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  1. 2,491 downloads
    mockjax (0.0.3) Ruby gem for using jquery mockjax within rspec examples
  2. 995 downloads
    mock_mailer (0.0.1) This gem allows you to mock out your mailers, and set expectations on the messages that should be...
  3. 887 downloads
    mock_proc (0.0.1) An object that looks like a proc that can be used to verify a block was called (elegantly, of cou...
  4. 1,438 downloads
    mockr (0.1) MockR is a tiny mock object library inspired by JMock. Main selling points: * Natural and unintr...
  5. 427,899 downloads
    mock_redis (0.13.2) Instantiate one with `redis =` and treat it like you would a normal Redis object. I...
  6. 353 downloads
    mock_relation (0.0.2) A simple mock for instance of ActiveRecord::Relation
  7. 25,408 downloads
    mock_search (0.28.4) generador de url de busqueda
  8. 19,838 downloads
    mock_server (0.4.4) Mock you're entire application
  9. 4,852 downloads
    mock-server (0.1.2) A quick way of mocking an external web service you want to consume.
  10. 817 downloads
    mockserver-client (1.0.1) A Ruby Client for MockServer that enables easy mocking of any system you integrate with via HTTP ...
  11. 3,315 downloads
    mock-server-thin (0.2) A quick way of mocking an external web service you want to consume.
  12. 882 downloads
    mock_sftp (0.0.1) Can be used to mimic the behaviour of an sftp session, based on a local filesystem location
  13. 4,134 downloads
    mocksocket (0.2.9) io/tcpsocket mock for testing.
  14. 12,149 downloads
    mockspotify (0.2.0) FFI bindings to the mockspotify C library
  15. 501 downloads
    mock_stdio (0.0.1) Helpers for working with stdin and stdout in tests
  16. 298 downloads
    mock-thread (0.1) Use Fibers to test Thread code.
  17. 3,324 downloads
    mocktra (1.0.2) A webmock DSL using sinatra.
  18. 1,421 downloads
    mock_turtle (0.0.0) Mock objects that respond to any method, which return mock objects that respond to any method, etc.
  19. 2,018 downloads
    mockumentary (0.2.1) With the happy proliferation of TDD, test suites are getting massive, and developer efficienc...
  20. 6,435 downloads
    mockup (0.0.7) Mockup: Rapid Prototyping using Compass, Sass, and Serve.
  21. 862 downloads
    mockuper (0.0.1) Easy way to generate mockups
  22. 560 downloads
    mockup_model (0.0.1) A class that pretends to be an active record model, useful for mockups.
  23. 1,712 downloads
    mockup-rails (0.0.3) Mockup toolkit for rapidly building visible mockups to showoff your demo by Rails.
  24. 3,903 downloads
    mockversion (0.0.3) A mock for the svn commandline to help tool development
  25. 99 downloads
    mock-web-service (0.0.1) Tool for mocking web requests
  26. 5,321 downloads
    mock_zen (0.3.0) Mock zen is an extremely simple mocking library. Makes TATFT an easy and sane thing to do.
  27. 713 downloads
    moco (0.1.1) MoCo monitors web templates. On updates the templates are compiled and the browser reloaded. MoCo...
  28. 4,448 downloads
    mocoso (1.2.1) A simple stub & mock library.
  29. 2,375 downloads
    mocoso-snapurl (0.0.4-universal-darwin) This is a Ruby/RubyCocoa port of the script by Paul Hammond* (http://www.paulhamm...
  30. 258 downloads
    mocrata (0.1.0) Mode's SODA client