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  1. 5,167 downloads
    multi_notifier (0.4.0) Simple and flexbile library for sending notifications
  2. 2,871 downloads
    multiparameter_assignable_attr (0.2.4) Patch for multiparameter-wise assignment of transient (non-db-backed) model attributes in Rails' ...
  3. 1,940 downloads
    multiparameter_attributes_handler (0.0.2) Rails forms helpers for date and time fields generate multiparameter params. multiparameter_attri...
  4. 5,612 downloads
    multiparameter_date_time (0.3.2) Set a DateTime via two accessors, one for the date, one for the time
  5. 9,710 downloads
    multipart (0.2.1) Multipart is a gem that adds support to multipart/form-encoded and multipart/mixed (file upload) ...
  6. 15,355 downloads
    multipart_body (0.2.1) A ruby library to create multipart bodies.
  7. 8,681 downloads
    multipart-parser (0.1.1) multipart-parser is a simple parser for multipart MIME messages, written in Ruby, based on felixg...
  8. 9,981,189 downloads
    multipart-post (2.0.0) Use with Net::HTTP to do multipart form posts. IO values that have #content_type, #original_file...
  9. 2,021 downloads
    multiparty (0.2.0) Easily generate a multipart/form-data header and body.
  10. 114,423 downloads
    multipass (1.4.0) Bare bones implementation of encoding and decoding MultiPass values for SSO.
  11. 5,065 downloads
    multiple_connection_handler (0.1.2) Hacky utility to access dbs listed in Rails' database.yml. See README for more info.
  12. 7,091 downloads
    multiple_mailers (1.2.1) extend actionmailer to allow one smtp account per mailer class
  13. 5,861 downloads
    multiple_man (0.5.6) MultipleMan syncs changes to ActiveRecord models via AMQP
  14. 259 downloads
    multiple_routes (1.0.0) Split your app's routes file
  15. 14,318 downloads
    multiple_table_inheritance (0.2.1) ActiveRecord plugin designed to allow simple multiple table inheritance.
  16. 2,231 downloads
    multiplex (0.0.2) Multiplex lets you bind Net::HTTP requests to non-default local IP addresses.
  17. 2,688 downloads
    multiplexing_delegator (0.1.1) The delegator works by calling the same method across multiple methods or accessors for a given o...
  18. 143 downloads
    multiplicative_roman_numerals (0.1.0) Roman numerals library capable of generating short numerals for large numbers.
  19. 5,246 downloads
    multipluck (0.0.4) Use the ActiveRecord pluck to pluck multiple columns instead of just one
  20. 1,218 downloads
    multi_process (0.4.0) Handle multiple child processes.
  21. 1,067 downloads
    multiprocessing (0.0.2) Classes for inter-process synchronization/communication like thread library in ruby standard library
  22. 7,082 downloads
    multi_progress_bar (0.3.0) Displays multiple progress bars using Ncurses. Useful for displaying the status of multiple test...
  23. 1,461 downloads
    multipush (0.0.2) This is multipush, a nifty tool to safely back up your source code from multiple Git repos to one...
  24. 4,756 downloads
    multi_rails (0.0.4) #### MultiRails by Relevance, Rob Sanheim - MultiRails lead MultiRails...
  25. 1,497 downloads
    MultiRails (0.0.1) MultiRails was initially developed by members of Relevance while developing Streamlined against ...
  26. 2,325 downloads
    multirb (0.0.5) Run Ruby code over multiple implementations/versions using RVM or RBENV from a IRB-esque prompt
  27. 894 downloads
    multi_redis (0.3.0) Allows you to organize your redis calls in separate classes but still execute them atomically wit...
  28. 686 downloads
    multiroot_tree (0.0.0) Multiroot_tree has some of the functions of a typical tree data structure. It can be used to mode...
  29. 1,874 downloads
    multirow_counter (0.0.3) Typically SQL is not a great place to store a counter that is incremented often. For instance if ...
  30. 4,319 downloads
    multisax ( Ruby Gem to handle multiple SAX libraries: ox/libxml/nokogiri/xmlparser(expat)/rexml