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  1. 1,358 downloads
    mobicoder (0.1.0) convert codes to mobi file for reading codes on kindle
  2. 2,722 downloads
    mobile (0.0.1) Basic mobile device detection for rails applications
  3. 2,778 downloads
    mobile_detect (0.0.3) gem detect mobile device or not, tablet or mobile phone
  4. 197 downloads
    mobile-detect (0.1.2) Ruby version of a php library of the same name - Intended to be a nearl...
  5. 3,331 downloads
    mobile-enhancements (0.0.5) This gem provides a few features to a Rails app which aid the production of a mobile-targeted UI.
  6. 65,728 downloads
    mobileesp_converted (0.2.3) Autoconverted version (from Java to Ruby) of MobileESP library.
  7. 761 downloads
    mobile_first_bootstrap_grid-rails (0.0.1) Mobile first bootstrap grid for Rails
  8. 182,897 downloads
    mobile-fu (1.3.1) Want to automatically detect mobile devices that access your Rails application? Mobile Fu allows ...
  9. 293 downloads
    mobile-fu-for-jquery-mobile (1.0.1) Want to automatically detect mobile devices that access your Rails application? Mobile Fu allows...
  10. 14,945 downloads
    mobile_fu-rails3 (1.0.6) This is a rewrite of the mobile-fu gem using Rails 3 railties.
  11. 400 downloads
    mobile_intent (0.0.1) start application via custom scheme
  12. 291 downloads
    mobileminer-adapter (0.0.1) Ruby gem to report miner information to MobileMiner.
  13. 802 downloads
    mobile-money (0.2.2) This gem integrates with mobile money services in Kenya. The services include Kopo-Kopo and PesaPal
  14. 513 downloads
    mobile_ninja (0.0.2) A rails gem that makes detecting mobile devices easy
  15. 2,953 downloads
    mobile_notify (0.3) Mobile Notification Services w/ support for the Apple Push Notification Service (APNS)
  16. 3,816 downloads
    mobile_number_normalizer (0.1.2) Normalize mobile Phone Numbers
  17. 3,187 downloads
    mobile_on_rails (1.0.0) Tyler Standridge's Senior Project for CSU Fresno
  18. 3,906 downloads
    mobile_pagination (0.0.9) Creates a series of pagination elements relative to current page, best suited for minimal screens...
  19. 809 downloads
    mobile-pass (0.0.1) Passbook pkpass creation and management for Ruby projects
  20. 2,127 downloads
    mobile_path (0.2.0) Mobile Path provides you with a mobile sub-domain and a new view path for mobile content.
  21. 5,534 downloads
    mobilepronto (0.3.2) A Ruby interface to the MobilePronto SMS gateway API.
  22. 1,609 downloads
    mobile_pronto (0.2.1) MobilePronto API Wrapper
  23. 4,406 downloads
    mobile_rails (0.0.5) Gem for easy creation of mobile enabled rails app.
  24. 571 downloads
    mobile-rails (0.1.pre.3) mobile-rails provides an easy way to make a controller mobile aware. If a mobile user is ...
  25. 4,899 downloads
    mobile_rails_jqm (0.0.6) A gem packaged with Jquery Mobile and a generator to work with mobile_rails gem
  26. 1,792 downloads
    mobile_reset (0.1.2) a compass extension for resetting mobile specific styles
  27. 5,619 downloads
    mobilesrepo (1.2.2) This is a collection of Ruby classes representing all the mobile phones in wurfl. Providing user-...
  28. 258 downloads
    mobile_stores (0.1.0) This tool helps to gather information about any application from common mobile stores: App Store,...
  29. 2,769 downloads
    mobile_template (0.0.3) Use phonegap (only android), jquery mobile and middleman for mobile app development
  30. 4,991 downloads
    mobile_version (0.0.7) Render mobile browser versions of your views in Rails with zero-configuration.