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  1. 74,732 downloads
    nprogress-rails ( This is a gem for the rstacruz' nprogress implementation. It's based on version nprogress 0.1.2.
  2. 253 downloads
    nps (0.0.1) Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a customer loyalty metric allowing customer satisfaction to be compar...
  3. 2,577 downloads
    NpSearch (1.1.3) Search for Neuropeptides based solely on the common neuropeptide markers (e.g. signal peptide, di...
  4. 556 downloads
    npush-rails (0.1) Implement push notifications in your Rails app in less than a minute
  5. 4,640 downloads
    nql (0.1.1) Natural Query Language built on top of ActiveRecord and Ransack
  6. 2,075 downloads
    nr (0.9.1) nr --net received-- The other side of nc. Run the server with `nr` and client with `echo 'test' ...
  7. 1,356 downloads
    NRB_http_service (0.0.8) Used in some of New Republic Brewing's gems
  8. 6,742 downloads
    nrename (0.2.6) Nrename lets you rename set of numbered files so that they can be sorted correctly in any shell o...
  9. 636 downloads
    nrepl (0.0.1) nrepl is a library used to connect a clojure nrepl
  10. 484 downloads
    nrg (0.0.0) ...
  11. 1,185 downloads
    nrodruck_test_gem (0.0.2) A gem to explain how to make gems
  12. 6,221 downloads
    nrpe_check (0.1.0) nrpe check helper
  13. 1,003 downloads
    nrperb (0.1.0) NRPErb is a nagios remote plugin executor protocol implementation in Ruby, that lets you ruby rem...
  14. 4,782 downloads
    nrrpm (0.1.6) New Relic Rails Performance Management © Lewis Cirne
  15. 1,007 downloads
    ns (0.0.2) Provides a Ruby wrapper for the Dutch NS API
  16. 1,453 downloads
    ns24-dashing-collector (0.0.2) This is a simple daemon that collects metrics from our system and puts them to dashing
  17. 2,836 downloads
    nsa_panel (0.1.0) Easily add a NSA backdoor into your Rails app.
  18. 1,627 downloads
    ns-api (0.3) A Ruby implementation of the NS (Dutch Railways) API
  19. 4,087 downloads
    nsca (0.2.1) Create your alerts easily and send it to Nagios
  20. 773 downloads
    nsca-client (0.1.0) Send passive notifications to Nagios Service Check Acceptor (NSCA).
  21. 4,609 downloads
    ns_connector (0.0.17) This library provides an interface to NetSuite via'RESTlets'. This appears to be a quicker and mo...
  22. 251 downloads
    nsda_qa_search (0.0.0) This application allow users to search questions and answers in console mode, no more browser nee...
  23. 1,343 downloads
    nse1 (1.1.2) NSE (National Stock Exchange of India) equity stock data from Originally develo...
  24. 263 downloads
    nse_finance (0.0.1) A thin layer on top of the JSON service
  25. 272 downloads
    nsefinance_rails (0.0.1) A thin layer on top of the JSON service
  26. 846 downloads
    nserror-schemenumber-js-rails (0.0.2) SchemeNumber.JS packaged for the Rails 3.1+ Asset Pipeline, both the Coffee, JS, and min.JS versi...
  27. 9,263 downloads
    nserver (1.1.4) == DESCRIPTION: NServer is a set of classes that provide a flexible notification system for Linu...
  28. 2,711 downloads
    nservicebus ( The most popular open-source service bus for .net Powerful, yet lightweight. Pluggable, ye...
  29. 507 downloads
    nsf (0.1.0) The gem facilitates conversion of text and HTML documents into NSF, as well as converting NSF to ...
  30. 656 downloads
    ns-fog (1.22.8) This gem is forked from I added the QingCloud provider to it. It's not...