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  1. 2,339 downloads
    mkuklis-webrat (0.5.1) Webrat lets you quickly write expressive and robust acceptance tests for a Ruby web application. ...
  2. 351 downloads
    mkuzmin-rbvmomi ( Ruby interface to the VMware vSphere API
  3. 2,882 downloads
    mkv (0.0.4) Simple wrapper around MKVToolNix's mkvinfo utility to get data from MKV movies, and mkvextract to...
  4. 4,567 downloads
    mkv2m4v (1.1.0) mkv2m4v is a command line utility that converts audio and video tracks from a MKV (Matroska Media...
  5. 655 downloads
    mkvmuxer (0.2) Wrapper for mkvmerge (mkvtoolnix) to mux video, audio, subtitles, etc. in a Matroska container.
  6. 5,204 downloads
    ml (0.4.0) Machine learning library in Ruby
  7. 3,495 downloads
    ml4r (0.1.6) A ruby based library of Maching Learning (ML) algorithms
  8. 1,301 downloads
    mlanett-daemons ( Daemons provides an easy way to wrap existing ruby scripts (for example a self-written server) t...
  9. 2,742 downloads
    mlanett-hive (0.4.0) Manage a collection of worker processes
  10. 1,266 downloads
    mlanett-i18n-js (2.1.2) It's a small library to provide the Rails I18n translations on the Javascript.
  11. 50,655 downloads
    mlanett-redis-lock (0.2.6) Pessimistic locking using Redis
  12. 2,118 downloads
    mlangenberg-googlesearch (1.0.0) Abstraction of the Google CSE XML API
  13. 172 downloads
    mlangenberg-merb_xmpp (0.0.1) A plugin for the Merb framework that allows you to send XMPP/Jabber notifications from Merb appli...
  14. 44,643 downloads
    mlb (0.7.0) MLB.rb is a Ruby library for retrieving current Major League Baseball players, managers, teams, d...
  15. 164 downloads
    mlbam (0.0.1) gem install mlbam
  16. 6,397 downloads
    mlb_gameday (0.0.11) Access data about games and players from the official MLB Gameday API
  17. 649 downloads
    mlb-standings (0.0.1) Get MLB stuffs
  18. 4,890 downloads
    mlb_terminal (0.0.5) A small terminal app to pipe formatted MLB baseball feeds into the terminal for easy manipulation...
  19. 164 downloads
    mlbtk (0.0.1) gem install mlbtk
  20. 199 downloads
    mlc (0.0.1) Moonstone Lua Compiler
  21. 1,005 downloads
    mleung-koujou (0.0.7) Koujou is a fixture replacement that requires no effort to use. You don't have to define a single...
  22. 455 downloads
    mlhch (0.0.0) A starting point of using gem
  23. 174 downloads
    mlightner-braid (0.5.1) A simple tool for tracking vendor branches in git.
  24. 338 downloads
    mlightner-enhanced_regexp (0.1.1) Enhanced regular expressions allow for a boolean inverted/not inverted association to be attached...
  25. 534 downloads
    mlightner-require_directory (0.1.3) Require all files in a directory easily.
  26. 821 downloads
    mlightner-universal_ruby_whois (1.2.7) A module that attempts to act as a universal WHOIS output interpreter allowing you to get informa...
  27. 337 downloads
    mlightner-zip_codes (0.5.1) A library for looking up zip codes and their associated info.
  28. 174 downloads
    mlins-activemigration (1.0.1) A library to assist with the migration of data from legacy databases.
  29. 657 downloads
    mlins-active_migration (1.0.4) A library to assist with the migration of data from legacy databases.
  30. 346 downloads
    mlins-godwit (1.0.1) A framework to assist in the migration of data from legacy databases.