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  1. 519 downloads
    neutrino (0.0.1) An uploader library that embraces modularity and rejects magick
  2. 3,295 downloads
    neutrino_client (0.0.5) A client for sending metrics to Neutrino.
  3. 170 downloads
    nevans-iphone_testify (0.1.14) Utility to help set up and iPhone project for testing using code from {The Google Toolbox for Mac...
  4. 671 downloads
    neve (0.1.0) Friendly audio mixing, right on your command line
  5. 669 downloads
    never (0.0.4) Never is a simple tool that provides a list of your todos in comments
  6. 3,238 downloads
    neverblock ( NeverBlock is a collection of classes and modules that help you write evented non-blocking applic...
  7. 3,175 downloads
    neverdone (0.1.2) Evernote powered Todo for command line ninjas
  8. 4,151 downloads
    neverfails (0.0.4) With neverfails, step definitions do not simply check whether the existing code satifies the requ...
  9. 2,140 downloads
    never-forget (0.1.1) Never Forget is a layer of persistence for exceptions thrown in a Rack application at runtime.
  10. 1,935 downloads
    neverland (0.0.3) Ever need to test geolocation in your Rails app? This gem makes it easy.
  11. 362 downloads
    nevermind ( Working with multiple models like with one. @posts =, Video).find_by...
  12. 900 downloads
    nevermore-client (0.0.1) Never More Client
  13. 1,036 downloads
    neverprint (0.1.2) Setup your Jekyll project to support more advanced templating and preprocessing using HAML, Compa...
  14. 1,601 downloads
    neversaydie (1.0.0) NEVER SAY DIE lets you rescue from segmentation faults. Got a SEGV, don't worry about it anymore...
  15. 8,576 downloads
    never_wastes (1.0.0) It changes ActiveRecord::Base#destroy to support soft delete. Kind of simple acts_as_paranoid.
  16. 163 downloads
    neves-ruby_picasa (0.2.3) Provides a super easy to use object layer for authenticating and accessing Picasa through their API.
  17. 4,214 downloads
    new (0.1.1) With custom templates and tasks, quickly create a new project and release it to the world.
  18. 505 downloads
    new-age (0.0.10) Handling the input and output of people's ages in years and months
  19. 1,849 downloads
    newark (0.0.8) Because everyone should write their own framework.
  20. 2,205 downloads
    new_backup (1.0.4) Backup an RDS database instance to S3, and create and obfuscated version
  21. 164 downloads
    newbamboo-evented-rspec (1.1.12) Behaviour Driven Development for Ruby.
  22. 323 downloads
    newbamboo-hash_mapper (0.0.6) Maps values from hashes with different structures and/or key names. Ideal for normalizing arbitra...
  23. 641 downloads
    newbamboo-job_queue (0.0.8) JobQueue means you don't have to worry about your queue any more!
  24. 314 downloads
    newbamboo-merb_exceptions (0.1.1) Allows Merb to forward exceptions to emails or web hooks
  25. 159 downloads
    newbamboo-modmonkey_client (0.0.2) Client gem for modmonkey
  26. 171 downloads
    newbamboo-proto_processor (0.3.0) TODO
  27. 178 downloads
    newbamboo-rspec (1.1.12) Behaviour Driven Development for Ruby.
  28. 3,044 downloads
    newbamboo-rvideo (0.9.6) Inspect and transcode video and audio files.
  29. 4,196 downloads
    newbase60 (1.0.2) Handy Conversion Sexagesimal (base 60) for Short URLs Cuts out ambiguous characters like: * l : l...
  30. 98 downloads
    new_base60 (0.0.1) NewBase60 is useful as part of a personal URL shortener which itself is an important component of...