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  1. 4,860 downloads
    mm_no_empties (0.0.5) MongoMapper plugin that prevents any fields responding to empty? from being persisted if empty
  2. 9,037 downloads
    mmode (0.0.8) this gem allows to enable/disable maintenance mode for each customer on scrcpt2
  3. 2,148 downloads
    mmonit (0.0.4) Ruby interface to M/Monit
  4. 318 downloads
    mmonitor (0.0.2) Write a longer description. Optional.
  5. 2,167 downloads
    mm-optimistic_locking (0.0.3) Before a record is saved, mm-optimistic_locking will check if it has been modified by another pro...
  6. 318 downloads
    mmorga-money (2.1.6) Money and currency exchange support library.
  7. 386 downloads
    mmostarterkit (0.0.1) Implement game lobby and statistics controllers as well as matchmaking.
  8. 272 downloads
    mmotw (0.0.1) Queries AWS for running instances, then connects you to the one you want (via ssh or mosh) so tha...
  9. 170 downloads
    mmower-coreplus (0.1.0) Some extensions to the Ruby core & std.lib
  10. 3,506 downloads
    mm-paranoid (0.2.0) Tiny plugin for MongoMapper to set deleted_at instead of actually deleting the record.
  11. 11,127 downloads
    mm_partial_update (0.1.8) Partial updates for MongoMapper
  12. 4,862 downloads
    mm-referenced-tree (0.2.0) Yet another tree plugin for MongoMapper, built with an array of reference numbers
  13. 97,220 downloads
    mms2r (3.9.2) MMS2R is a library that decodes the parts of a MMS message to disk while stripping out advertisin...
  14. 802 downloads
    mm_safe_by_default (0.0.1) The opposite of the built-in 'safe' plugin. All models are safe by default. Only if unsaf...
  15. 6,479 downloads
    mm-sanitize (0.2.0) Tiny plugin for MongoMapper to sanitize strings before validation.
  16. 953 downloads
    mms-api (0.0.7) Agent for MMS API
  17. 4,259 downloads
    mm-search (0.0.3) FIX (describe your package)
  18. 1,254 downloads
    mmseg (0.2.2) "This is a Chinese segmentation tool using mmseg"
  19. 6,566 downloads
    mm-sluggable (0.3.1) Tiny plugin for MongoMapper to cache a slugged version of a field
  20. 1,198 downloads
    mm_sortable_item (0.0.1) Tiny MongoMapper plugin for treating a collection as a list
  21. 189 downloads
    mms-ruby (0.0.0) Takes advantage of the MongoDB Management System REST API to give access to your MMS services fro...
  22. 685 downloads
    mmss (2.1.0) ddd
  23. 3,644 downloads
    mm-stripper (0.2.1) Tiny plugin for MongoMapper to strip whitespace from strings before validation.
  24. 209 downloads
    mmthumb (0.1.0) Define pre-, post- and a number of output operations and let MMThumb do the work. Will fit well w...
  25. 755 downloads
    mmtodo (1.0.0) A simple command line todo app. Created to help me learn some ruby concepts.
  26. 11,149 downloads
    mmtop (1.1.0) A mytop-ish variant that can watch many mysql servers
  27. 3,183 downloads
    mm_to_view_model (0.1.2) `mm_to_view_model` is a `MongoMapper` plugin that adds a `to_view_model` class and instance method.
  28. 1,132 downloads
    mm-transitions (1.0.0) a simple mongomapper plugin to add a full featured state machine to your models
  29. 4,319 downloads
    mm_tree (0.2.1) acts_as_tree port for MongoMapper
  30. 3,949 downloads
    mm-tree (0.1.4) Tree structure for MongoMapper with rational number sorting