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  1. 22,390 downloads
    mobilize-hdfs (1.383) Adds hdfs read, write, and copy support to mobilize-ssh
  2. 21,961 downloads
    mobilize-hive (1.383) Adds hive read, write, and run support to mobilize-hdfs
  3. 37,049 downloads
    mobilize-ssh (1.383) mobilize-ssh allows you to automate ssh commands and files across hosts
  4. 1,177 downloads
    Mobiloc (0.2.0) Mobiloc: get e-book location by page or section in Ruby Programming 1.9 book (Ruby gem class proj...
  5. 9,490 downloads
    mobilove (0.1.0) Use mobilove to send text messages with Ruby. Account on required.
  6. 608 downloads
    mobiscroll-rails ( This gem provides the default functionalities of Mobiscroll and all themes provided by default.
  7. 487 downloads
    mobistar (0.1) A client for the web services of the belgian mobile operator Mobistar
  8. 886 downloads
    mobitex (1.0.0) Ruby interface to Mobitex's Smscenter API
  9. 2,444 downloads
    mobius (1.0.2) Client Gem for Mobius Game
  10. 16,715 downloads
    mobj (3.3.3) Utils and extentions for various ruby objects
  11. 1,921 downloads
    moblove (0.0.2) moblove helps you create mobile webapps by automatically creating templates ans styles that are o...
  12. 3,695 downloads
    mobme_support (2.3.1) MobME Support is a collection of classes and standard library extensions extracted from across Mo...
  13. 992 downloads
    mobot (2013.08.1377443804) a simple robot
  14. 2,722 downloads
    mobox (0.0.3) Mobox builds mobile app quickly using Haml, SASS, CoffeeScript, and Phonegap, to name a few.
  15. 10,154 downloads
    mob_spawner (1.0.0) MobSpawner manages worker threads that can run arbitrary commands and report results. Unlike dist...
  16. 1,668 downloads
    mobu (0.0.3) Rails User Agent Dependent View Paths
  17. 43,204 downloads
    mobvious (0.3.2) Rack middleware for choosing a version of an interface to render for given request
  18. 19,963 downloads
    mobvious-rails (0.1.2) Rails enhancements for rendering different content for different device types
  19. 7,248 downloads
    moby (1.2.0) Ruby interface for the world's largest free phonetic database
  20. 1,043 downloads
    Moby (0.5.1) Moby makes DCI a DSL for Ruby it's mainly based on the work gone into Marvin, the first language ...
  21. 66,827 downloads
    mobylette (3.5) Adds the mobile format for rendering views for mobile device.
  22. 5,350 downloads
    moc ( moc controller library.
  23. 4,369 downloads
    moc_compass (0.3) moc's compass extension
  24. 5,120,419 downloads
    mocha (1.0.0) Mocking and stubbing library with JMock/SchMock syntax, which allows mocking and stubbing of meth...
  25. 2,856 downloads
    mocha-color (0.0.2) This gem try to turn mocha output more readable, adding some colors
  26. 2,548 downloads
    mocha-macruby ( Mocking and stubbing library with JMock/SchMock syntax, which allows mocking and stubbing o...
  27. 17,434 downloads
    mocha-on-bacon (0.2.2) A Mocha adapter for Bacon, because it's yummy!
  28. 1,370 downloads
    mocha-protest-integration (0.1.0) Lets you use Mocha with Protest.
  29. 6,238 downloads
    mocha_rails (0.0.5) MochaRails is a mountable Rails engine that serves a browser-based Mocha test suite, along with y...
  30. 1,346 downloads
    mocha-shot (0.1.0) A terser Mocha mock framework. This library is based off some patches to Mocha with make the synt...