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  1. 1,389 downloads
    multi_timeout (1.0.3) Use multiple timeouts to soft and then hard kill a command
  2. 591 downloads
    multi_toml (1.0.0) A gem to provide easy switching between different TOML backends, including toml, toml-ruby, and t...
  3. 514 downloads
    multiton (0.0.1) The multiton pattern expands on the singleton concept to manage a map of named instances as key-v...
  4. 268 downloads
    multi_translate (0.1) A library which allows to translate a text between two languages and using multiple translation e...
  5. 450 downloads
    multitunnels (1.0.2) This tunnels http/https to http/https.
  6. 791 downloads
    multitype (0.0.2) Allows for dynamic methods and data dependent on the data on a classes instance attributes
  7. 4,882 downloads
    multitype-introspection (0.2.0) Allows multiple type introspection. Currenty deprecated in favour to Hash Utils.
  8. 666 downloads
    multi_typograf (0.0.2) A generic swappable back-end for typographing text.
  9. 4,729 downloads
    multi-updator (0.0.5) Multiple Updator
  10. 1,327 downloads
    multiuploader (1.0.1) A drag-and-drop multi-streaming uploader that uses XHR level 2 and the drag-drop JS API (and no F...
  11. 1,560 downloads
    multiupload-uploadify (0.0.3) Multiupload-uploadify is a gem for multiupload using the uploadify plugin
  12. 1,026 downloads
    multiversion (0.0.1) Testing your library against different gem versions and ruby versions using RVM and Bundler
  13. 587 downloads
    multi_worker (0.2.0) Provides a common interface to Ruby worker/queue libraries.
  14. 8,997,824 downloads
    multi_xml (0.5.5) Provides swappable XML backends utilizing LibXML, Nokogiri, Ox, or REXML.
  15. 4,580 downloads
    mumble-ruby (1.1.2) Ruby API for interacting with a mumble server
  16. 2,664 downloads
    mumbletune (0.2.1) Mumbletune connects to a mumble server and allows users to interact with and play a queue of musi...
  17. 1,441 downloads
    mumboe-amatch (0.2.3) Fork of RubyForge version incorporating Michal Granger's Ruby 1.9 patch:
  18. 5,309 downloads
    mumboe-currency (0.6) Fixed unwanted side-effects by avoiding shared factory and floating point rounding errors
  19. 69,676 downloads
    mumboe-soap4r ( An implementation of SOAP 1.1 for Ruby.
  20. 3,060 downloads
    mumboe-vpim (0.695) This is a pure-ruby library for decoding and encoding vCard and iCalendar data ("personal informa...
  21. 385 downloads
    mumm_ra (0.0.2) Provides a way to access data via a Repository object.
  22. 1,057 downloads
    munchies (0.0.1) Emits the last 5 minutes of lines of a log file
  23. 1,520 downloads
    mundane (0.0.3) files2zips - converts a bunch of files into individual .zip files zips2files - unpacks all the ...
  24. 2,055 downloads
    mundane-search (0.0.5) Makes everyday search easy-ish.
  25. 3,791 downloads
    mundipagg (1.3.1) Ruby library for integrating with the MundiPagg payment web services
  26. 20,423 downloads
    mundo-pepino (0.2.2) MundoPepino is a set of reusable step definitions to test Rails apps with Cucumber
  27. 2,159 downloads
    munger (0.0.2) Programmatically modify files: insert something before, after, or replacing a line that matches ...
  28. 5,435 downloads
    muni (0.0.8) A simple NextBus API client for retrieving San Francisco Muni bus route and stop prediction infor...
  29. 2,334 downloads
    munin (0.0.4) The munin gem provides a base class to create munin plugins in ruby
  30. 6,636 downloads
    munin2graphite (0.2.1) This gem will install as a daemon and can be used to connect to a graphite and a carbon backend. ...