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  1. 4,248 downloads
    neapolitan (0.4.1) Neapolitan is a meta-templating engine. Like a candy store it allows you to pick and choose from ...
  2. 781 downloads
    nearbyfyi-client (0.0.0) Access to the NearbyFYI API for retrieving documents about cities and towns.
  3. 1,487 downloads
    nearest (0.0.2) Adds the nearest method to the Time class.
  4. 6,621 downloads
    nearest_time_zone (0.0.2) Quickly find the name of a time zone for a latitude and longitude without relying on a web service.
  5. 608 downloads
    nearfine-catalogs (0.1.2) Provides Nearfine catalogs
  6. 9,221 downloads
    nearline (0.1.0) Nearline is a library to make database-backed backup file repositories simple and elegan...
  7. 735 downloads
    neartree (0.2) neartree is a Ruby library binding to the NearTree C library for storing point/value pairs in an ...
  8. 152,483 downloads
    neat (1.6.0) Neat is an open source grid framework built on top of Bourbon with the aim of being easy enough t...
  9. 102 downloads
    neat_bourbon_rails (0.0.1) The Waterfall standard UI.
  10. 519 downloads
    neat-classes (0.0.1) Foundation style classes for span-columns using Bourbon Neat
  11. 3,938 downloads
    neat-compass (1.5.0) thoughtbot's Neat packaged as a Compass extension.
  12. 5,777 downloads
    neat-pages (1.0.2) A simple pagination API to paginate Mongoid Models.
  13. 568 downloads
    neat-spreadsheet (0.0.1) Simplify the task of building a spreadsheet in Rails. This gem is based on the Spreadsheet gem. T...
  14. 578 downloads
    nebel (0.0.2) A command line tool for generating a static site.
  15. 1,174 downloads
    nebula (0.0.1) Tool for building server clusters with chef and fog
  16. 845 downloads
    nebula-webclient (8.0.10290) The library of Nebula Viewer web client.
  17. 1,028 downloads
    neckbeard (0.0.1) neckbeard makes your sysadmin happy
  18. 311 downloads
    neckbeerd (0.0.1) Local system problem finder
  19. 24,987 downloads
    necktie (1.1.0) Configure your servers using Ruby and Git
  20. 442 downloads
    necro (0.0.2) Something small for process management
  21. 1,390 downloads
    necromancy (0.1.2) Necromancy conjures up the functional code.
  22. 6,898 downloads
    need (1.1.0) == DESCRIPTION: Need makes ruby relative requires just work. Simply need a file with a relative ...
  23. 1,337 downloads
    needish (0.0.2) This gem provides methods to access the api
  24. 3,718 downloads
    need_label (0.2.2) A class is outputted about an indispensable input item.
  25. 53,080 downloads
    needle (1.3.0) Needle is a Dependency Injection/Inversion of Control container for Ruby. It supports both type-2...
  26. 1,942 downloads
    needle-extras (1.0.0) Needle-Extras is a collection of additional services that can be used with Needle. This is basica...
  27. 111 downloads
    needle-rails (0.0.1.edge) Needle is a small and opinionated search client for Ruby on Rails applications.
  28. 113 downloads
    needle-search (0.0.1.edge) Needle is a small and opinionated search client for Ruby applications.
  29. 1,376 downloads
    needs_resources (0.5.1) Ruby gem to provide lightweight inversion of control type resources for an application
  30. 3,877 downloads
    needy (0.0.3) My brain is too dumb to get it right alone.