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  1. 268 downloads
    nesstar_rest_api_client (0.1.0) Client for Nesstar REST API
  2. 1,672 downloads
    nessus (0.1.0.beta.9) A Ruby client for the Nessus 5.x JSON REST API
  3. 286 downloads
    nessus_api (2.0.1) Intelligently allows for use of Nessus API, both with gathering and editing information.
  4. 3,384 downloads
    nessusdb (1.4.4) NessusDB has been renamed to Risu. This gem is obsolete; Please use risu
  5. 3,005 downloads
    nessus-xmlrpc (0.5.0) Ruby library for Nessus XMLRPC interface and Nessus command line example of using Ruby library. T...
  6. 100,831 downloads
    nest (1.1.2) It is a design pattern in key-value databases to use the key to simulate structure, and Nest can ...
  7. 24,799 downloads
    nesta (0.9.13) Nesta is a lightweight Content Management System, written in Ruby using the Sinatra web framework...
  8. 1,601 downloads
    nestable_logger (0.1.0) nestable_logger supports nesting logging descriptions
  9. 550 downloads
    nestable-rails (0.0.1) using jquery.nestable.js plugin with rails asset pipeline
  10. 1,996 downloads
    nesta-plugin-admin (0.0.3) An admin interface for Nesta.
  11. 1,179 downloads
    nesta-plugin-blogazine (0.0.1) Art directed blogs (or "blogazines") use a different design on every page. It's easy to implement...
  12. 956 downloads
    nesta-plugin-cache (0.0.1) Cache-control headers plugin for Nesta, a Ruby CMS
  13. 1,496 downloads
    nesta-plugin-dateslugs (0.0.2) Adds the post date to blog post permalinks in Nesta CMS.
  14. 2,028 downloads
    nesta-plugin-diskcached (0.0.3) A Nesta plugin for disk cacheing via diskcached.
  15. 3,944 downloads
    nesta-plugin-foldable (0.0.4) Place a "fold" in a Nesta article and have the summary automatically set to the part of the body ...
  16. 765 downloads
    nesta-plugin-google-ads (0.0.1) Add google ads to nesta!
  17. 1,118 downloads
    nesta-plugin-linkable (0.0.1) Link posts for Nesta CMS
  18. 962 downloads
    nesta-plugin-metadata-extensions (0.0.1) Some simple extensions to expose and use more metadata in nesta.
  19. 973 downloads
    nesta-plugin-project-meta (0.0.1) Plugin for Nesta CMS to pull in project meta info from GitHub, Rubygems
  20. 504 downloads
    nesta-plugin-related-by-category (0.0.1) A plugin that finds related articles to a Nesta article, based on the relationship between its ca...
  21. 577 downloads
    nesta-plugin-search (0.0.2) Uses Ferret to search your Nesta site. Based on
  22. 1,411 downloads
    nesta-plugin-sharethis (0.0.2) Adds ShareThis features to Nesta CMS.
  23. 1,275 downloads
    nesta-plugin-sluggable (0.0.1) Sluggable posts for Nesta CMS
  24. 888 downloads
    nesta-plugin-smartmeta (0.0.1) Generate http meta data from existing data, when not specified.
  25. 1,411 downloads
    nesta-plugin-subpages (0.5.2) Plugin that adds index page subpages methods and helpers
  26. 138 downloads
    nesta-plugin-taggr (0.0.2) Adds support for 'tags' metadata.
  27. 1,342 downloads
    nesta-plugin-yaml-metadata (0.0.1) Pages of content in Nesta CMS can be embellished with metadata, written in a simple key/value pai...
  28. 803 downloads
    nesta-rails (0.0.1) nesta-rails is a Rails plugin that seamlessly integrates Nesta CMS into your Rails application. R...
  29. 7,427 downloads
    nested (0.0.32) a nestable dsl to create a restful api
  30. 165 downloads
    nested_access (0.0.1) Provides iterator to iterate through nested elements of arrays and hashes.