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  1. 1,390 downloads
    monkeyspecdoc (0.9.5) Specdoc output for Ruby's Test::Unit and Shoulda
  2. 515 downloads
    monkey_string (0.0.1) Adds neat methods to String
  3. 3,889 downloads
    monkeysupport (1.0.0) MonkeySupport monkeypatches some of the performance-sink parts of rails with speedy C extensions.
  4. 6,462 downloads
    monkeytest (1.0.0) A command line tool for at-a-glance testing.
  5. 1,366 downloads
    monkeytest-win32 (0.1) A set of rake tasks for pretty testing of rails apps.
  6. 1,019 downloads
    monkey_translator (0.1.1) Using Google Translate API to translate any ruby String to any other language
  7. 9,481 downloads
    monkeywatch (0.1.7) This package provides a simple gtk2 GUI application that monitors the syslog and gives the user r...
  8. 4,675 downloads
    monkeywrench (0.1.7) A ruby API for managing lists, campaigns, subscribers, etc. within Mailchimp (http://www.mailchim...
  9. 3,769 downloads
    monkey_wrench (0.1.4) A ruby API for managing lists, campaigns, subscribers, etc. within Mailchimp (http://www.mailchim...
  10. 1,895 downloads
    monk-glue (0.0.1) Monk is a glue framework for web development. It means that instead of installing all the tools y...
  11. 291 downloads
    monk-id (1.1.0) Integrate Monk ID authentication and single sign-on for apps and websites on the server-side.
  12. 675 downloads
    monk-shake (1.0.0.pre1) Monk lets you build Sinatra applications quickly and painlessly by letting it set up the director...
  13. 147 downloads
    mono (0.0.1) Embedding the Mono runtime into your Ruby application.
  14. 994 downloads
    monoceros (0.0.2) A dynamic authorization engine sporting a nice DSL and web administration interface.
  15. 7,047 downloads
    monocle (0.2.5) A history of view events.
  16. 1,999 downloads
    monocle-print (1.1.1) Fancy console output tools
  17. 907 downloads
    monocle-rails (0.0.3) A silky, tactile browser-based ebook reader. Initial development by Joseph Pearson of Inventive L...
  18. 1,069 downloads
    monogamy (0.0.2) Add table-level database locking to ActiveRecord
  19. 411 downloads
    monograph (1.0.0) A command line tool for generating beautiful HTML eBooks from Markdown documents
  20. 1,172 downloads
    monogusa (0.0.2) AWS Resource Viewer for Monogusa. This gem installs 'monogusa' command that runs http server.
  21. 785,987 downloads
    mono_logger (1.1.0) A lock-free logger compatible with Ruby 2.0. Ruby does not allow you to request a lock in a trap ...
  22. 7,298 downloads
    monologue (0.3.0) Monologue is a basic blogging engine. It is a Rails mountable engine so it can be mounted in any ...
  23. 1,296 downloads
    monologue-markdown (0.3.0) A small and simple efficient extension to Monologue that replace the default WYSIWYG editor with ...
  24. 2,716 downloads
    monome_serial (1.1.0) Communicate directly with your monome with this handy Ruby library.
  25. 3,892 downloads
    monorail (0.0.4) Monorail Web-development and deployment framework
  26. 1,125 downloads
    monoriel (0.1.2) A super simplistic but useful web framework with layout support
  27. 1,206 downloads
    monosheet (0.9.0) Give monosheet an array of objects, it gives you back a human-readable table that outputs nicely ...
  28. 1,706 downloads
    monospace_tag_text_formatter (0.1.0) Extension to monospace_text_formatter Gem. Treats HTML-like tags as zero-length and ensures they ...
  29. 3,333 downloads
    monospace_text_formatter (0.1.0) Formats monospaced text into a line or visual box of defined 'width' and 'height' boundaries (exp...
  30. 1,424 downloads
    monotone (0.0.6) Generates increasing numbers, stored on the filesystem.