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  1. 6,268 downloads
    ohio_state_person (0.3.6) requires fields: name_n, emplid; sets id to emplid.to_i; provides a search method; etc.
  2. 3,041 downloads
    ohlala_rails_scaffold_templates (0.0.4) A ridiculously opinionated set of scaffold templates for Rails 3 and later. Meant to be used for ...
  3. 482 downloads
    ohlol-nachos (0.3.3) Nachos is a Ruby library for managing an encrypted data store.
  4. 141,293 downloads
    ohm (2.0.1) Ohm is a library that allows to store an object in Redis, a persistent key-value database. It has...
  5. 2,675 downloads
    ohm-arfreaks (0.1.0) Ohm::Model extensions for AR freaks
  6. 594 downloads
    ohm-composite (0.1.0) Composite (regular and unique) indices for Ohm.
  7. 86,139 downloads
    ohm-contrib (2.0.0) Includes a couple of core functions such as callbacks, timestamping, typecasting and lots of gene...
  8. 10,383 downloads
    ohm-expire ( A simple but useful plugin for Ohm that enables control over Redis TTL through Ohm
  9. 1,093 downloads
    ohm-find_by (0.0.2) A simple way of having a find_by implementation in Ohm
  10. 1,085 downloads
    ohm-identity_map (0.1.1) Basic identity map for Ohm.
  11. 3,537 downloads
    ohm-sorted (0.4.1) An plugin for Ohm that lets you create sorted indices.
  12. 469 downloads
    ohm-stateful-model (1.0.0) Integrate state machines (from the state_machine gem) into your Ohm models.
  13. 2,590 downloads
    ohm-tallyable (0.1.5) A tally plugin for Ohm that keeps counts of records for every value of an attribute
  14. 423 downloads
    ohm-validations (0.0.1) Validation for Ohm::Model.
  15. 841 downloads
    ohmygems (1.2.0) I'm tired of the complications that tools like bundler and rvm inject into my system and my workf...
  16. 2,099 downloads
    oh_my_method (0.0.6) Collection of we method.
  17. 3,685 downloads
    ohm-zset (0.5) Adds ZSet support to Ohm
  18. 216 downloads
    ohnoes (0.0.1) Ohnoes is a gem to report frontend errors using your existing backend error reporting.
  19. 344 downloads
    ohsnap (1.2.0) Ruby library for the Snappy compression algorithm
  20. 1,612 downloads
    oid_rails4 (0.0.6) Make your ActiveRecord IDs non-obvious
  21. 9,270 downloads
    oii_twitter_goodies (0.0.743) OII Twitter Goodies!
  22. 2,795 downloads
    oil (0.0.3) Oil resizes JPEG and PNG images. It aims for fast performance and low memory use.
  23. 398,316 downloads
    oily_png (1.1.1) This Ruby C extenstion defines a module that can be included into ChunkyPNG to improve its sp...
  24. 452,238 downloads
    oink (0.10.1) Log parser to identify actions which significantly increase VM heap size
  25. 1,309 downloads
    oink-transcode (0.1.2) Log parser to identify actions which significantly increase VM heap size
  26. 833 downloads
    oinky (0.1.0) Oinky is an in-memory relational database which can serialize and mount extremely quickly, making...
  27. 1,833,218 downloads
    oj (2.10.1) The fastest JSON parser and object serializer.
  28. 4,065 downloads
    oja (0.2.0) Oja is a Ruby client for verification of Apple Store Receipts.
  29. 1,271 downloads
    ojagent (0.0.4) OJAgent is a client to submit solutions and query status at different online judges. It provides ...
  30. 11,789 downloads
    oj_mimic_json (1.0.1) An experimental Object-base Parallel Evaluation Environment.