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  1. 103,457 downloads
    mongoid-paperclip (0.0.9) Enables you to use Paperclip with the Mongoid ODM for MongoDB.
  2. 2,781 downloads
    mongoid_paperclip_image_dimension (0.1.2) A simple plugin to persist image dimensions into mongoid document.
  3. 2,170 downloads
    mongoid_paperclip_mobile (0.0.3) Easy use of mongoid and paperclip for mobile web apps
  4. 5,047 downloads
    mongoid_paperclip_queue (0.1.4) Process your Paperclip attachments in the background using Mongoid and Resque. Loosely based on d...
  5. 2,557 downloads
    mongoid_param (0.1.1) Addon to Mongoid that allows you to easily generate and query against human readable (parameteriz...
  6. 3,079 downloads
    mongoid-paranoia (0.3.0) There may be times when you don't want documents to actually get deleted from the database, but "...
  7. 777 downloads
    mongoid-permalink (0.0.2) Mongoid::Permalink generates simple permalinks for Mongoid 3 applications.
  8. 1,398 downloads
    mongoid-permalinks (1.0.0) Mongoid::Permalink adds a permalink based on your document to_s method.
  9. 1,350 downloads
    mongoid_pk_factory (1.0.0) Allows for using a primary key factory other than the default in Mongoid
  10. 1,298 downloads
    mongoid-plugins (0.0.1) Easily add and configure plugins for Mongoid
  11. 1,524 downloads
    mongoid-pre (2.0.0.beta1) ODM framework for MongoDB - This is a temporary gem to be able to use mongoid with rails 3 in her...
  12. 1,803 downloads
    mongoid-preferences (0.0.4) Preferences with Mongoid
  13. 1,055 downloads
    mongoid_publishable (1.0.0) This gem adds some fields, scopes and methods to simplify and declutter your models that need to ...
  14. 8,154 downloads
    mongoid-publishable (0.4.0) A mixin for Mongoid document models allowing for publishing them after authentication
  15. 22,037 downloads
    mongoid_query_string_interface (0.7.2) Gives a method that can parse query string parameters into a set of criterias that Mongoid can us...
  16. 477 downloads
    mongoid-rails (3.0.1) Strong parameter integration between rails and mongoid
  17. 2,786 downloads
    mongoid-rails2 (1.9.4) Mongoid is an ODM (Object Document Mapper) Framework for MongoDB, written in Ruby.
  18. 715 downloads
    mongoid_rails4 (4.0.0) Mongoid is an ODM (Object Document Mapper) Framework for MongoDB, written in Ruby. copying for ra...
  19. 1,360 downloads
    mongoid_rails_fixtures (0.0.1) Retain your old testing workflow with Mongodb power
  20. 2,316 downloads
    mongoid-rails-instrumentation (0.0.1) Adds additional information to rails logs about total time for MongoDB queries in action processing.
  21. 139,769 downloads
    mongoid_rails_migrations (1.0.1) Migrations for the migrator.
  22. 2,680 downloads
    mongoid-random (0.1.0) Add a random key to all documents in a collection for random retrieval
  23. 21,710 downloads
    mongoid_rateable (0.3.1) Provides fields and methods for the rating manipulation on Mongoid documents.
  24. 2,404 downloads
    mongoid_rating (0.1.5) Star rating for Mongoid
  25. 2,044 downloads
    mongoid-rating (0.1.3) Simple rating solution for mongoid
  26. 259 downloads
    mongoid_relations_dirty_tracking (0.1.0) Mongoid extension for tracking changes on document relations
  27. 8,059 downloads
    mongoid_restful_api (0.0.12) A gem that simplifies the creation of restful Rails APIs backed by MongoDB via the Mongoid ODM. D...
  28. 1,133 downloads
    mongoid_retry (0.0.2) Provides a 'save_and_retry' method that will attempt to save a document and, if a duplicate key e...
  29. 4,142 downloads
    mongoid_revisions (0.0.5) Add support for revisions to your Mongoid documents by creating a new version of a document every...
  30. 3,914 downloads
    mongoid_roles (0.0.4) Mongoid Roles