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  1. 426 downloads
    NexposeRunner (0.0.3) This is a gem that provides the ability to create a new site, add an IP to the site, and perform ...
  2. 4,249 downloads
    nexpose_scan_manager (0.0.4) NeXpose Scan Manager is used for launching and asynchronous polling and processing of NeXpose sc...
  3. 907 downloads
    nexpose_ticketing (0.2.3) This gem provides a Ruby implementation of different integrations with ticketing services for Nex...
  4. 27,860 downloads
    next-big-sound (0.8.2) A simple wrapper class for the Next Big Sound api. docs for the api can be found at api.nextbigs...
  5. 11,719 downloads
    next-big-sound-lite (1.0.0) A small wrapper around the Next Big Sound API
  6. 2,901 downloads
    nextbus (0.0.1) NextBus API client
  7. 700 downloads
    next_bus (1.0.0) Ouputs the time until the next bus
  8. 3,827 downloads
    next_buses (0.1.3) A gem to work with the NextBuses API
  9. 121 downloads
    nextcaller_client (0.0.2) A Ruby wrapper around the Nextcaller API. See for details.
  10. 97 downloads
    nextcaller-client (0.0.1) A Ruby wrapper around the Nextcaller API. See for details.
  11. 4,757 downloads
    nextday (0.4.0) Finds the Next Working Day even if holidays are in the way. Extends Date with a .next_wo...
  12. 1,081 downloads
    nextday-engine (0.0.3) Exposes the next day gem as a rails engine, Provides /nextday.json, a few helpers and a javascrip...
  13. 1,417 downloads
    nexter (0.0.5) What is Nexter ? A misspelled tv show or a killer feature ? Almost : it wraps your model with an ...
  14. 4,200 downloads
    next_muni (0.1.5) A gem to access San Francisco's Next Muni API easily
  15. 593 downloads
    NextNumber (0.0.1) next number
  16. 1,473 downloads
    next_record (0.0.2) adds `next` and `previous` methods to your ActiveRecord instances
  17. 1,598 downloads
    nextstop (0.0.1) Find cool places and destination guides with the nextstop API
  18. 1,484 downloads
    nexty (0.30) A command line interface to your Nexpose VA tool
  19. 49,120 downloads
    nexus (1.2.1) Adds a command to RubyGems for uploading gems to a nexus server.
  20. 3,153 downloads
    nexus_artifact (2.0.1) Simple Ruby gem to download/publish arbitrary binary file from/to Nexus server
  21. 57,346 downloads
    nexus_cli (4.1.0) A command-line wrapper for making REST calls to Sonatype Nexus.
  22. 4,019 downloads
    nexus_link (0.0.6) A Ruby gem to interoperate with Nexus ERP (
  23. 117 downloads
    nexusmotion (0.0.2.beta) An experimental gem to provide basic HTTP networking for Rubymotion Android. It wraps Android...
  24. 7,813 downloads
    nexus_parser (1.1.4) A full featured and extensible Nexus file parser in Ruby.
  25. 316 downloads
    nezetic-ncXBMC (0.2.2) ncXBMC is a remote XBMC client, with an ncurses interface, which aims to provide a full control o...
  26. 325 downloads
    nezetic-ruby-xbmc (0.1.2) ruby-xbmc is a ruby wrapper for the XBMC Web Server HTTP API. It provides a remote access to any...
  27. 13,708 downloads
    nezu (0.9.4) Skel generator and launcher for amqp consumers.
  28. 858 downloads
    nezumi (0.1.0) Gem to interact with the Nezumi Push Heroku add-on
  29. 1,058 downloads
    nf (0.0.3) Create new file from a template (small command-line utility)
  30. 3,184 downloads
    nfa2dfa (1.2.0) Finite automaton determinizer