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  1. 3,897 downloads
    normalize-scss (3.0.1) This is the Sass/Compass version of Normalize.css, a collection of HTML element and attribute rul...
  2. 315 downloads
    normalizr (0.0.3) Writer methods parameters normalization
  3. 726 downloads
    normal_map (0.0.1) Generates DOT3 bump maps, also known as normal maps, for use in 3D computing.
  4. 1,069 downloads
    norman (0.1.0) Norman is not an ORM, man! It's a database and ORM replacement for (mostly) static models...
  5. 113 downloads
    norman-disqus (1.0.1) Integrates Disqus into your Ruby-powered site. Works with any Ruby website, and has view helpers ...
  6. 111 downloads
    norman-disqus-api (0.2.0) Integrates Disqus into your Ruby-powered site. Works with any Ruby website, and has view helpers ...
  7. 967 downloads
    norman-friendly_id (2.1.4) A comprehensive slugging and pretty-URL plugin for ActiveRecord.
  8. 121 downloads
    norman-graticule (0.2.7) Graticule is a geocoding API that provides a common interface to all the popular services, includ...
  9. 219 downloads
    norman-haml_scaffold (1.1.0) Rails scaffolding with Haml rather than ERB, and various other improvements.
  10. 1,189 downloads
    norman-has_image (0.3.0) HasImage is a Ruby on Rails gem/plugin that allows you to attach images to ActiveRecord models.
  11. 116 downloads
    norman-randomba_scaffold (0.1.0) An improved Rails scaffold.
  12. 10,874 downloads
    normatron (0.3.4) Normatron is a Ruby On Rails plugin that perform attribute normalizations for ActiveRecord ob...
  13. 219 downloads
    normelton-snmp4em (0.1.2) A high-performance SNMP engine built on EventMachine and Ruby-SNMP
  14. 981 downloads
    norr-couchrest (0.33.07) CouchRest provides a simple interface on top of CouchDB's RESTful HTTP API, as well as including ...
  15. 333 downloads
    norr-merb-manage (0.6.2) Provides easy configuration and management of Merb applications, including multiple servers and d...
  16. 219 downloads
    norr-prince-ruby (0.1.1) TODO
  17. 1,345 downloads
    north (0.3.1) Really simple media queries in Sass
  18. 1,192 downloads
    north_pole_wrapper (0.2.3) wrapper for api
  19. 771 downloads
    northstar (0.0.0) A scalable and comprehensive architecture for Compass and SASS for Ruby on Rails
  20. 1,485 downloads
    NortonAntiVirus (0.0.2) Helps protect against the most sofisticated internet organized crime.
  21. 1,429 downloads
    norwegian-county-names (0.1.0) The summary pretty much sums it up.
  22. 1,390 downloads
    norwegian-county-select (0.1.0) Rails select helper for Norwegian Counties
  23. 3,769 downloads
    norwegian_holidays (0.0.4) A Norwegian holiday calendar. Answers the age-old question: "When is mothersday this year?"
  24. 3,800 downloads
    norwegian_phone (0.0.10) Standardizes norwegian phone numbers, and leaves international numbers unchanged.
  25. 112 downloads
    nosequel (1.0.0.pre.alpha.1) Simple NoSQL-like storage methods for Sequel O/RM
  26. 13,806 downloads
    nosey (0.0.16) Nosey is a way to instrument your Evented Ruby applications to track counts, aggregates, etc. It ...
  27. 1,086 downloads
    nosh (0.1.0) A very simple Typhoeus/Nokogiri wrapper. Conceptually based on the eat library.
  28. 1,380 downloads
    nosql (0.0.3) A simple ActiveRecord 'adapter' that raises on any call
  29. 2,746 downloads
    nosql-tutorial (0.1.1) Notatki do wykładu Utrwalanie Danych.
  30. 3,983 downloads
    nosqoop4u (0.1.2-java) A sqoop-like jruby/jdbc query application that does not run via map/reduce. It supports direct ou...