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  1. 1,091 downloads
    oflow (0.6.0) Operations Workflow in Ruby. This implements a workflow/process flow using multiple task nodes th...
  2. 2,626 downloads
    ofmcore (0.0.3) Description ...
  3. 2,227 downloads
    ofm_gettext (2.0.1) Ruby-GetText-Package is a GNU GetText-like program for Ruby. The catalog file(po-file) is same fo...
  4. 1,416 downloads
    ofocus_sync (0.1.0) A simple sync tool for OmniFocus
  5. 20,492 downloads
    ofx (0.3.2) A simple OFX (Open Financial Exchange) parser built on top of Nokogiri. Currently supports OFX 10...
  6. 8,882 downloads
    ofxbundler (0.2.8) help user to manager their openframeworks addons
  7. 2,515 downloads
    ofx_for_ruby (0.1.2) OFX for Ruby is a pure Ruby implementation of Open Financial Exchange specifications (1.0.2 throu...
  8. 3,741 downloads
    ofxparser (1.0.3) == DESCRIPTION: My fork of aasmith's ofx-parser v1.0.2 and attempt at building the investment ac...
  9. 1,699 downloads
    ofx_parser (1.0.6) ofx-parser is an OFX 1.x parser written in Ruby. Forked from original ofx-parser gem to remove UK...
  10. 11,943 downloads
    ofx-parser (1.1.0) == DESCRIPTION: ofx-parser is a ruby library to parse a realistic subset of the lengthy OFX 1.x ...
  11. 3,059 downloads
    ofx-parser-bp (1.0.4) == DESCRIPTION: ofx-parser is a ruby library to parse a realistic subset of the lengthy OFX 1.x ...
  12. 1,502 downloads
    ofxrb (0.0.1) ofxrb is a pure-Ruby OFX (Open Financial Exchange) library
  13. 43,188 downloads
    og (0.41.0) Object Graph (Og) is a state of the art ORM system. Og serializes standard Ruby objects to Mysql,...
  14. 348 downloads
    oga (0.1.1) Oga is an XML/HTML parser written in Ruby.
  15. 1,070 downloads
    ogem (0.2.0) A Gem to manage your fleet on Ogame. Fr
  16. 476 downloads
    ogg (0.1.0) Ogg is an Open Graph Generator.
  17. 4,111 downloads
    ogginfo-rb (0.0.4) A library for accessing metadata in Ogg files
  18. 697 downloads
    oggle (0.0.4) Small utility for watching the liveness of URLs
  19. 526 downloads
    oggy-looksee (0.2.1) Looksee lets you examine the method lookup path of objects in ways not possible in plain ruby.
  20. 18,107 downloads
    ogle (0.2.8) Exposes the API for OpenStack Glance. Go ahead and ogle, it's so much more than a glance.
  21. 3,044 downloads
    ogler (0.0.3) Uploader for glance which uses the ogle library to be completely standalone
  22. 815 downloads
    ogma (0.0.1) simple russian to english transliteration gem with specific ukrainian letters support
  23. 537 downloads
    ogone (0.1.0) Flexible Ogone ecommerce wrapper Deal simply with multiple ogone ecommerce account within your a...
  24. 9,466 downloads
    ogone-rails (0.1.10) Add Ogone payments functionality to your Rails application
  25. 4,285 downloads
    ograph (0.2.0) ObjectGraph will output Graphviz dot files of your objects in memory. It will ferret out your in...
  26. 5,942 downloads
    ogre.rb (0.2-x86_64-linux) Ogre.rb is a SWIG wrapper to allow access to the Ogre 3D API from Ruby.
  27. 3,329 downloads
    oh (1.0.3) An API for OptionsHouse ( Currently provides a mechanism for pulling st...
  28. 2,826 downloads
    ohac-ditz (0.5.2) Ditz is a simple, light-weight distributed issue tracker designed to work with distributed versio...
  29. 261 downloads
    ohac-rical (0.1.1) iCalendar viewer for Ruby.
  30. 548 downloads
    ohac-ricalv (0.1.5) iCalendar viewer for Ruby.