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  1. 288 downloads
    moonshine (0.0.1.pre) Conditional method chaining
  2. 2,626 downloads
    moonstone (0.6.1) Moonstone Agile Search Framework
  3. 8,784 downloads
    moonwalkair (0.4.1) Moonwalkair help you to start build your AIR app and make it walk in the right way. The gem let y...
  4. 397 downloads
    moose (0.0.1) Shells out to cURL. Parses JSON as expected.
  5. 3,495 downloads
    moosex (0.0.21) MooseX is an extension of Ruby object DSL. The main goal of MooseX is to make Ruby Object Oriente...
  6. 6,771 downloads
    mootools-plus (0.2.1) A gem to handle the use mootools-plus
  7. 1,327 downloads
    mootools-plus-rails (0.3.1) A gem to automate using mootools-plus with Rails 3 Asset Pipeline
  8. 11,136 downloads
    mootools-rails (2.0.1) Use MooTools with Rails 3
  9. 5,727 downloads
    moovatom (0.3.0) This gem defines methods for controlling your videos on MoovAtom using the MoovEngine API.
  10. 2,848 downloads
    mop (0.0.6) Make OK for Public. A simplistic pre-filter (not (yet|ever) a substitute for manual examination)...
  11. 930,819 downloads
    moped (1.5.2) A MongoDB driver for Ruby.
  12. 398 downloads
    moped-cleaner (0.1.4) Typically one performs a database truncate (remove object from all collections) between tests but...
  13. 550 downloads
    moped-i18n (0.0.1) I18n backend for moped
  14. 1,022 downloads
    moped_mapping (0.0.2) make mapping from moped collection object to MongoDB actual collection by using Hash
  15. 1,470 downloads
    moped-rails-instrumentation (0.1) Records time spent in Moped for mongo and adds to request logs.
  16. 2,173 downloads
    moped-session_store ( Moped::SessionStore is a performant ActiveSupport Session store implementation for MongoDB us...
  17. 1,455 downloads
    moped-turbo (0.0.1) C extensions for Moped, a Ruby driver for MongoDB
  18. 1,277 downloads
    mopencl (0.1.0) This is a OpenCL library for MacRuby.
  19. 502 downloads
    mopper (0.0.1) Import translations for Model from SCV file using Globalize3
  20. 760 downloads
    mopup (0.0.2) White space and tab clean up and removal tool
  21. 3,689 downloads
    moq (4.0.10810.8) The simplest mocking library for .NET 3.5, 4.0 and Silverlight with deep C# 3.0 integration.
  22. 2,858 downloads
    moqueue (0.1.4) Mocktacular Companion to AMQP Library. Happy TATFTing!
  23. 950 downloads
    mor (0.0.6) Active Model extension for storing data in memcached
  24. 7,834 downloads
    morale (1.1.3) Client library and command-line tool to manage tickets and control your account on Morale.
  25. 4,230 downloads
    morale-client (1.0.3) A Ruby wrapper for the Morale REST API. Call the Morale API from any Ruby application to manage t...
  26. 825 downloads
    moranis (0.5) Standalone centralized ssh key management for teams
  27. 1,137 downloads
    morbo (0.0.1) morbo is a command line utility that does stuff that i will describe once it does it.
  28. 19,516 downloads
    mordor (0.2.20) Small gem to add MongoDB Resources, resources have attributes that translate into document fi...
  29. 15,243 downloads
    mordor-auditing (0.0.23) Auditing classes based on the Mordor gem, used to audit requests and modifications on objects
  30. 6,869 downloads
    more (0.1.1) More is a plugin for Ruby on Rails applications. It automatically parses your application...