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  1. 1,670 downloads
    nbitarray (0.0.2) Pure Ruby n-bit array implementation.
  2. 3,398 downloads
    nbogie-production_log_analyzer ( production_log_analyzer lets you find out which actions on a Rails site are slowing you down. Bu...
  3. 1,187 downloads
    nbogie-rails (3.0.7) Ruby on Rails is a full-stack web framework optimized for programmer happiness and sustainable pr...
  4. 2,248 downloads
    nbp (0.0.2) Fetches currencies from
  5. 2,950 downloads
    nbp_exchange (0.0.3) Get average exchange rate for PLN polski zloty from specific date. This lib wraps http://rss.nbp....
  6. 1,452 downloads
    nbp-rates (0.1.0) A library that download currency rates for PLN (polish zloty).
  7. 2,089 downloads
    nbrb_currency (1.0.1) This gem reads exchange rates from the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus website. It uses ...
  8. 1,354 downloads
    nbrew-better_nested_set (0.0.1) An enhanced acts_as_nested_set mixin for ActiveRecord. A Gemified version of the betternestedset ...
  9. 2,090 downloads
    nbrew-country_select (0.0.1) Country Select with 2-code support.
  10. 1,522 downloads
    nbrew-simple_access_control (0.0.1) Simple access controls for use with ActsAsAuthenticated, RestfulAuthentication, etc. A clone of M...
  11. 3,156 downloads
    nbrew-simple_time_select (0.2.0) A time select component using only ONE select field.
  12. 255 downloads
    nbrm (0.1.0) Ruby library to interact with the currency rates web service of the National Bank of the Republic...
  13. 446,198 downloads
    nbtfile (0.2.0) Library for reading and writing NBT files (as used by Minecraft).
  14. 3,510 downloads
    nbt_utils (0.0.3) Some classes to read and write Minecraft .nbt files. See fo...
  15. 1,403 downloads
    nbudin-castronaut (0.7.5) Nat Budin's experimental fork of Castronaut
  16. 1,518 downloads
    nbudin-disqus (1.0.2) Integrates Disqus into your Ruby-powered site. Works with any Ruby website, and has view helpers ...
  17. 2,296 downloads
    nbudin-google4r-checkout (1.0.11) Nat Budin's branch of the Ruby library to access the Google Checkout service and implement notifi...
  18. 1,948 downloads
    nbudin-version_fu (1.0.0) version_fu is a ActveRecord versioning gem that takes advantage of the new dirty attribute checki...
  19. 8,172 downloads
    nbuild (0.0.7) Some helper classes for creating .net builds
  20. 1,395 downloads
    nbuilder (2.1.9) Through a fluent, extensible interface, NBuilder allows you to rapidly create test dat...
  21. 5,576 downloads
    ncal2gcal (0.1.6) This lib/tool syncs your IBM Lotus Notes calendar with your (private) Google calendar. The synchr...
  22. 675 downloads
    ncbi_blast_results_parser (0.1.0) Parses useful information from the HTML response of an NCBI Blast
  23. 11,841 downloads
    ncbo_annotator (1.0.13) The NCBO Annotator Gem is a Ruby client for NCBO's Annotator Web service. The NCBO Annotator (for...
  24. 3,188 downloads
    ncbo_resource_index (1.3) The NCBO Resource Index Gem is a Ruby client for NCBO's Resource Index Web service. The NCBO Reso...
  25. 1,705 downloads
    ncbo_resource_index_client (1.6.0) The NCBO Resource Index Gem is a Ruby client for NCBO's Resource Index Web service. The NCBO Reso...
  26. 215 downloads
    ncc-api (1.0.1) The NOMS cloud controller API provides a ReSTful API abstracting and aggregating a set of specifi...
  27. 1,125 downloads
    ncd (0.1.0) calculating Normalized Compression Distance(NCD).
  28. 2,681 downloads
    nc-freebase (0.2.0) quick freebase queries
  29. 1,077 downloads
    nclient (0.0.6) client pack for ns_service_pack
  30. 302 downloads
    ncmb-ruby-client (0.0.1) A simple Ruby client for the nifty cloud mobile backend REST API