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  1. 150 downloads
    newcomb (1.0.0) Generate random numbers that adhere to Benford's Law
  2. 426 downloads
    newconference (1.0.0) Newconference helps you create a website for you event/conference.
  3. 418 downloads
    newconference-core (1.0.0) This is the core for newconference gem. Newconference helps you create a website for you conference.
  4. 7,706 downloads
    new_data_notifier (0.1.5) If there is some new users signed up on your site or some new articles been added by some other u...
  5. 5,832 downloads
    neweden (0.1.6) Ruby library for accessing Eve Online API
  6. 937 downloads
    neweden-km-parser (0.1.0) Parser for the mails generated by the MMO EVE Online when an internet spaceship is destroyed.
  7. 896 downloads
    newellista-searchlogic (2.0.9) Searchlogic provides common named scopes and object based searching for ActiveRecord.
  8. 1,920 downloads
    newer_image_size (1.1.1) Measure following file dimensions: bmp, gif, jpeg, pbm, pcx, pgm, png, ppm, psd, swf, tiff, xbm, xpm
  9. 1,427 downloads
    newext (0.0.1) description of gem
  10. 1,538 downloads
    newflow (1.0.0) Newflow provides a way to add workflows to existing objects. It uses a simple dsl to add guards a...
  11. 135,051 downloads
    newgem (1.5.3) Quickly bundle any Ruby libraries into a RubyGem and share it with the world, your colleagues, or...
  12. 802 downloads
    new_gem (0.0.1) Write a gem description
  13. 80 downloads
    new_gem_again (0.0.0) A simple hello world gem
  14. 5,153 downloads
    newick-ruby (1.0.3) newick-ruby provides routines for parsing newick-format phylogenetic trees.
  15. 1,273 downloads
    newie (1.0.0) The fastest dependency injection framework
  16. 32,784 downloads
    newjs (1.7.4) The +newjs+ command creates a new JavaScript project/application with a default directory structu...
  17. 3,932 downloads
    newkata (0.9.0) A simple project generator, handy to tryout a new class with a corresponding (r)spec. **NOW** pro...
  18. 2,572 downloads
    newly (2.0.1) DSL that helps scrapping news given a feed definition with url and selectors
  19. 5,645 downloads
    newman (0.3.0) A microframework for mail-centric applications
  20. 121 downloads
    NewMonarch-remit (0.0.1) An API for using the Amazon Flexible Payment Service (FPS).
  21. 109 downloads
    NewMonarch-twitter4r (0.3.2) A clean Twitter client API in pure Ruby. Will include Twitter add-ons also in Ruby.
  22. 1,067 downloads
    newmy-plugin (0.0.1) TOD: Write a gem description
  23. 7,048 downloads
    new_operators (0.0.7) Creates a new exponent operator ^, meaning "to the power of", where, for example, 3^3=81
  24. 5,514 downloads
    newplugin (0.0.4) New Plugin Generator, make it dead easy to create a new plugin
  25. 1,427 downloads
    newproject (0.1.0) Cool new gem
  26. 263 downloads
    new_project (0.0.1) Creates bin/run.rb lib/project/ lib/project.rb spec/spec_helper.rb spec/project/ .gitignore Gemfile
  27. 1,667 downloads
    newrelic-amazon-ec2 (0.6.2) A Ruby library for accessing the Amazon Web Services Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Elastic Load Ba...
  28. 44,310 downloads
    newrelic_api (1.2.4) Use this gem to access New Relic application information via a REST api
  29. 1,459 downloads
    newrelic_aws (0.0.4) This gem has been renamed newrelic-aws
  30. 8,918 downloads
    newrelic-aws (0.0.6) Unofficial New Relic Instrumentation for the official AWS SDK