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  1. 1,308 downloads
    maedana-activemerchant ( Active Merchant is a simple payment abstraction library used in and sponsored by Shopify. It is w...
  2. 6,816 downloads
    maedana-ar_mailer ( Even delivering email to the local machine may take too long when you have to send hundreds of me...
  3. 1,336 downloads
    maedana-httpclient ( gives something like the functionality of libwww-perl (LWP) in Ruby
  4. 2,825 downloads
    maestro (0.0.2) A command line interface for Maestro project management.
  5. 1,897 downloads
    maestro_common (0.0.5) A bunch of utility classes that are used in multiple places
  6. 410 downloads
    maestro_metrics (0.0.7) A gem used to log application metrics
  7. 6,073 downloads
    maestro_plugin (0.0.20) A ruby library to help with the creation of Maestro plugins
  8. 4,545 downloads
    maestro-plugin-rake-tasks (1.0.11) A collection of Rake tasks used to package Maetro Ruby plugins
  9. 3,939 downloads
    maestro_shell (0.0.13) A ruby library to help with the creation of Maestro plugins that need Shell functionality
  10. 11,472 downloads
    mafia (0.1.4) Generator to create sinatra apps that are also gems
  11. 1,381 downloads
    mafti (0.0.1) Get the stupid 'formatted text' output from Microsoft Access imported to something sane
  12. 5,385 downloads
    mag (0.3.1) Load a tiny gem to save typing a few characters when committing or aborting in Maglev? Why not!? =P
  13. 19,942 downloads
    mage-hand (0.4.10) mage-hand is a ghostly hand that reaches across the internet to access the Obsidian Portal API.
  14. 5,419 downloads
    magellan (0.1.3) TODO
  15. 1,310 downloads
    magellan-framework ( Magellan is a navigation framework for Windows Presentation Foundation and Silverlight. It helps ...
  16. 28,988 downloads
    magent (0.7.0) Simple job queue system based on mongodb
  17. 9,214 downloads
    magentify (0.0.7) An extension to Capistrano to deploy Magento. Adding the specific requirements and additional tasks.
  18. 1,592 downloads
    magento-api (0.1.0) Rubygem for connecting to a Magento store via the Magento Core API
  19. 328 downloads
    magento_api_wrapper (0.0.2) Ruby wrapper for Magento's SOAP API. Allows you to download orders using filters, invoice orders,...
  20. 31,509 downloads
    magentor (0.3.1) Ruby wrapper for the Magento xmlrpc api
  21. 210 downloads
    magento_remote (0.1.0) Allows ordering through a (defaultish) magento web page.
  22. 229 downloads
    magento_rest_api (0.0.2) Gem to do backend REST API calls to Magento. Prior authentication (through oAuth) required.
  23. 1,852 downloads
    mageo (0.0.2) MAth GEOmetry library to deal with 2 and 3 dimensional spaces. Cartesian and internal coordin...
  24. 305 downloads
    magerecord (0.1.2) A simple ActiveRecord wrapper for various Magento models
  25. 5,630 downloads
    magesa (0.1.5) an easier way to access wkhtmltopdf-amd64 in heroku rather than putting it in the app
  26. 5,427 downloads
    magi (0.1.6) I am Magi.
  27. 40,257 downloads
    magic (0.2.8) Ruby FFI bindings to libmagic
  28. 2,132 downloads
    Magic (1.1.2) This extension provides access to the libmagic library, which is used (e.g. by the file(1) comm...
  29. 1,038 downloads
    Magic8Ball (0.0.6) A simple game to ask questions and receive answers from the other world. By command line.
  30. 342 downloads
    magic_array (0.1.1) Array that allows you to load data from specified source idly