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  1. 1,450 downloads
    make_flagable (0.1.0) A Rails Plugin to add flagging functionality to any model you like.
  2. 3,195 downloads
    make_flaggable (0.0.3) A user-centric flagging extension for Rails 3 applications.
  3. 1,004 downloads
    makegem (0.0.1) Easy-to-use gem builder for Ruby.
  4. 118 downloads
    make_it_searchable (0.0.7.pre) simple column filtering and sorting.
  5. 1,105 downloads
    make_like_a_tree (1.0.3) Implement orderable trees in ActiveRecord using the nested set model, with multiple roots and sco...
  6. 623 downloads
    makeloc (0.2.1) A generator to updates, or creates if not exists, the locale file for the provided target language
  7. 2,090 downloads
    make_me_a_sandwich (0.0.2) A gem for summoning sandwiches
  8. 235 downloads
    makena (0.0.7) A collection of methods that make a standard MAKENABots Mobile App work.
  9. 11,961 downloads
    make_permalink (0.2.0) Gem that creates a permalink based on an objects attribute. Use make_permalink :attribute to make...
  10. 1,053 downloads
    make-private (0.0.1) Make all active record properties private
  11. 3,326 downloads
    makerakeworkwell (1.0.3) make/rake/work/well provides two simple modifications to rake that make working with file tasks c...
  12. 18,505 downloads
    make_resourceful (1.0.2) Take back control of your Controllers. Make them awesome. Make them sleek. Make them resour...
  13. 1,635 downloads
    make_resourceful_rails2 ( Take back control of your Controllers. Make them awesome. Make them sleek. Make them resour...
  14. 8,759 downloads
    make_restful (0.1.13) Enables rest on a resource
  15. 961 downloads
    maker_say (0.0.2) Easily create tests for quiz-like ruby scripts
  16. 5,255 downloads
    makers-mark (0.1.1) Generate syntax highlighted HTML using Markdown/Lighthouse conventions.
  17. 6,568 downloads
    make-rubygem-debs (0.3.6) A simple script to generate .debs for all of the gems in a Bundler-enabled RoR app, using fpm.
  18. 3,752 downloads
    make-sandwich (0.0.5) Have an employee that loves making sandwiches... we do, but we're all too lazy to take our headph...
  19. 408 downloads
    make_secret (1.0.0) Create and/or save values created by SecureRandom.hex(64). Ideal for plain-text passwords that s...
  20. 6,290 downloads
    makesure (0.0.6) Makesure is a set of tools to define, verify and monitor systems in a unix environment. It allows...
  21. 3,613 downloads
    make-text-search (0.1.2) Some RDBMS (like PostgreSQL 8.3 and newer) implement full text search directly, so you don't need...
  22. 9,621 downloads
    makeup (0.4.4) Makeup provides markup rendering and code highlighting. It renders all kinds of markup formats us...
  23. 8,196 downloads
    make_voteable (0.1.1) A user-centric voting extension for Rails 3 applications.
  24. 2,135 downloads
    make_watchable (0.0.3) A user-centric watching extension for Rails 3 applications.
  25. 787 downloads
    maki (0.0.3) Extend Date class for the luna calendar of Japan
  26. 1,073 downloads
    makitzo (0.1.2) the swiss army knife of remote host manipulation
  27. 3,321 downloads
    mako (1.0.6) Compiles widgets and creates scaffolds for Materia run by Learning Systems and Technologies which...
  28. 2,097 downloads
    maksar-imdb_party (0.6.3) IMDB client using the IMDB API that their iPhone app uses
  29. 1,083 downloads
    maksar-meta_where (1.0.4) MetaWhere offers the ability to call any Arel predicate methods (with a few convenie...
  30. 2,167 downloads
    maksar-remarkable_activerecord (4.0.0.alpha5) Remarkable ActiveRecord: collection of matchers and macros with I18n for ActiveRecord