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  1. 30,728 downloads
    magent (0.7.0) Simple job queue system based on mongodb
  2. 11,624 downloads
    magentify (0.1.0) An extension to Capistrano to deploy Magento. Adding the specific requirements and additional tasks.
  3. 1,692 downloads
    magento-api (0.1.0) Rubygem for connecting to a Magento store via the Magento Core API
  4. 552 downloads
    magento_api_wrapper (0.0.2) Ruby wrapper for Magento's SOAP API. Allows you to download orders using filters, invoice orders,...
  5. 33,725 downloads
    magentor (0.3.1) Ruby wrapper for the Magento xmlrpc api
  6. 1,102 downloads
    magento_remote (0.1.4) Allows ordering through a (defaultish) magento web page.
  7. 2,120 downloads
    mageo (0.0.2) MAth GEOmetry library to deal with 2 and 3 dimensional spaces. Cartesian and internal coordin...
  8. 1,634 downloads
    magerecord (0.1.6) A simple ActiveRecord wrapper for various Magento models
  9. 6,171 downloads
    magesa (0.1.5) an easier way to access wkhtmltopdf-amd64 in heroku rather than putting it in the app
  10. 6,675 downloads
    magi (0.1.6) I am Magi.
  11. 42,633 downloads
    magic (0.2.8) Ruby FFI bindings to libmagic
  12. 2,401 downloads
    Magic (1.1.2) This extension provides access to the libmagic library, which is used (e.g. by the file(1) comm...
  13. 1,746 downloads
    Magic8Ball (0.0.6) A simple game to ask questions and receive answers from the other world. By command line.
  14. 446 downloads
    magic_array (0.1.1) Array that allows you to load data from specified source idly
  15. 231 downloads
    magic-array (0.0.1) Provides easy way for grouping constants into arrays
  16. 397 downloads
    magic_attributes (0.2) Magic Attributes is a quick way of defining a bunch of methods to a Ruby class.
  17. 1,558 downloads
    magicbroker (0.2.1) The MAGIC-Broker-2 gem
  18. 4,698 downloads
    magicbus (0.1.1) A thin wrapper around RabbitMQ designed for delivery of push notifications to web clients.
  19. 413 downloads
    magic_carpet (0.6.0) MagicCarpet renders any view with stub data from your front-end test suite (ie. jasmine) so you c...
  20. 4,302 downloads
    magic-commenter (0.0.3) Add magic comments to your ruby files
  21. 2,569 downloads
    magic_date_parser (0.0.2) Parses a string representation of a date range and returns a start and end date.
  22. 1,959 downloads
    magic_door (0.1.1) Generates custom button images with RMagick using the famous sliding doors css tehnique.
  23. 196,048 downloads
    magic_encoding (0.0.2) Easily add magic comments for encoding on multiple ruby source files
  24. 355 downloads
    magic_encoding_just_for_ruby (0.0.4) Easily add magic comments for encoding on multiple ruby source files
  25. 8,806 downloads
    magic_enum (1.0.0) MagicEnum is a simple ActiveRecord plugin that makes it easier to maintain ENUM-like attributes i...
  26. 3,798 downloads
    magic_form (0.1.2) Form builder. The laziest way to implement a Form
  27. 12,865 downloads
    magic_grid (0.12.6) Displays a collection (ActiveRelation or Array-like object) wrapped in an html table with...
  28. 3,653 downloads
    magician (0.3.1) A suite of handy methods for doing calculations in irb.
  29. 2,765 downloads
    magickcam (0.1.3) magickcam = rb_webcam + rmagick
  30. 5,226 downloads
    magick_columns (0.0.4) Tokenize a simple strings and builds an ActiveRecord query