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  1. 2,600 downloads
    opengl-core (2.0.1) OpenGL core profile (3.2 onward, no deprecated functionality) bindings for Ruby 2.x. Generated fr...
  2. 1,316 downloads
    opengl-cube (0.0.2) A gem play with cube rendered by opengl
  3. 1,249 downloads
    opengotham_redis-namespace (0.4.4) Adds a Redis::Namespace class which can be used to namespace calls to Redis. This is useful when ...
  4. 1,262 downloads
    opengotham_resque (1.8.2) Resque is a Redis-backed Ruby library for creating background jobs, placing those jobs on...
  5. 2,453 downloads
    opengotham-rtranslate (1.3.1) A simple, unofficial, ruby client API for using Google Translate.
  6. 654 downloads
    opengov (0.0.1) Simplifies the process of downloading and working with Open Government data
  7. 6,016 downloads
    open_gpx_2_kml (1.1.1) A GPX to KML converter for FEMA US&R
  8. 14,539 downloads
    opengraph (0.0.4) A very simple Ruby library for parsing Open Graph prototocol information from websites. See http:...
  9. 8,955 downloads
    open_graph ( OpenGraph provides an easy to use wrapper for making facebook calls. It also provides javascript ...
  10. 7,783 downloads
    open_graph_helper (0.2.0) OpenGraph Helper
  11. 24,284 downloads
    opengraph_parser (0.2.3) A simple Ruby library for parsing Open Graph Protocol information from a website. It also include...
  12. 1,870 downloads
    open_graph_protocol (0.1.1) A gem to facilitate populating the open graph protocol metatags on a web page as part of a rails ...
  13. 1,500 downloads
    opengraph_transporter (0.0.5) A Ruby library for exporting Facebook Open Graph Translations between Developer Applications.
  14. 4,116 downloads
    openhood-simple_state_machine (3.0.0) Same as acts_as_state_machine but on multiple columns and with more strict validation, allow crea...
  15. 8,541 downloads
    openid (0.0.1) OpenID support for Ruby -- OpenID ( is a decentralized identification system th...
  16. 27,782 downloads
    openid_active_record_store (1.0.1) An ActiveRecord store for OpenID, forked from its original author for rails 3 support
  17. 966 downloads
    openid_ar_store (0.0.5) OpenID ActiveRecord Store.
  18. 4,258 downloads
    openid_auth (1.0.2) Simple way to add openid to rails apps.
  19. 15,358 downloads
    open_id_authentication (1.2.0) open_id_authentication provides a thin wrapper around the excellent rack-openid gem.
  20. 49,939 downloads
    openid_connect (0.8.0) OpenID Connect Server & Client Library
  21. 4,357 downloads
    openid_couchdb_store (0.0.4) OpenID store using CouchDB. Right now using Couchrest, will make more flexible later, hopefully.
  22. 2,579 downloads
    openid_couch_rest_model_store (1.0.2) A CouchRestModel store for OpenID, forked from a very similar ActiveRecord store written by James...
  23. 8,957 downloads
    openid_dalli_store (1.0.1) Monkey patch that allows the Dalli memcache client to be used as an OpenID store
  24. 3,968 downloads
    openid_dm_store (0.2.0) Adds a DataMapper store to ruby-openid
  25. 1,451 downloads
    openid_fu_generator (0.0.1) description of gem
  26. 2,183 downloads
    openid_login_generator (0.1) Generates Rails code implementing an OpenID based login system for your Rails app. Based on the o...
  27. 12,332 downloads
    openid_mongodb_store (0.3.0) Like the ActiveRecord Store, but for Mongo.
  28. 55,946 downloads
    openid-redis-store (0.0.2) Implementation of the ruby-openid Store interface that stores information in Redis
  29. 963 downloads
    openid_registrable (0.0.2) OpenidRegistrable is gem for Rails. It makes possible define required and optional fields for reg...
  30. 2,459 downloads
    openid_store_mongoid (0.0.2) Why does a squirrel swim on its back? To keep its nuts dry