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  1. 33,835 downloads
    mu (5.7.41) The Mu gem allows users to include Mu libraries within scripts that interact with the applian...
  2. 4,449 downloads
    muack (1.1.0) Muack -- A fast, small, yet powerful mocking library. Inspired by [RR][], and it's 32x times fas...
  3. 19,795 downloads
    muby (0.7.14) A simple but powerful mud client.
  4. 403 downloads
    mucgly (0.0.2) Mucgly is a macro expander for inline macros that exist in the middle of body text. The macros ar...
  5. 33,156 downloads
    muck-activities (3.2.2) Activity engine for the muck system.
  6. 7,473 downloads
    muck-activity (0.1.6) Activity engine for the muck system.
  7. 14,087 downloads
    muck-auth (3.5.4) A simple wrapper for the omniauth gem so that it is faster to include oauth in muck based applica...
  8. 11,269 downloads
    muck-blogs (0.1.8) The blog engine for the muck system.
  9. 33,075 downloads
    muck-comments (3.2.0) The comment engine for the muck system.
  10. 15,273 downloads
    muck-commerce (3.0.1) Add ecommerce functionality to your muck project. This includes integration with Paypal and Auth...
  11. 1,015 downloads
    muck-contacts (2.6.1) A universal interface to grab contact list information from various providers including Outlook, ...
  12. 60,408 downloads
    muck-contents (3.1.7) Add content to your muck based project
  13. 150,424 downloads
    muck-engine (3.5.0) The base engine for the muck system. Contains common tables, custom for, css and javascript.
  14. 4,237 downloads
    muck-feedbag (0.7.1) This gem will return title and url for each feed discovered at a given url
  15. 26,600 downloads
    muck-friends (3.1.1) Friend engine for the muck system.
  16. 1,235 downloads
    muck-groups (3.0.0) Groups are an assembly of people
  17. 22,162 downloads
    muck-invites (3.5.0) The invite engine for the muck system.
  18. 19,995 downloads
    muck-oauth (0.2.4) A simple wrapper for the oauth and oauth-plugin gems so that it is faster to include oauth in muc...
  19. 1,125 downloads
    muck-portablecontacts (0.2.0) A client library for the portable contacts standard
  20. 35,346 downloads
    muck-profiles (3.1.5) Profile engine for the muck system.
  21. 94,479 downloads
    muck-raker (3.1.0) The aggregation and recommendation daemons for the muck system.
  22. 5,607 downloads
    muck-resources (3.1.5) This is a container gem for resources like images, javascript and stylesheets for the muck framew...
  23. 66,698 downloads
    muck-services (3.3.3) This gem contains the rails specific code for dealing with feeds, aggregations and recommendation...
  24. 16,528 downloads
    muck-shares (3.2.0) The share engine for the muck system.
  25. 12,215 downloads
    muck-solr (3.0.1) This gem adds full text search capabilities and many other nifty features from Apache�s Solr to a...
  26. 131,863 downloads
    muck-users (3.2.25) Easily add user signup, login and other features to your application
  27. 970 downloads
    mud (0.0.4) Mud is a simple package manager for client-side Javascript. Used for installing new packages and ...
  28. 7,699 downloads
    mudbug ( GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE JSON payloads. Easy Accept headers. Fine-grained response handling usi...
  29. 4,137 downloads
    muddle (1.0.1) Email clients are not web browsers. They render html all funny, to put it politely. In general, t...
  30. 9,771 downloads
    muddyit_fu (0.2.14) Provides a ruby interface to