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  1. 6,519 downloads
    omf_oml (1.1.7) Glue functionality between OMF and OMF related libraries, such as OMF Web and Labwiki, and OML.
  2. 12,440 downloads
    omf_rc (6.1.3) Resource controller of OMF, a generic framework for controlling and managing networking testbeds.
  3. 910 downloads
    omf_rc_openflow (6.0.0.pre.1) OMF6 Resource Controllers related to the Openflow technology
  4. 5,723 downloads
    omf_rc_shm (0.1.15) OMF resource proxy extension for SHM project
  5. 1,368 downloads
    omf_rete (0.6.2) Tuple store with query and filter functionality.
  6. 2,596 downloads
    omf_sfa (0.2.5) OMF's Aggregate manager with SFA and new REST API.
  7. 264 downloads
    omf_tools (6.0.0.pre.2) A set of useful utility tools of OMF, a generic framework for controlling and managing networking...
  8. 9,558 downloads
    omf_web (1.2.7) OMF's Web based control and visualization framework.
  9. 4,952 downloads
    omg (0.0.6) OMG debugging!
  10. 129 downloads
    omgbbq (0.0.1) Reserved for some glorious day in the future.
  11. 2,160 downloads
    omgcsv (0.0.2) Civilised CSV parsing
  12. 1,576 downloads
    omgdav (0.0.2) omgdav exposes an existing MogileFS domain over WebDAV. There is absolutely no commitment or mod...
  13. 5,258 downloads
    omgf (0.0.8) OMGF provides an HTTP interface for {MogileFS}[], allowing clients to connect ...
  14. 514 downloads
    omgjs (0.0.10) A rails plugin which will automatically build your ActiveResource Models into Javascript models
  15. 1,378 downloads
    omg_kitties (1.0.0) omg_kitties enables an innovative new way to exit any and all Ruby scripts. Intstead of typing th...
  16. 10,004 downloads
    omglog (0.0.10) Live git logging using fseventsd. omg!
  17. 575 downloads
    omg-networked-rfid (2.1.1) Networked RFID support library
  18. 8,627 downloads
    omg_pull_request (0.5.3) Have tests run automatically for your Github Pull Request
  19. 2,836 downloads
    omg-text (0.0.2) a ridiculous text shadows extension for compass
  20. 7,924 downloads
    omg_validator (1.0.0) A bunch of Rails validators to extend ActiveModel
  21. 815 downloads
    omikronn-ai4r (0.1) AI&ML algorithms for ruby
  22. 830 downloads
    omikronn-chargify_api_ares (0.3.8) A Chargify API wrapper for Ruby using ActiveResource
  23. 829 downloads
    omikronn-resque-mongo (1.17.5) Resque-mongo is a MongoDB-backed Ruby library for creating background jobs, placing those...
  24. 2,317 downloads
    omikronn-resque-mongo-groups (0.6.8) Provides a way of keeping track of batches of jobs, completion status, start time etc. using a Mo...
  25. 3,787 downloads
    omikronn-resque-mongo-scheduler (2.0.12) Light weight job scheduling on top of Resque Mongo. Adds methods enqueue_at/enqueue_in to sch...
  26. 1,540 downloads
    omikronn-ripple (0.3) ripple is an object-mapper library for Riak, the distributed database by Basho. It uses ActiveMo...
  27. 3,985 downloads
    ominous (0.1.1) Provides a rails app with a way of displaying and controlling warnings to users
  28. 15,680 downloads
    oml4r (2.10.4) ["Simple OML client library and applications for Ruby"]
  29. 798 downloads
    omloga (0.0.2) Stitches together log lines of every request and inserts them as one record in MongoDB for easier...
  30. 1,050 downloads
    omni (0.0.1) Alias for Omniscient, don\'t use this gem'