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  1. 4,784 downloads
    morale-client (1.0.3) A Ruby wrapper for the Morale REST API. Call the Morale API from any Ruby application to manage t...
  2. 940 downloads
    moranis (0.5) Standalone centralized ssh key management for teams
  3. 1,247 downloads
    morbo (0.0.1) morbo is a command line utility that does stuff that i will describe once it does it.
  4. 22,317 downloads
    mordor (0.2.20) Small gem to add MongoDB Resources, resources have attributes that translate into document fi...
  5. 17,517 downloads
    mordor-auditing (0.0.23) Auditing classes based on the Mordor gem, used to audit requests and modifications on objects
  6. 7,997 downloads
    more (0.1.1) More is a plugin for Ruby on Rails applications. It automatically parses your application...
  7. 2,512 downloads
    morecane (0.1.0) A set of common checks that I use with cane across my projects
  8. 13,452 downloads
    more_core_extensions (1.2.0) MoreCoreExtensions are a set of core extensions beyond those provided by ActiveSupport.
  9. 5,850 downloads
    moredown (1.3.0) An extension to the RDiscount Markdown formatter
  10. 1,881 downloads
    more-font-awesome-rails ( Vendors font-awesome-more for rails (less and scss)
  11. 1,074 downloads
    morel (0.0.1) Morel is a mongodb JavaScript AST manager for Ruby.
  12. 7,480 downloads
    more_math (0.1.0) Library that provides more mathematical functions/algorithms than standard Ruby.
  13. 9,590 downloads
    more_money (0.1.1) handles money objects in any currency using just integer as backend
  14. 1,636 downloads
    more_rinda (0.0.2) Various extensions for Rinda::TupleSpace lovers.
  15. 658 downloads
    more-ron (0.0.0) MoreRon scripts and tricks
  16. 42,881 downloads
    moretea-awesome_nested_set ( An awesome nested set implementation for Active Record
  17. 1,465 downloads
    moretext (0.1.0) Generate random chinese text
  18. 4,055 downloads
    more_unit_test (0.1.2) The more_unit_test-package extends test/unit with some additional tests: - assert_equal_fileconte...
  19. 10,678 downloads
    more_validators (0.2.1) Rails gem/plugin that implements a series of ActiveRecord validation helpers
  20. 1,744 downloads
    morfo (0.2.0) This gem provides a DSL for converting one hash into another
  21. 4,212 downloads
    morfologik (0.0.3) Ruby MRI bindings for morfologik-stemming library (Polish morphological analyzer) written in Java.
  22. 140 downloads
    morganchristiansson-css-sprites (0.0.0) The first step is generate the index: $ rake css_sprites:update This will find all the images an...
  23. 672 downloads
    morgoth-alexa (0.0.5) Alexa Web Information Service library
  24. 655 downloads
    morgoth-picasa (0.1.4) simple google picasa managment
  25. 276 downloads
    morhekil-capistrano-deepmodules (0.2) This plugin allows you to easily deploy git repositories with submodules nested at more then one ...
  26. 141 downloads
    morhekil-globalite (0.5.1) Easy UI localization, Rails localization. (Localization of the core functions from rails), Simple...
  27. 657 downloads
    morhekil-ipcauthpipe (0.2.3) ipcauthpipe gem implements Courier's authpipe protocol to interface Courier POP/IMAP server with ...
  28. 139 downloads
    morhekil-prisync (0.2.1) Prisync allows to synchronize to local or remote directories in a pseudo-realtime fashion. Filesy...
  29. 1,489 downloads
    mori (0.1.4) Mori is a lightweight module based authentication platform. Mori uses Warden for session manageme...
  30. 314 downloads
    moribus (0.0.1) Introduces Aggregated and Tracked behavior to ActiveRecord::Base models, as well as Macros an...