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  1. 4,043 downloads
    ncs_navigator_authority (1.2.0) This is a shared library which consume Staff Portal's authorization API and provides group member...
  2. 9,285 downloads
    ncs_navigator_configuration (0.4.0) An internal component of the NCS Navigator suite, this gem provides a common view onto s...
  3. 1,538 downloads
    ncss-cookbooks (0.0.2) Chef の Cookbooks を一発で NIFTYCloud クラウドストレージにアップロードするコマンド
  4. 14,883 downloads
    ncurses (0.9.1) This wrapper provides access to the functions, macros, global variables and constants of the ncur...
  5. 4,214 downloads
    ncurses-ruby (1.2.4) This wrapper provides access to the functions, macros, global variables and constants of the ncur...
  6. 163,128 downloads
    ncursesw (1.4.9) Tweaked version of ncursesw from
  7. 4,061 downloads
    ncXBMC (0.3.2) ncXBMC is a remote XBMC client, with an ncurses interface, which aims to provide a full control o...
  8. 2,825 downloads
    ndc_tree (0.1.1) NdcTree is a library outputs a list of NDC(Nippon Decimal Classification) as a tree-structured data.
  9. 1,426 downloads
    ndd-rspec (0.1.1) RSpec utilities
  10. 1,615 downloads
    nddrylliog_pismo (0.7.4) Pismo extracts and retrieves content-related metadata from HTML pages - you can use the resulting...
  11. 1,012 downloads
    nddrylliog_youtube_it (2.1.4) Upload, delete, update, comment on youtube videos all from one gem.
  12. 703 downloads
    ndfd-weather-forecast-client (1.1.0) Client library for retrieving data from NOAA's weather forecast API
  13. 243 downloads
    nd_foundation (0.0.3) We are starting to use Foundation for internal web projects at Notre Dame, and having a gem that ...
  14. 1,078 downloads
    ndfrt (0.0.3) A ruby-based way of interacting with the NDF-RT RESTful API (
  15. 2,947 downloads
    ndlib-on-rspec (0.0.4) A handful of helpful Rspec matchers intended for reuse
  16. 987 downloads
    ndl_search (0.0.0) ndl_search.rb is a wrapper library for NDL Search OpenSearch API
  17. 8,730 downloads
    ndo (0.2.6) Execute commands on multiple hosts at once.
  18. 2,024 downloads
    ndoc (0.0.4) Markup Language like MoinMoin
  19. 339 downloads
    neal (0.0.1) Campfire Bot
  20. 4,589 downloads
    neapolitan (0.4.1) Neapolitan is a meta-templating engine. Like a candy store it allows you to pick and choose from ...
  21. 868 downloads
    nearbyfyi-client (0.0.0) Access to the NearbyFYI API for retrieving documents about cities and towns.
  22. 1,663 downloads
    nearest (0.0.2) Adds the nearest method to the Time class.
  23. 7,901 downloads
    nearest_time_zone (0.0.2) Quickly find the name of a time zone for a latitude and longitude without relying on a web service.
  24. 903 downloads
    nearfine-catalogs (0.1.2) Provides Nearfine catalogs
  25. 9,797 downloads
    nearline (0.1.0) Nearline is a library to make database-backed backup file repositories simple and elegan...
  26. 829 downloads
    neartree (0.2) neartree is a Ruby library binding to the NearTree C library for storing point/value pairs in an ...
  27. 242,858 downloads
    neat (1.6.0) Neat is an open source grid framework built on top of Bourbon with the aim of being easy enough t...
  28. 233 downloads
    neat_bourbon_rails (0.0.1) The Waterfall standard UI.
  29. 663 downloads
    neat-classes (0.0.1) Foundation style classes for span-columns using Bourbon Neat
  30. 5,587 downloads
    neat-compass (1.6.0) thoughtbot's Neat packaged as a Compass extension.