v2
  21. 1,551 downloads
    miracle_extensions (0.1.2) A bunch of useful Ruby extensions
  22. 1,484 downloads
    miracle_generators (0.1.0) Just another RESTful scaffold generator for Rails.
  23. 6,114 downloads
    miracle_grow (0.2.2) This is a gem to wrap the Planting Season API
  24. 1,492 downloads
    miracle_roles (0.1.0) A dead simple roles plugin for Rails.
  25. 1,305 downloads
    miraculous (0.0.2.pre) Simple Rspec Matchers compatible with Remarkable gem.
  26. 1,217 downloads
    mirador (0.2.0) Interface to the Mirador Image Moderation API
  27. 56,862 downloads
    mirage (3.0.8) Mirage aids testing of your applications by hosting mock responses so that your applications do n...
  28. 14,523 downloads
    mirah (0.1.3-java) Mirah is a customizable programming language featuring static types, local type inference and a h...
  29. 2,158 downloads
    mirahd (0.0.2) mirahd is a Mirah Daemon listening for your requests to compile something. When it receives one i...
  30. 2,358 downloads
    mirah_model (0.0.2-java) Mirah Model is a ORM library for App Engine's datastore. It is inspired by ActiveRecord and DataM...