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  1. 101,382 downloads
    muck-raker (3.1.0) The aggregation and recommendation daemons for the muck system.
  2. 6,171 downloads
    muck-resources (3.1.5) This is a container gem for resources like images, javascript and stylesheets for the muck framew...
  3. 259 downloads
    mucks (0.0.2) Environment management system that was born out of managing tmux sessions.
  4. 71,602 downloads
    muck-services (3.3.3) This gem contains the rails specific code for dealing with feeds, aggregations and recommendation...
  5. 17,777 downloads
    muck-shares (3.2.0) The share engine for the muck system.
  6. 13,101 downloads
    muck-solr (3.0.1) This gem adds full text search capabilities and many other nifty features from Apache�s Solr to a...
  7. 143,469 downloads
    muck-users (3.2.25) Easily add user signup, login and other features to your application
  8. 1,066 downloads
    mud (0.0.4) Mud is a simple package manager for client-side Javascript. Used for installing new packages and ...
  9. 9,716 downloads
    mudbug ( GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE JSON payloads. Easy Accept headers. Fine-grained response handling usi...
  10. 5,391 downloads
    muddle (1.0.1) Email clients are not web browsers. They render html all funny, to put it politely. In general, t...
  11. 10,487 downloads
    muddyit_fu (0.2.14) Provides a ruby interface to
  12. 1,100 downloads
    mudfly (0.0.2) Mudfly is a Ruby wrapper for the PageSpeed Insights API.
  13. 4,258 downloads
    muding (0.2.0) muding is a development framework for building multi-user environments. The purpose of the framew...
  14. 104 downloads
    mudnaes-dbstruct (0.1.1) This is a very simple framework to be able to access database rows as objects without forcing you...
  15. 2,861 downloads
    mudrat_projector (0.9.8) Mudrat Projector is a simple financial projection engine.
  16. 385 downloads
    muesli (0.0.3) Provides serialization of models into hashes with attribute whitelisting and authorization for pa...
  17. 7,826 downloads
    muffins (0.0.7) An Object to XML/HTML mapping library using Virtus and Nokogiri
  18. 826 downloads
    muffler (0.0.1) Flexible log suppression for Ruby, Rack, and Rails.
  19. 8,010 downloads
    muflax (0.1.25) collection of stuff muflax always uses in scripts
  20. 1,562 downloads
    muflax-chronic (0.7) A slightly saner fork of Chronic.
  21. 768 downloads
    muflax-t (1.4.0) A command-line power tool for Twitter.
  22. 3,849 downloads
    mug (0.2.3) == MUG: Matty's Ultimate Gem A collection of wonders to astound the mind!! See the documentatio...
  23. 629 downloads
    mugen (0.2.1) MyGengo API wrapper(
  24. 125 downloads
    muggle (0.0.1.alpha) VERY simple framework for Web Applications
  25. 1,380 downloads
    mugs (0.0.1) Ruby wrapper for the SmugMug API
  26. 20,352 downloads
    mugshot (0.6.3) The basic idea of Mugshot is that you upload the largest/highest quality images possible. When re...
  27. 1,898 downloads
    muhimbi (0.0.4) Muhimbi Ruby Client
  28. 4,933 downloads
    muj (0.0.5) Sometimes one implementation (in Javascript) is just better.
  29. 1,299 downloads
    mujhs-rack-gridfs (0.4.0) Rack middleware for creating HTTP endpoints for files stored in MongoDB's GridFS
  30. 1,540 downloads
    mula (0.0.4) Currency conversion made simple via the Google API