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  1. 2,188 downloads
    openid_login_generator (0.1) Generates Rails code implementing an OpenID based login system for your Rails app. Based on the o...
  2. 12,364 downloads
    openid_mongodb_store (0.3.0) Like the ActiveRecord Store, but for Mongo.
  3. 56,637 downloads
    openid-redis-store (0.0.2) Implementation of the ruby-openid Store interface that stores information in Redis
  4. 967 downloads
    openid_registrable (0.0.2) OpenidRegistrable is gem for Rails. It makes possible define required and optional fields for reg...
  5. 2,467 downloads
    openid_store_mongoid (0.0.2) Why does a squirrel swim on its back? To keep its nuts dry
  6. 1,482 downloads
    openid-store-mongoid (0.1.2) Use a Mongoid database to store OpenID consumer data.
  7. 1,599 downloads
    openid-store-redis (1.0.0) Use Redis to store OpenID associations and nonces with ruby-openid
  8. 2,077 downloads
    openid-store-sequel (0.0.2) Storing your OpenIDs in your Sequels.
  9. 12,929 downloads
    openils-mapper (0.9.9) Middleware layer to provide translation between high-level JSON and raw EDIFACT messages
  10. 414 downloads
    open_in_browser (1.0.2) This library is called open_in_browser
  11. 2,656 downloads
    opening_hours (0.0.7) Opening hours for all kind of businesses
  12. 515 downloads
    openkit (0.0.2) List leaderboards, post scores, etc.
  13. 6,639 downloads
    openkvk (0.0.8) This is a ruby wrapper for the Dutch OpenKVK api
  14. 3,870 downloads
    openlayers-rails (0.0.4) OpenLayers library packaged for easy inclusion in Ruby on Rails asset pipeline.
  15. 443 downloads
    openlayers-sprockets (0.1.0) The OpenLayers JavaScript library packaged for Sprockets-powered asset pipelines
  16. 331 downloads
    openldap (0.0.1pre11) A simple, but feature-complete Ruby binding for OpenLDAP's libldap. This binding is intended as...
  17. 1,961 downloads
    openldap_monitor_extractor (0.0.7) OpenLDAP stats gem extractor
  18. 9,128 downloads
    openlibrary (2.1.2) API Interface
  19. 3,963 downloads
    open_lighting (0.1.3) A ruby gem wrapper for the Open Lighting Architecture project
  20. 7,319 downloads
    openlogcleaner (0.1.5) Cleans OpenRPG Logs Logs are presented in an easy to read manner, stripped of the noise of joins...
  21. 2,058 downloads
    openlogic-couchrest_model (1.0.0) CouchRest Model provides aditional features to the standard CouchRest Document class such as prop...
  22. 1,140 downloads
    openlogic-feed-normalizer (1.5.3) An extensible Ruby wrapper for Atom and RSS parsers. Feed normalizer wraps various RSS and Atom ...
  23. 1,892 downloads
    openlogic-rdf (0.3.7) RDF.rb is a pure-Ruby library for working with Resource Description Framework (RDF) data.
  24. 1,854 downloads
    openlogic-resourceful (1.2.0) An HTTP library for Ruby that takes advantage of everything HTTP has to offer.
  25. 853 downloads
    openlogic-saml-sp (3.1.3) SAML 2.0 SSO Sevice Provider Library
  26. 1,319 downloads
    openlogic-turn (0.8.2) TURN is a new way to view Test::Unit results. With longer running tests, it can be very frustrati...
  27. 1,388 downloads
    openlogic-zip (2.0.3) zip is a Ruby library for reading and writing Zip files. Unlike the official rubyzip, zip is comp...
  28. 2,545 downloads
    open_market (1.1) OpenMarket integration kit
  29. 3,407 downloads
    openmenu (0.2.1) Openmenu is parser for OpenMenu xml files. NOTE: This is an early release. There is some refacto...
  30. 7,501 downloads
    openmeta.rb (2.2.0) openMeta in Ruby (support mac system native ruby 1.8, and MacRuby). This gem ports [openmeta]( ht...