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  1. 218 downloads
    motte (0.0.1) BAILII is a database of British and Irish caselaw; this tool parses cases found there and extract...
  2. 1,397 downloads
    motto-mysql (0.1.0) Motto-mysql is a complementary library to enhance 'mysql-ruby' library. It adds some methods into...
  3. 1,748 downloads
    moulin_rouge (0.0.1) An DSL to manage your authorizations and groups of access with CanCan without repeating yourself ...
  4. 2,839 downloads
    moumar-wmainfo-rb (0.8) :: wmainfo-rb :: Author: Darren Kirby License: Ruby = Quick API...
  5. 3,335 downloads
    mounce (0.1.2) Mounce will post your current itunes track to Presently.
  6. 474 downloads
    mount (0.0.2) Common foundation of DevOps tools
  7. 775 downloads
    mountable_cms (0.0.1) A mountable CMS for Rails
  8. 2,881 downloads
    mountain_berry_fields (1.0.3) Test code samples embedded in files like readmes
  9. 1,885 downloads
    mountain_berry_fields-magic_comments (1.0.2) Test code samples embedded in files like readmes
  10. 2,880 downloads
    mountain_berry_fields-rspec (1.0.3) When testing embedded code examples with MountainBerryFields, you may wish to use RSpec. This ena...
  11. 31,087 downloads
    mountain-goat (1.0.5) A/B test everything and get awesome in-house analytics
  12. 3,122 downloads
    mount_doc (1.0.0) Supporting Build APIs on Rails
  13. 88 downloads
    mountpoints (1.0.0) This class will give you back all mountpoints on a Linux System. If you have specif...
  14. 3,843 downloads
    mournful_settings (0.1.2) Adds a settings class to a rails app. The settings are mournful because they can be stored encryp...
  15. 7,078 downloads
    mouse (3.0.0) mouse is a rich, high level wrapper around OS X CGEvent APIs that allow programmatic manipulation...
  16. 616 downloads
    mousecop (0.0.3) A Ruby Gem Wrapper for A Flamboyant Mock User Generator
  17. 615 downloads
    mousereco (0.0.6) Mousereco is a mouse recording Rails engine with a web interface used to replay user visits
  18. 2,461 downloads
    mousetools (1.0.0) A gem that allows for basic mouse-manipulation functionality in Mac OS X (including left/right cl...
  19. 9,763 downloads
    mousetrap (0.5.0) CheddarGetter API Client in Ruby
  20. 6,510 downloads
    mousetrapjs (1.4.1) Gem for Mousetrap, a simple library for handling keyboard shortcuts in Javascript
  21. 24,423 downloads
    mousetrap-rails (1.4.6) Mousetrap is a javascript library for handling keyboard shortcuts in your web applications. This ...
  22. 3,359 downloads
    mouth (0.8.2) Ruby Daemon collects statistics via UDP packets, stores them in Mongo, and then views them via a ...
  23. 986 downloads
    mouth-instrument (1.0.0) Instrument your app to send metrics to a Mouth. Sends UDP packets to Mouth for Counters, Timers,...
  24. 5,155 downloads
    movable_erb (0.3.0) A General-purpose CSV to ERB template formatter. Useful for converting legacy CSV data to an impo...
  25. 2,578 downloads
    movabletype (0.2.0) MovableType API for Ruby
  26. 106 downloads
    move (0.0.1) placeholder
  27. 3,018 downloads
    moveable (0.0.16) Move object up and down with Rails and nested set tree
  28. 4,723 downloads
    move_associations (0.0.5) This gem extends ActiveRecord to move associated records based on has_many and has_one associatio...
  29. 760 downloads
    move_file (0.0.3) This library is called move_file. It is an experimental wrapper class over move func...
  30. 977 downloads
    movens (0.0.1) Thnkslc Configuration Manager