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  1. 132 downloads
    neighborly-admin (1.0.0) This is the admin of
  2. 138 downloads
    neighborly-api (0.0.1) This is the implementation of API
  3. 887 downloads
    neighborly-balanced (1.1.0) This is the base to integrate Balanced Payments on
  4. 453 downloads
    neighborly-balanced-bankaccount (1.0.0) Integration with Balanced Payments on specifically with Bank Accounts.
  5. 486 downloads
    neighborly-balanced-creditcard (1.1.0) Integration with Balanced Payments on specifically with Credit Cards.
  6. 6,544 downloads
    neighborparrot (0.3.5) Send messages to the neighborparrot event source service
  7. 318 downloads
    neil (0.0.1) Campfire Bot
  8. 1,516 downloads
    neilin-rails (0.0.5) social share on text highlight
  9. 844 downloads
    neko (0.0.0) neko is an on-demand web-based Net Flow analysis framework
  10. 1,439 downloads
    nekohtml (0.0.3) Almost the briefest possible wrapper around the NekoHTML parser to provide xpath functionality.
  11. 4,911 downloads
    nekoneko_gen (0.4.2) Japanese Text Classifier Generator
  12. 1,014 downloads
    nele (0.2.2) Nele translates ruby string to the other language. It uses external public translators like Micr...
  13. 1,008 downloads
    nele-cli (0.2.1) Command line interface for nele gem ### Instalation: $ gem install nele-cli ### Usage: Gen...
  14. 824 downloads
    nemah (0.3.0) Nemah is a library for calculating the proper amount of fodder for your horse.
  15. 4,021 downloads
    nemo (0.1.3) Ruby port of Mewa for Wee
  16. 26,434 downloads
    nendo (0.7.0) Nendo is a programming language written in Ruby.
  17. 1,627 downloads
    neo (0.0.3) Neo4j client
  18. 64,433 downloads
    neo4j (2.3.0-java) You can think of Neo4j as a high-performance graph engine with all the features of a mature and r...
  19. 4,980 downloads
    neo4j-admin (0.2.0-java) Loads all the jar files from the neo4j server. The neo4j-admin railtie will start the neo4j serve...
  20. 10,708 downloads
    neo4j-advanced (1.9.5-java) The Java Jar files for the Neo4j Advanced edition, adding advanced monitoring – licensed under th...
  21. 384 downloads
    neo4j_ancestry (0.0.1) This ruby on rails gem makes it easy to store polymorphic structure information --- parents, chil...
  22. 534 downloads
    neo4j_client (0.0.0) Connects to a Neo4J database using the REST interface but executes queries on...
  23. 19,696 downloads
    neo4j-community (2.1.1) The Java Jar files for the Neo4j Community, a high performance, fully ACID transactional graph da...
  24. 30,863 downloads
    neo4j-core (2.3.0-java) You can think of Neo4j as a high-performance graph engine with all the features of a mature and r...
  25. 12,210 downloads
    neo4j-cypher (1.0.4) This gem is used in the JRuby neo4j gem but should work on any Ruby implementation since it simpl...
  26. 10,503 downloads
    neo4j-enterprise (1.9.5-java) The Neo4j Enterprise Jar files, adding online backup and High Availability clustering – licensed ...
  27. 1,175 downloads
    neo4j-friendships (0.0.1) neo4j-friendships is a Ruby Gem that allows you to use neo4j database to store users data, relati...
  28. 969 downloads
    neo4j_helper (0.1.0) Attemting to minimize the syntactical learning curve from other ORMs
  29. 268 downloads
    neo4j-jars (1.6.0.M01-java) Contains the jars found on Please check the license for those jar file...
  30. 1,565 downloads
    neo4j-rails (0.5.1) Adapts Neo4j for Rails 3 apps using ActiveModel