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  1. 340 downloads
    ogg (0.1.0) Ogg is an Open Graph Generator.
  2. 3,773 downloads
    ogginfo-rb (0.0.4) A library for accessing metadata in Ogg files
  3. 562 downloads
    oggle (0.0.4) Small utility for watching the liveness of URLs
  4. 16,214 downloads
    ogle (0.2.8) Exposes the API for OpenStack Glance. Go ahead and ogle, it's so much more than a glance.
  5. 2,720 downloads
    ogler (0.0.3) Uploader for glance which uses the ogle library to be completely standalone
  6. 690 downloads
    ogma (0.0.1) simple russian to english transliteration gem with specific ukrainian letters support
  7. 373 downloads
    ogone (0.1.0) Flexible Ogone ecommerce wrapper Deal simply with multiple ogone ecommerce account within your a...
  8. 7,735 downloads
    ogone-rails (0.1.10) Add Ogone payments functionality to your Rails application
  9. 3,946 downloads
    ograph (0.2.0) ObjectGraph will output Graphviz dot files of your objects in memory. It will ferret out your in...
  10. 5,424 downloads
    ogre.rb (0.2-x86_64-linux) Ogre.rb is a SWIG wrapper to allow access to the Ogre 3D API from Ruby.
  11. 3,008 downloads
    oh (1.0.3) An API for OptionsHouse ( Currently provides a mechanism for pulling st...
  12. 2,601 downloads
    ohac-ditz (0.5.2) Ditz is a simple, light-weight distributed issue tracker designed to work with distributed versio...
  13. 1,705 downloads
    oha_extensions (0.0.2) Extends Object, Hash and Array classes with additional methods.
  14. 3,420,922 downloads
    ohai (7.0.2) Ohai profiles your system and emits JSON
  15. 3,801 downloads
    ohajiki (0.0.9) minimum dropbox clone
  16. 1,167 downloads
    ohanakapa (1.0.0) A Ruby wrapper for the Ohana API.
  17. 4,755 downloads
    ohash (0.0.3) A simple, enhanced hash structure with the direct member access of OpenStruct, but without all th...
  18. 679 downloads
    oh_behave (0.0.1) Filter for offensive words in your AR models.
  19. 216 downloads
    ohboshwillitfit (1.1.0) Lives have been wasted waiting for a BOSH deployment to run only to find that you don't have ...
  20. 10,021 downloads
    ohembedr (0.1.5) OhEmbedr is a super simple ruby OEmbed library.git
  21. 2,037 downloads
    ohgiri (0.1.2) Simple library to shorten the text by the specified length.
  22. 5,524 downloads
    ohio_state_person (0.3.6) requires fields: name_n, emplid; sets id to emplid.to_i; provides a search method; etc.
  23. 2,771 downloads
    ohlala_rails_scaffold_templates (0.0.4) A ridiculously opinionated set of scaffold templates for Rails 3 and later. Meant to be used for ...
  24. 127,207 downloads
    ohm (2.0.0) Ohm is a library that allows to store an object in Redis, a persistent key-value database. It has...
  25. 2,504 downloads
    ohm-arfreaks (0.1.0) Ohm::Model extensions for AR freaks
  26. 483 downloads
    ohm-clob (0.1.0) Lazy loads CLOBs (Character Large OBjects) on Ohm models.
  27. 487 downloads
    ohm-composite (0.1.0) Composite (regular and unique) indices for Ohm.
  28. 78,034 downloads
    ohm-contrib (2.0.0) Includes a couple of core functions such as callbacks, timestamping, typecasting and lots of gene...
  29. 7,916 downloads
    ohm-expire ( A simple but useful plugin for Ohm that enables control over Redis TTL through Ohm
  30. 990 downloads
    ohm-find_by (0.0.2) A simple way of having a find_by implementation in Ohm