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  1. 1,053 downloads
    ncr-background_fu (1.0.10) Background tasks in Ruby On Rails made dead simple.
  2. 1,567 downloads
    ncri_attachment_fu (0.1.8) attachment-fu for rails3. You know what it is.
  3. 2,839 downloads
    ncri-seer (0.5.2) Seer is a lightweight, semantically rich wrapper for the Google Visualization API. It allows you...
  4. 1,128 downloads
    ncr-lazy_high_charts (1.1.1) lazy_high_charts is a Rails 3.x gem for displaying Highcharts graphs.
  5. 827 downloads
    ncsa-parser (0.0.2) A simple NCSA-style log file parser.
  6. 19,161 downloads
    ncs_mdes (0.13.0) Provides a consistent ruby interface to the project metainformation in the National Children's S...
  7. 22,951 downloads
    ncs_mdes_warehouse (0.14.0) Scripts and models for building and maintaining the MDES-based reporting warehouse for NCS Naviga...
  8. 4,159 downloads
    ncs_navigator_authority (1.2.0) This is a shared library which consume Staff Portal's authorization API and provides group member...
  9. 9,448 downloads
    ncs_navigator_configuration (0.4.0) An internal component of the NCS Navigator suite, this gem provides a common view onto s...
  10. 1,614 downloads
    ncss-cookbooks (0.0.2) Chef の Cookbooks を一発で NIFTYCloud クラウドストレージにアップロードするコマンド
  11. 15,050 downloads
    ncurses (0.9.1) This wrapper provides access to the functions, macros, global variables and constants of the ncur...
  12. 4,555 downloads
    ncurses-ruby (1.2.4) This wrapper provides access to the functions, macros, global variables and constants of the ncur...
  13. 164,209 downloads
    ncursesw (1.4.9) Tweaked version of ncursesw from
  14. 4,136 downloads
    ncXBMC (0.3.2) ncXBMC is a remote XBMC client, with an ncurses interface, which aims to provide a full control o...
  15. 2,904 downloads
    ndc_tree (0.1.1) NdcTree is a library outputs a list of NDC(Nippon Decimal Classification) as a tree-structured data.
  16. 1,480 downloads
    ndd-rspec (0.1.1) RSpec utilities
  17. 1,667 downloads
    nddrylliog_pismo (0.7.4) Pismo extracts and retrieves content-related metadata from HTML pages - you can use the resulting...
  18. 1,038 downloads
    nddrylliog_youtube_it (2.1.4) Upload, delete, update, comment on youtube videos all from one gem.
  19. 411 downloads
    ndee (0.0.3) ndee reads Apache confs and cds into the DocumentRoot of the given domain.
  20. 780 downloads
    ndfd-weather-forecast-client (1.1.0) Client library for retrieving data from NOAA's weather forecast API
  21. 283 downloads
    nd_foundation (0.0.3) We are starting to use Foundation for internal web projects at Notre Dame, and having a gem that ...
  22. 1,149 downloads
    ndfrt (0.0.3) A ruby-based way of interacting with the NDF-RT RESTful API (
  23. 3,047 downloads
    ndlib-on-rspec (0.0.4) A handful of helpful Rspec matchers intended for reuse
  24. 1,015 downloads
    ndl_search (0.0.0) ndl_search.rb is a wrapper library for NDL Search OpenSearch API
  25. 8,924 downloads
    ndo (0.2.6) Execute commands on multiple hosts at once.
  26. 2,129 downloads
    ndoc (0.0.4) Markup Language like MoinMoin
  27. 405 downloads
    ndp-ayudante (0.6.2) Assertions for working with fixtures more easily. Assertions to assert pre/post conditions concis...
  28. 387 downloads
    nd_sync (0.0.4) Synchronizes database with RESTful web service.
  29. 223 downloads
    nd_transcriber (0.0.2) This gem provides an easy way to copy attributes around.
  30. 236 downloads
    nd_transmission (0.0.2) Remote objects synchronization.