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  1. 12,871,643 downloads
    mysql2 (0.3.16) A simple, fast Mysql library for Ruby, binding to libmysql
  2. 1,425 downloads
    mysql2_bigint ( A simple, fast Mysql library for Ruby, binding to libmysql
  3. 11,414 downloads
    mysql2-cs-bind (0.0.6) extension for mysql2 to add client-side variable binding, by adding method Mysql2::Client#xquery
  4. 3,330 downloads
    mysql2_downcase (0.0.3) mysql2 driver that helps you to work with PHP-based databases having uppercased columns. Connect ...
  5. 2,239 downloads
    mysql2json (0.0.4) Convert mysql data into json
  6. 561 downloads
    mysql2json_es (0.0.1) Convert mysql data into json for elasticsearch
  7. 3,007 downloads
    mysql2_model (0.1.2) Provides a class suitable to be used as a model, that includes connection management, variable in...
  8. 3,332 downloads
    mysql2mysql (0.0.2) Dump table's structure and data between mysql servers and databases.
  9. 9,981 downloads
    mysql2psql (0.1.0) It can create postgresql dump from mysql database or directly load data from mysql to postgre...
  10. 1,243 downloads
    mysql2-sp (0.3.10) A simple, fast Mysql library for Ruby, binding to libmysql
  11. 1,566 downloads
    mysql2wrapper (0.0.2) oreore mysql2 wrapper class
  12. 9,286 downloads
    mysql2xxxx (0.2.1) Gives you binaries like mysql2csv, mysql2json, and mysql2xml, and Ruby classes to match.
  13. 2,935 downloads
    mysqlaudit (0.0.6) MySQL tool for audit all tables with triggers.
  14. 4,670 downloads
    mysql_backup (0.2.1) A simple backup tool for MySQL that takes a backup of all MySQL databases.
  15. 10,488 downloads
    mysql_binlog (0.3.2) Library for parsing MySQL binary logs in Ruby
  16. 5,522 downloads
    mysql_blob_streaming (2.2.0) This GEM is required by the Infopark Rails Connector (RC) when using MySQL.
  17. 2,138 downloads
    mysql_cache_manager (0.2.3) A tool for saving and restoring the InnoDB buffer pool using the information_schema.buffer_page t...
  18. 199 downloads
    mysql_checker (0.0.1.pre1) Do some work on a MySQL DB to find possible errors
  19. 2,449 downloads
    mysql_cli (0.0.1) Talk to Mysql databases via mysql cli tool
  20. 1,346 downloads
    mysqlconn (0.0.5) Save your various database credentials to a configuration file and zip around easily
  21. 1,274 downloads
    mysql-decimal (0.0.1) mysql-decimal is adding automatically precision and scale to decimal in migration
  22. 1,392 downloads
    mysql_dumper (0.0.4) mysqldump wrapper
  23. 6,143 downloads
    mysql_health (0.5.7) A service for monitoring MySQL and exposing its health through an HTTP interface for use with TCP...
  24. 937 downloads
    mysql-heartbeat (0.1.2) Queries the replication health of a MySQL server. A health monitor for MySQL replication....
  25. 2,996 downloads
    mysql_incremental_query (0.0.2) Skips the initial phase where mysql sends the entire result set to ruby, instead loading records ...
  26. 10,604 downloads
    mysql-inspector (0.1.0) Store and understand your MySQL schema
  27. 11,541 downloads
    mysql_isolated_server (0.5.1) A small library that allows you to easily spin up new local mysql servers for testing purposes.
  28. 1,521 downloads
    mysqlknife (1.3.1) MySQL Knife tools
  29. 3,376 downloads
    mysql_manager (1.0.3) MySQL Manager is a utility to perform routine tasks on a MySQL database.
  30. 4,355 downloads
    mysql_mirror (0.1.3) Will mirror tables / databases between mysql databases and across hosts