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  1. 14,188 downloads
    nosey (0.0.16) Nosey is a way to instrument your Evented Ruby applications to track counts, aggregates, etc. It ...
  2. 1,118 downloads
    nosh (0.1.0) A very simple Typhoeus/Nokogiri wrapper. Conceptually based on the eat library.
  3. 1,474 downloads
    nosql (0.0.3) A simple ActiveRecord 'adapter' that raises on any call
  4. 2,806 downloads
    nosql-tutorial (0.1.1) Notatki do wykładu Utrwalanie Danych.
  5. 4,083 downloads
    nosqoop4u (0.1.2-java) A sqoop-like jruby/jdbc query application that does not run via map/reduce. It supports direct ou...
  6. 640 downloads
    nostalgia (0.0.1) Often I want to evaluate what changed on an object after it has saved and has been transactionall...
  7. 3,160 downloads
    nostos-source-illiad (0.0.4) Nostos Source Driver for Illiad
  8. 3,185 downloads
    nostos-target-voyager (0.0.4) Nostos Target Driver for Voyager ILS
  9. 2,402 downloads
    nostradamus (0.0.3) Time calculation
  10. 5,133 downloads
    nosweat (0.0.5) Im thinking
  11. 3,909 downloads
    nosy (0.0.5) Nosy fetches, parses and searches the iPhone's SMS database that is created on your machine each ...
  12. 1,955 downloads
    not (0.0.1) Syntactic sugar for negating any results: @foo.not.nil?
  13. 943 downloads
    notably (0.1.0) A redis backed notification system
  14. 278 downloads
    not_activerecord (1.0.0) Gem which helps you in not providing associations
  15. 2,319 downloads
    notahat-machinist (1.0.3) Fixtures aren't fun. Machinist is.
  16. 3,413 downloads
    not_a_mock (1.0.1) A cleaner and DRYer alternative to mocking and stubbing with RSpec
  17. 2,384 downloads
    notams (0.2.0) Retrieves the currently active NOTAMs for an airport or a region. Supports multiple airports/regi...
  18. 312 downloads
    nota_nuc (0.1.0) Slates is a simple notetaking application that makes use of its own command line.
  19. 1,678 downloads
    notarius (0.2.6) Notarius is a logging library with opinions. The word "notarius" is Latin for "shorthand writer"....
  20. 1,671 downloads
    notarize (1.1.1) For basic web services that don't want just anyone to have access. Generates signature hashes for...
  21. 1,119 downloads
    notary (0.0.3) A small collection of tools for verify BTC transactions and wallet balances
  22. 1,062 downloads
    notasegura (0.0.5) Integração com
  23. 1,576 downloads
    notation (0.1.1) The notation library provides unicode symbols that you can use as methods instead of usin...
  24. 1,479 downloads
    notator (1.0.0) Notator facilitate the elegant assembly of JSON constructs using Ruby. It includes a Rails handle...
  25. 156 downloads
    notch8-aasm (2.0.5) AASM is a continuation of the acts as state machine rails plugin, built for plain Ruby objects.
  26. 309 downloads
    notch8-alter-ego (1.0.2) AlterEgo is a Ruby implementation of the State pattern as described by the Gang of Four. It diff...
  27. 173 downloads
    notch8-autotest-notification (1.2.0) This gem set the autotest (ZenTest) to send messages to software as Growl, LibNotify, and Snarl, ...
  28. 998 downloads
    notch8-backupgem (0.1.2) Beginning-to-end solution for backups and rotation.
  29. 165 downloads
    notch8-cucumber ( Executable Feature scenarios
  30. 1,027 downloads
    notch8_sunspot_autocomplete (2.0.1) A Rails plugin encapsulating autocompletion of HTML text input using Solr and Sunspot