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  1. 3,955 downloads
    millworker (0.2.0) A Ruby gem which takes the pain of continuously reading data from a serial port away and lets you...
  2. 4,836 downloads
    milo (0.0.7) Track in real time the price and availability of every product carried by every location of every...
  3. 1,955 downloads
    miloops-attachment_fu (3.2.7) This is a fork of Rick Olson’s attachment_fu adding Ruby 1.9 and Rails 3.2 support as well as som...
  4. 636 downloads
    milter (0.0.1) A pure Ruby Milter library
  5. 5,570 downloads
    milton (1.1.1) Milton fills out your ADP ezLaborManager timesheet
  6. 613 downloads
    mil_vestal_versions (1.2.6) Keep a DRY history of your ActiveRecord models' changes
  7. 203,473 downloads
    mime (0.4.2) A library for building RFC compliant Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) messages. It ca...
  8. 715 downloads
    mime_fallback (0.0.3) Allows a rails format to act as a fallback for another format
  9. 174,958 downloads
    mimemagic (0.2.1) Fast mime detection by extension or content in pure ruby (Uses shared-mime-in...
  10. 13,310 downloads
    mimeo (0.0.16) ActiveRecord extension for saving data to Redis using a given Ohm model.
  11. 3,598 downloads
    mimer (0.0.2) Find the mime-type of a file using unix' `file` command. This does not look at file extension, ever.
  12. 7,352 downloads
    mimer_plus (0.0.4) Find the mime-type of a file using unix' `file` command. This does not look at file extension, ev...
  13. 1,552 downloads
    mimetexrb (1.0.0) Native bindings for the MimeTex library
  14. 1,561 downloads
    mime_type (0.0.1) Returns the MIME type of a local file
  15. 101,696 downloads
    mimetype-fu (0.1.2) get the mimetype of a file directly in Ruby NOTICE: I am So Awesome Man! I'm just forking this to...
  16. 779 downloads
    mime_type_list (0.0.6) Gets mime types for specific media types
  17. 1,119 downloads
    mime_typer (0.1) Simple and compact gem to look up MIME types based on your system's mime.types file or one you sp...
  18. 416 downloads
    mime-typer (0.2.1) A gem to detect mime type of a file, using libmagic.
  19. 43,083,953 downloads
    mime-types (2.3) The mime-types library provides a library and registry for information about MIME content type de...
  20. 1,772 downloads
    mime_version (0.0.5) Parse a version from the content type string and then use it in the environment variable. ...
  21. 33,801 downloads
    mimic (0.4.3) A Ruby gem for faking external web services for testing
  22. 748 downloads
    mimic-rb (0.1.1) Minimalistic Library for Mocking, Stubbing, and Faking Classes
  23. 440 downloads
    mimi_mailer (0.1.0) This gem is unsupported. Use at your own risk. :)
  24. 2,244 downloads
    mimimi (0.1.1) Creates a singletone openstruct item from all your config yaml files
  25. 604 downloads
    MIMInputToolbar (0.0.3) Simple UIToolbar subclass with next, previous, and done buttons.
  26. 2,116 downloads
    mimiweb (0.1.2) Access to MiMI and Metabolomics databases via a web service provided by NCIBI.
  27. 1,137 downloads
    mimosa (0.1) This is a gemfile used to build MIMOSA XML
  28. 68,143 downloads
    mina (0.3.0) Really fast deployer and server automation tool.
  29. 622 downloads
    minable (0.0.2) Minable is a minimal CSS framework written in SCSS.
  30. 1,875 downloads
    mina-cakephp (1.0.1) Tools to deploy CakePHP apps with mina.