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  1. 41,960 downloads
    named-parameters (0.0.22) This gem simulates named-parameters in Ruby. It's a complement to the common Ruby idiom of u...
  2. 1,097 downloads
    named_proc (1.0) NamedProc: Like anonymous procs, but have a name. Example: lambda.codebrawl {} # creates an empty...
  3. 13,528 downloads
    named-routes (0.2.9) A simple and generic named routes api. It works really well with Sinatra.
  4. 1,502 downloads
    named_scope_for_time_attr (1.0.0) Provides the ActiveRecord helper method <tt>named_scope_for_time_attr</tt>. Given t...
  5. 5,199 downloads
    named_seeds (1.0.5) Make you tests fast by augmenting them with transactional fixtures powered by your favorite facto...
  6. 343 downloads
    named_struct (0.0.3) Simple Struct with required keyword arguments
  7. 8,931 downloads
    named_value_class (0.7.0) Quickly add customizable class delegate constants which output their names, not their values. Th...
  8. 1,099 downloads
    named_vector (1.0.2) Vectors with named dimensions.
  9. 1,016 downloads
    name_finder (0.1.1) Find matching names in text, taking account of names that overlap but are different (Waterloo and...
  10. 1,020 downloads
    namegen (0.2.2) A custom name generator following the likes of Heroku's application-nam...
  11. 1,548 downloads
    name-generator (0.0.2) Easily generate game-compatible names
  12. 427 downloads
    nameit (0.1.0) Nameit is a small zero-dependency library and tool that helps you generate a random name for a pr...
  13. 2,698 downloads
    namelessjon-couchrest (1.0.1) CouchRest provides a simple interface on top of CouchDB's RESTful HTTP API, as well as including ...
  14. 156 downloads
    namelessjon-curb (0.2.4) Curb (probably CUrl-RuBy or something) provides Ruby-language bindings for the libcurl(3), a full...
  15. 2,162 downloads
    namelessjon-dm-gen (0.4.0) Simple commandline tool for generating dm models
  16. 308 downloads
    namelessjon-exalted (0.1.1) Classes to help with characters for Exalted, the RPG by WW.
  17. 627 downloads
    namelessjon-feed_me (0.0.5) Nice and simple RSS and atom feed parsing built on hpricot
  18. 1,097 downloads
    namelessjon-jeweler (1.0.1) Simple and opinionated helper for creating Rubygem projects on GitHub
  19. 163 downloads
    namelessjon-todoist (0.1.0) The todoist gem offers convinience methods and wrappers for the todoist list management service, ...
  20. 1,555 downloads
    namelessjon-twitter_oauth (0.3.0) A fork of twitter_oauth library. With added yajl (and that's it)
  21. 160 downloads
    namelessjon-wiki_lib (0.0.1) A simple library to wrap around some common wiki operations Currently only PMWiki is supported, b...
  22. 9,863 downloads
    namelogic (0.1.3) Wiki Segmented Name Logic
  23. 2,233 downloads
    name_parse (0.0.5) ========================================================= Name Parse Copyright (c) 2009 The Rubyi...
  24. 1,349 downloads
    name_parser (0.0.6) Parses particular kinds of strings. For now, it only handles parsing people names.
  25. 1,873 downloads
    namer (0.0.4) Project template manager
  26. 5,209 downloads
    name_search (0.9.3) Name search uses common nick names and first name/last name ordering to perform its searches.
  27. 391 downloads
    namesia (0.5) Namesia is a free webservice which helps you to find the gender for a given first name.
  28. 1,410 downloads
    namesies (0.2.1) Naming things is hard. Namesies make's it a little easier.
  29. 2,807 downloads
    namespace (1.2) This module is an experiment to bring namespaces to ruby. Each imported file is loaded in it's ow...
  30. 677 downloads
    name_space (0.0.1) Add Namespace functionality