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  1. 720 downloads
    monk-shake (1.0.0.pre2) Monk lets you build Sinatra applications quickly and painlessly by letting it set up the director...
  2. 290 downloads
    mono (0.0.1) Embedding the Mono runtime into your Ruby application.
  3. 1,109 downloads
    monoceros (0.0.2) A dynamic authorization engine sporting a nice DSL and web administration interface.
  4. 8,122 downloads
    monocle (0.2.6) A history of view events.
  5. 2,835 downloads
    monocle-print (1.1.1) Fancy console output tools
  6. 1,262 downloads
    monocle-rails (0.0.3) A silky, tactile browser-based ebook reader. Initial development by Joseph Pearson of Inventive L...
  7. 1,375 downloads
    monogamy (0.0.2) Add table-level database locking to ActiveRecord
  8. 527 downloads
    monograph (1.0.0) A command line tool for generating beautiful HTML eBooks from Markdown documents
  9. 1,403 downloads
    monogusa (0.0.2) AWS Resource Viewer for Monogusa. This gem installs 'monogusa' command that runs http server.
  10. 1,253,874 downloads
    mono_logger (1.1.0) A lock-free logger compatible with Ruby 2.0. Ruby does not allow you to request a lock in a trap ...
  11. 8,655 downloads
    monologue (0.4.1) Monologue is a basic blogging engine. It is a Rails mountable engine so it can be mounted in any ...
  12. 1,539 downloads
    monologue-markdown (0.3.0) A small and simple efficient extension to Monologue that replace the default WYSIWYG editor with ...
  13. 2,933 downloads
    monome_serial (1.1.0) Communicate directly with your monome with this handy Ruby library.
  14. 4,214 downloads
    monorail (0.0.4) Monorail Web-development and deployment framework
  15. 1,355 downloads
    monoriel (0.1.2) A super simplistic but useful web framework with layout support
  16. 1,318 downloads
    monosheet (0.9.0) Give monosheet an array of objects, it gives you back a human-readable table that outputs nicely ...
  17. 1,921 downloads
    monospace_tag_text_formatter (0.1.0) Extension to monospace_text_formatter Gem. Treats HTML-like tags as zero-length and ensures they ...
  18. 3,762 downloads
    monospace_text_formatter (0.1.0) Formats monospaced text into a line or visual box of defined 'width' and 'height' boundaries (exp...
  19. 344 downloads
    mono_talk (0.0.2) Nothing complicated, nothing disturb.
  20. 266 downloads
    monotes (0.0.2) GitHub Issues commandline client
  21. 2,152 downloads
    monotone (0.0.6) Generates increasing numbers, stored on the filesystem.
  22. 568 downloads
    monotonic (0.0.1) Provides syscalls to the monotonically increasing system clock
  23. 345 downloads
    monotonic_time (0.0.1) Monotonic clock time in seconds
  24. 482 downloads
    monoxit-serialport ( Ruby/SerialPort is a Ruby library that provides a class for using RS-232 serial ports.
  25. 2,601 downloads
    monque (0.1.3) Simple queue on top of MongoDB, conforming roughly to Resque's API
  26. 6,595 downloads
    monsoon (0.6.1) Monsoon is a MongoDB backup tool that allows you to take backups and store them in Amazon S3.
  27. 1,080 downloads
    monster (0.0.0) OMG! Things generator for Jekyll blogs! :D
  28. 375 downloads
    monsterid (0.2.0) Port/rework of the php script, with new monsters snatched from the WP plugin
  29. 1,685 downloads
    monster_id (0.0.1) A Ruby port of the MonsterID PHP script, using ChunkyPNG.
  30. 2,077 downloads
    monster_id_jruby (0.0.3) A Ruby port of the MonsterID PHP script, using ChunkyPNG (but not OilyPNG for JRuby compatability...