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  1. 2,873 downloads
    moonit (0.1.0) Baby mix-in for Test::Unit which allows one to specify manual test cases with steps. Manual test ...
  2. 1,390 downloads
    moonmaster9000-dupe (0.3.4) Dupe rides on top of ActiveResource to allow you to cuke the client side of a service-oriented a...
  3. 3,775 downloads
    moonphases (1.0.3) Recovers the phase of the moon for various historical dates.
  4. 160 downloads
    moonpxi-flickr (1.0.9) An insanely easy interface to the Flickr photo-sharing service. By Scott Raymond. Maintainer: Pat...
  5. 160 downloads
    moonpxi-nimo (0.1.0) Ruby game development library using Gosu.
  6. 2,688 downloads
    moonrope (1.2.5) A full library allowing you to create sexy DSLs to define your RPC-like APIs.
  7. 367 downloads
    moonrope-client (1.0.0) A full client library allows requests to made to Moonrope-enabled API endpoints.
  8. 33,856 downloads
    moonshado-sms (1.1.1) Moonshado SMS gem
  9. 602 downloads
    moonshine (0.3.0) Moonshine removes the complexity in building conditional method chains by providing a way to call...
  10. 2,877 downloads
    moonstone (0.6.1) Moonstone Agile Search Framework
  11. 9,639 downloads
    moonwalkair (0.4.1) Moonwalkair help you to start build your AIR app and make it walk in the right way. The gem let y...
  12. 178 downloads
    moorage-chronic (0.3.0) A natural language date parser with timezone support
  13. 1,104 downloads
    moorage-enlightened_observers (1.14.0) Quick and easily share the controller information with observers, including session information.
  14. 169 downloads
    moorage-moorage-enlightened_observers (1.0) Quick and easily share the controller information with observers, including session information.
  15. 453 downloads
    moorage-xml_protected (0.0.4) Keeps specified attributes of a model out of to_xml. Do so by aliasing to_xml, and automatically...
  16. 540 downloads
    moose (0.0.1) Shells out to cURL. Parses JSON as expected.
  17. 6,167 downloads
    moosex (0.0.21) MooseX is an extension of Ruby object DSL. The main goal of MooseX is to make Ruby Object Oriente...
  18. 168 downloads
    mootoh-rubigraph (0.2.0) a Ruby wrap for Ubigraph ( see
  19. 7,900 downloads
    mootools-plus (0.2.1) A gem to handle the use mootools-plus
  20. 1,585 downloads
    mootools-plus-rails (0.3.1) A gem to automate using mootools-plus with Rails 3 Asset Pipeline
  21. 12,705 downloads
    mootools-rails (3.1.0) This gem provides MooTools and the MooTools-ujs driver for your Rails 3 application.
  22. 6,590 downloads
    moovatom (0.3.0) This gem defines methods for controlling your videos on MoovAtom using the MoovEngine API.
  23. 3,505 downloads
    mop (0.0.6) Make OK for Public. A simplistic pre-filter (not (yet|ever) a substitute for manual examination)...
  24. 291 downloads
    mo_page (0.0.2) A simple CMS system.
  25. 1,290,850 downloads
    moped (2.0.1) A MongoDB driver for Ruby.
  26. 749 downloads
    moped-cleaner (0.1.4) Typically one performs a database truncate (remove object from all collections) between tests but...
  27. 167 downloads
    moped-gridfs (1.0.0) mongoDB GridFS implementation for Moped
  28. 705 downloads
    moped-i18n (0.0.1) I18n backend for moped
  29. 1,816 downloads
    moped_mapping (0.0.3) make mapping from moped collection object to MongoDB actual collection by using Hash
  30. 2,337 downloads
    moped-rails-instrumentation (0.1) Records time spent in Moped for mongo and adds to request logs.