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  1. 974 downloads
    mailer (0.0.4) Mailer interface
  2. 145 downloads
    mailer_callbacks (2.0.0a) Small set of callbacks that can be useful if you do pre-post mail processing
  3. 4,454 downloads
    mailercity (0.0.7) Ruby bindings for Mailercity API
  4. 828 downloads
    mailer_fragment_caching (0.0.3) Rails fragment caching from within mailers
  5. 2,065 downloads
    mailermailer-api-ruby (1.0.5) XMLRPC MailerMailer API wrapper for Ruby
  6. 6,130 downloads
    mail_extract (0.1.4) Email body parser that strips out all quotes and signatures.
  7. 122,009 downloads
    mailfactory (1.4.0) MailFactory is s simple module for producing RFC compliant mail that can include multiple attachm...
  8. 6,664 downloads
    mailfakk2 (0.2.2) MailFaKK2 acts as a fax gateway. With the proper setup you can send an email to <num...
  9. 3,252 downloads
    mailfire (0.0.3) When you don't want to send emails for real, but still want an easy way to sanity check the conte...
  10. 93,702 downloads
    mail_form (1.5.0) Send e-mail straight from forms in Rails with I18n, validations, attachments and request informat...
  11. 6,356 downloads
    mail_gate (1.1.2) MailGate is an additional delivery method for the Mail gem that lets you restrict the delivery of...
  12. 1,245 downloads
    mail_generator (0.0.1) Compile your mail templates to html/txt files
  13. 4,695 downloads
    mail-gpg (0.1.7) GPG/MIME encryption plugin for the Ruby Mail Library This tiny gem adds GPG capabilities to Mail:...
  14. 12,018 downloads
    mailgun (0.8) Mailgun library for Ruby
  15. 2,720 downloads
    mailgun_api (0.2.2) A library for interfacing with the Mailgun API
  16. 515 downloads
    mailgun_email_validator (0.0.2) Ability to validate e-mails using the Mailgun API with a REGEX fallback.
  17. 561 downloads
    mailgun-mailbox (0.1.2) Ruby client for Mailgun API that provides methods to use subset Mailgun Events and Storage API fu...
  18. 2,237 downloads
    mailgunner (1.3.0) A Ruby wrapper for the Mailgun API
  19. 3,085 downloads
    mailgun_rails (0.6.0) An adapter for using Mailgun with Rails and Action Mailer
  20. 13,841 downloads
    mailgun-rails (0.1.1) Mailgun adapter for Rails.
  21. 1,370 downloads
    mailgun-ruby (1.0.2) Mailgun's Official Ruby SDK for interacting with the Mailgun API.
  22. 274 downloads
    mailgun-sendmail (0.0.2) Provide send mail command by Mailgun API
  23. 2,824 downloads
    mailgun_webhooks (0.0.2) Easily add Mailgun Webhook integration to your Rails or Rack application.
  24. 22,452 downloads
    mailhopper (0.3.0) Mailhopper stores your application's emails in an ActiveRecord queue for asynchronous delivery. U...
  25. 789 downloads
    mailhopper_mongoid (0.1.0) Mongoid based replacement Mailhopper::Email model
  26. 950 downloads
    mailigen (0.0.2) API wrapper
  27. 7,006 downloads
    mailinator-spec (0.0.1) mailinator-spec is a library for using mailinator for testing email from rspec and cucumber
  28. 4,453 downloads
    mailing (0.9.4) Tool for sending fast mailings in one SMTP connection
  29. 1,734 downloads
    mailing_client (0.0.4) This is client library for Padma-Mailing API.
  30. 56,354 downloads
    mail-iso-2022-jp (2.0.3) A set of patches for mikel's mail gem. With this, you can easily send and receive mails with ISO-...