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  1. 835 downloads
    milestone (0.0.0) Milestone
  2. 120 downloads
    mileszs-enterprise_time_extensions (1.0) Enterprisey extensions to Ruby's Time class allowing you to quickly discover whether a time is a ...
  3. 2,747 downloads
    mileszs-importex (0.1.3) Import an Excel document by creating a Ruby class and passing in an 'xls' file. It will automatic...
  4. 127 downloads
    miletbaker-decimalizer (0.1.0) Create virtualised decimal attributes for a monetary value stored as an int pence / cents.
  5. 1,046 downloads
    mil_friendly_id ( FriendlyId is the "Swiss Army bulldozer" of slugging and permalink plugins for Ruby on Rails. It ...
  6. 513 downloads
    mil-github-linguist (2.8.8) GitHub Language detection
  7. 5,771 downloads
    milhouse-spork ( A Windows fork of a forking Drb spec server
  8. 624 downloads
    mil-html-pipeline (0.1.0) GitHub HTML processing filters and utilities
  9. 752,663 downloads
    milia (1.0.0) Multi-tenanting gem for hosted Rails/Ruby/devise applications
  10. 1,947 downloads
    mil-ims-lti (1.1.7) Ruby library for creating IMS LTI tool providers and consumers
  11. 16,369 downloads
    milk (0.1.1) Milk is a rack based content management system built for ease of use and simplicity. Milk tastes ...
  12. 121 downloads
    milk1000cc-acts_as_digested_on (0.0.1) A rails plugin to set the digested value before validation and validate uniqueness.
  13. 120 downloads
    milk1000cc-docomo_css (0.0.1) Inlines CSS so that you can use external CSS with docomo handsets.
  14. 727 downloads
    milk1000cc-tiny_css (0.12) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  15. 479 downloads
    milk1000cc-web_service_simple (0.0.4) Simple Interface To Web Services APIs (Ruby)
  16. 928 downloads
    milk_cap (0.5.2) Yet another RememberTheMilk wrapper, successor to rufus-rtm.
  17. 114 downloads
    milk_dipper (0.0.1) RememberTheMilk ruby wrapper
  18. 12,337 downloads
    milkfarm-onix (0.8.13) A fork of the original onix gem by James Healy. Differs from original mainly in it's adjustments ...
  19. 123 downloads
    milk-it-databrowser (1.0.1) Rails DataBrowser helps you in development providing an easy to use interface to access your data...
  20. 489 downloads
    milk-it-sitemapper (0.3.2) Sitemapper helps you to apply SEO techniques on your Ruby on Rails application, including auto ge...
  21. 6,154 downloads
    milkmaid (0.3.0) Milkmaid is a command-line client for Remember the Milk
  22. 779 downloads
    milkman (0.0.1) This gem provides a Ruby wrapper around the Remember The Milk (RTM) API for use in your own project.
  23. 44,262 downloads
    milkode (1.8.0) Milkode is line based local source code search engine. It have command line interface and web app...
  24. 15,025 downloads
    milkshake (0.1.9) Compose rails applications using several smaller rails applications
  25. 11,029 downloads
    milksteak (0.0.15) Super tiny and simple ruby-based cms that uses yml for content
  26. 991 downloads
    million (0.1.0) A small gem to get millions of digits from irrational numbers
  27. 2,817 downloads
    millionaire (0.1.0) You can do the CSV file by specifying the column to include a millionaire.
  28. 2,512 downloads
    millisami-csv-hash (0.2.0) Will import a CSV as an array of hashes. Or will export a CSV from an array of hashes (if given a...
  29. 360 downloads
    millisami-pdf-stamper (0.2.0) PDF::Stamper provides an interface into iText's PdfStamper allowing for the editing of existing P...
  30. 2,103 downloads
    millisami-thor (0.14.7) A scripting framework that replaces rake, sake and rubigen