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  1. 6,883 downloads
    notifo (0.1.0) A library for using Notifo. Notifo is a way for users to receive mobile notifications for anythin...
  2. 46,804 downloads
    notify (0.5.2) Desctop notify for many platform
  3. 1,107 downloads
    notify-graphite (0.0.2) Push event notifications to Graphite
  4. 1,214 downloads
    notify_hipchat (0.0.2) Send notifications to HipChat from the CLI
  5. 598 downloads
    notifyhub (0.0.2) NotifyHub is a callback facility. NotifyHub is used by the informer to notify clients about arbit...
  6. 5,072 downloads
    notify_if_invalid (0.2.0) notify exception monitoring system when model object is invalid
  7. 2,019 downloads
    notify-integrity (0.3.0) This gem provides means to notify Integrity for example to request new build.
  8. 955 downloads
    notifyjs_rails (0.0.2) This is a gem for Rails app, based in Notify.js implementation
  9. 907 downloads
    notifykit (0.3.0) A notification system for your Rails app
  10. 10,282 downloads
    notifyme (1.1.5) NotifyMe is a monitoring script, it can monitor processes, services etc. with ruby scripts.
  11. 785 downloads
    notify_me (0.0.4) This friendly library gives you generic notifications in your Rails app.
  12. 2,054 downloads
    notify-on-error (1.0.1) Let the developer know when a controller expception is allowed to bubble up.
  13. 3,079 downloads
    notify_user (0.0.18) Drop-in solution for user notifications. Handles notifying by email, SMS and APNS, plus per-user ...
  14. 372 downloads
    notis (0.1.0) notis is a Mac OSX utility that allows you to display a standard OSX toast message notification a...
  15. 4,959 downloads
    notjustagrid (1.1.2) Make it easy to install notjustagrid into your Rails app
  16. 1,621 downloads
    not_my_job (0.0.3) Provides a delegate class method to easily expose contained object's methods as your own. If the ...
  17. 9,113 downloads
    not_naughty (0.5.1) Heavily armed validation framework.
  18. 4,260 downloads
    not-naughty (0.6.2) Heavily armed validation framework.
  19. 859 downloads
    not_nil (0.0.3) not_nil adds not_nil? to object. This allows you to use not_nil on everything that inherits from ...
  20. 5,012 downloads
    not_only_but_also (1.1.0) Rails plugin to split large models into separate files of concern. Like concerned_with but more c...
  21. 2,959 downloads
    notorious (0.1.4) Notorious allows you to take notes in pure Markdown and review them in your browser.
  22. 1,501 downloads
    notprawn (0.4.1) Prawn is a fast, tiny, and nimble PDF generator for Ruby. Hacked for one specific project wi...
  23. 1,488 downloads
    notprawn-layout (0.1.0) An extension to Prawn that provides table support and other layout functionality
  24. 2,787 downloads
    not-quite-submodules (0.4.2) This gem can be used to automatically clone an update a git repository, relying on tags to see if...
  25. 1,668 downloads
    notreallylipsum (0.0.3) generates pesudo lipsum
  26. 10,795 downloads
    notroff (0.3.5) NotRoff A simple text to openoffice filter
  27. 523 downloads
    notsofast (0.0.2) Rate limiting gem based on IP address
  28. 313 downloads
    not_so_simple_form (0.0.1) Forms made (not so) easy!
  29. 1,120 downloads
    notty (1.0.0) This ridiculous gem inspired by the epic pull request thread at
  30. 2,133 downloads
    not_yet_active_record (0.0.4) Put off saving Active Record Objects until later.