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  1. 99 downloads
    milk-it-databrowser (1.0.1) Rails DataBrowser helps you in development providing an easy to use interface to access your data...
  2. 393 downloads
    milk-it-sitemapper (0.3.2) Sitemapper helps you to apply SEO techniques on your Ruby on Rails application, including auto ge...
  3. 6,083 downloads
    milkmaid (0.3.0) Milkmaid is a command-line client for Remember the Milk
  4. 761 downloads
    milkman (0.0.1) This gem provides a Ruby wrapper around the Remember The Milk (RTM) API for use in your own project.
  5. 43,566 downloads
    milkode (1.8.0) Milkode is line based local source code search engine. It have command line interface and web app...
  6. 14,874 downloads
    milkshake (0.1.9) Compose rails applications using several smaller rails applications
  7. 10,875 downloads
    milksteak (0.0.15) Super tiny and simple ruby-based cms that uses yml for content
  8. 960 downloads
    million (0.1.0) A small gem to get millions of digits from irrational numbers
  9. 2,779 downloads
    millionaire (0.1.0) You can do the CSV file by specifying the column to include a millionaire.
  10. 2,484 downloads
    millisami-csv-hash (0.2.0) Will import a CSV as an array of hashes. Or will export a CSV from an array of hashes (if given a...
  11. 288 downloads
    millisami-pdf-stamper (0.2.0) PDF::Stamper provides an interface into iText's PdfStamper allowing for the editing of existing P...
  12. 2,075 downloads
    millisami-thor (0.14.7) A scripting framework that replaces rake, sake and rubigen
  13. 100 downloads
    millsb-twitter-auth (0.1.16) TwitterAuth is a Rails plugin gem that provides Single Sign-On capabilities for Rails application...
  14. 2,070 downloads
    millstone (0.0.3) ActiveRecord plugin which allows you to hide without actually deleting them for Rails3. Millstone...
  15. 3,860 downloads
    millworker (0.2.0) A Ruby gem which takes the pain of continuously reading data from a serial port away and lets you...
  16. 4,717 downloads
    milo (0.0.7) Track in real time the price and availability of every product carried by every location of every...
  17. 1,894 downloads
    miloops-attachment_fu (3.2.7) This is a fork of Rick Olson’s attachment_fu adding Ruby 1.9 and Rails 3.2 support as well as som...
  18. 612 downloads
    milter (0.0.1) A pure Ruby Milter library
  19. 5,489 downloads
    milton (1.1.1) Milton fills out your ADP ezLaborManager timesheet
  20. 591 downloads
    mil_vestal_versions (1.2.6) Keep a DRY history of your ActiveRecord models' changes
  21. 179,353 downloads
    mime (0.4.2) A library for building RFC compliant Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) messages. It ca...
  22. 672 downloads
    mime_fallback (0.0.3) Allows a rails format to act as a fallback for another format
  23. 150,369 downloads
    mimemagic (0.2.1) Fast mime detection by extension or content in pure ruby (Uses shared-mime-in...
  24. 13,005 downloads
    mimeo (0.0.16) ActiveRecord extension for saving data to Redis using a given Ohm model.
  25. 3,557 downloads
    mimer (0.0.2) Find the mime-type of a file using unix' `file` command. This does not look at file extension, ever.
  26. 7,134 downloads
    mimer_plus (0.0.4) Find the mime-type of a file using unix' `file` command. This does not look at file extension, ev...
  27. 1,530 downloads
    mimetexrb (1.0.0) Native bindings for the MimeTex library
  28. 1,539 downloads
    mime_type (0.0.1) Returns the MIME type of a local file
  29. 99,975 downloads
    mimetype-fu (0.1.2) get the mimetype of a file directly in Ruby NOTICE: I am So Awesome Man! I'm just forking this to...
  30. 190 downloads
    mime_type_list (0.0.6) Gets mime types for specific media types