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  1. 1,706 downloads
    mram-phpbb_hash (0.1.1) allows you to check a password against a phpBB 3.x hash
  2. 174 downloads
    mrb-dreams (0.0.0) TODO
  3. 585 downloads
    mrb_parser (0.1.0) simple library to parse mrb file, mruby bytecode file.
  4. 957 downloads
    mr_clean (0.1.2) A plain ruby library for filtering profanity, spam and such based on black listed words
  5. 1,097 downloads
    mrcsparker-sunspot_solr (1.3.0) Sunspot::Solr provides a bundled Solr distribution for use with Sunspot. Typical deployme...
  6. 3,984 downloads
    mrd (0.0.7) Under Darwin, spawns a temporary MySQL instance off a RAM disk. Useful to speed up large test sui...
  7. 1,624 downloads
    mr_darcy (0.4.1) MrDarcy takes async promises from the javascript world, DCI from Jim Gay's brain and sprinkle...
  8. 961 downloads
    mrdbg (0.0.1) A set of functions for debugging purpose in ruby code
  9. 322 downloads
    mrdialog (1.0.1) A ruby gem for ncurses dialog program. This gem is based on rdialog (http://rdialog.rubyfor...
  10. 2,172 downloads
    mrdu (1.0.3) Spawn a temporary MySQL instance off a RAM disk on Ubuntu.
  11. 1,152 downloads
    mredis (1.0.5) Multi method for redis (get, set, mget, incr, desc counter)
  12. 328 downloads
    mreinsch-acts_as_rateable (2.0.1) Acts_as_rateable is a rails plugin providing a rating interface for ActiveRecord models.
  13. 331 downloads
    mreinsch-auto_complete_jquery (0.2.2) This plugin provides a auto-complete method for your controllers to be used with Dylan Verheul's ...
  14. 317 downloads
    mreinsch-csv_builder (0.1.4) CSV template Rails plugin
  15. 13,192 downloads
    mr_eko (0.7.3) Catalogs music file data and exposes a playlist interface
  16. 1,161 downloads
    mrf (0.0.4) Rails Application Secrets With GPG
  17. 169 downloads
    mrflip-edamame (0.1.1) Edamame combines the Beanstalk priority queue with a Tokyo Tyrant database and God monitoring to ...
  18. 178 downloads
    mrflip-frankie (0.3.0) Easy creation of Facebook applications in Ruby using plugin for Sinatra web framework that integr...
  19. 169 downloads
    mrflip-pickle (0.1.13) Easy model creation and reference in your cucumber features
  20. 181 downloads
    mrflip-wukong (0.1.0) Treat your dataset like a: * stream of lines when it’s efficient to process by lines * stream ...
  21. 2,213 downloads
    MrFox ( MrFox sends data through REST queries to the MrFoxServer
  22. 1,244 downloads
    mr_freeze (0.0.1) freeze objects nestedly
  23. 608 downloads
    mr_github (0.0.1) A tool to make it easy to clone and pull all your GitHub repositories
  24. 965 downloads
    mrhenry-failtale-reporter (0.1.0) A Ruby error reporter for our failtale service
  25. 1,498 downloads
    mrhyde (0.0.0) Mr. Hyde is a companion to Jekyll, the blog-aware, static site generator in Ruby. It provides met...
  26. 172 downloads
    MrJaba-simple-exception-definition (0.1) DRY up your exception definitions
  27. 3,058 downloads
    mrjoy-bundler-audit (0.3.7) An improved version of bundler-audit provides patch-level verification for Bundled apps
  28. 846 downloads
    mrjoy-mintkit (0.0.5) Ruby API for Not at all affiliated with or endorsed by Your mileage m...
  29. 2,447 downloads
    mr_keychain (0.1.1) Takes advantage of MacRuby and uses APIs new in Snow Leopard to create, read, and update keychain...
  30. 5,791 downloads
    mrkurt-mongo_mapper (0.6.11) Awesome gem for modeling your domain and storing it in mongo