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  1. 10,093 downloads
    one_sky (2.0.1) OneSky is a community-powered translation service for web and mobile apps. This gem is the core i...
  2. 981 downloads
    onestep (0.0.2) Prevent users sending duplicate requests by rapidly clicking links and buttons.
  3. 3,989 downloads
    onetime (0.5.1) Command-line tool and library for API
  4. 2,375 downloads
    one_time_assignment (1.0.0) Restrict ActiveRecord fields to one assignment only.
  5. 6,686 downloads
    one_touch (2.1.2) Make one click operation simple
  6. 780 downloads
    onetweetforeuruko (0.0.1) Euruko ascii art in one tweet
  7. 686 downloads
    on_event (0.0.1) Build callback chains for named events.
  8. 480 downloads
    onewire (0.0.1) Simple client for owserver
  9. 2,610 downloads
    one_wire (0.1.1) Ruby library for talking to a one-wire server (see
  10. 42,935 downloads
    onfire (0.2.0) Have bubbling events and observers in all your Ruby objects.
  11. 7,310 downloads
    ongaku_ryoho_server (0.5.3) Serves music to Ongaku Ryoho clients
  12. 1,525 downloads
    oni (3.1.0) Framework for building concurrent daemons in Ruby.
  13. 1,028 downloads
    onigiri (0.1.6) This gem is supposed to replace a tidy-ext in one of our projects. Tidy-ext has nasty memory leak...
  14. 55,144 downloads
    oniguruma (1.1.0) Ruby bindings to the Oniguruma[] regular expression lib...
  15. 4,316 downloads
    onion (0.1.3) Interact with Tor.
  16. 2,501 downloads
    Onion (0.0.2) Onion, or Array Onion, allows peeling an array like an onion.It shreds one layer after another, f...
  17. 7,833 downloads
    on_irc (2.1.5) An event driven IRC library with an easy to use DSL
  18. 5,289 downloads
    onis (0.2.1) Live ObjectSpace introspection (With Rack endpoint)
  19. 42,258 downloads
    onix (0.9.5) A convient mapping between ruby objects and the ONIX XML specification
  20. 617 downloads
    onkyo_eiscp_ruby (0.0.3) Control Onkyo receivers over the network.Use the provided binary script or require the l...
  21. 2,570 downloads
    onlinebrief24 (1.0.4) A gem to interact with (send PDFs as physical letters/snail mail)
  22. 1,345 downloads
    online_friends (0.1.0) This gem sets up a before_filter that installs preload fql to fetch online friends
  23. 661 downloads
    online_now (0.0.1) Simple solution to grab all the online users within the last 5 minutes of activity
  24. 511 downloads
    onliner (0.0.4) Gem for Rails application - provides you list of online users (for authentication gem 'devise')
  25. 844 downloads
    onlinestatus (0.0.2) This simple gem tries to detect your online status by pinging a few places.
  26. 3,899 downloads
    onload_js-rails (1.2.0) Lets you easily run JavaScript based on the current controller#action.
  27. 3,097 downloads
    onlooker (0.1.1) OnLooker is a simple rails plugin that lets a user check the status of his or her website or serv...
  28. 4,444 downloads
    Onlooker (0.1.1) OnLooker is a simple rails plugin that lets a user check the status of his or her website or serv...
  29. 773 downloads
    only (0.0.3) Only makes writing route constraints for Rails 3+ applications easier by providing a simple DSL a...
  30. 2,681 downloads
    only_expose (0.1.0) Methods to expose only specified attributes in ActiveRecord using the helpers to_json and to_xml