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  1. 843 downloads
    objectid_columns (1.0.3) Transparently store MongoDB ObjectId values in ActiveRecord.
  2. 1,017 downloads
    object_identifier (0.0.3) Identify an object by inspecting its class name and attributes.
  3. 796 downloads
    objectified_environments (1.0.1) Exposes your Rails.env as an object you can invoke methods on, use inheritance to structure, and ...
  4. 847 downloads
    objectified_sessions (1.0.2) Encapsulate and carefully manage access to your Rails session.
  5. 9,132 downloads
    objectify (0.3.0) Objects on rails.
  6. 251 downloads
    objectify_params (0.0.1) A gem to objectify parameters
  7. 8,906 downloads
    objectify-xml (0.2.3) Provides an easy to use DSL resembling ActiveRecord for defining objects representing any XML doc...
  8. 1,097 downloads
    object-in (0.0.2) A monkeypatch on Object which adds the instance method "in?", which is Array#include? with the su...
  9. 1,651 downloads
    object-in-array (1.1) An array inclusion helper for Object.
  10. 1,500 downloads
    object-in-enumerable (1.1.0) Gives the more-readable `` rather than having to revert to the more backward `s...
  11. 850 downloads
    object-inspector (0.1.0) Inspector is a validation library for Ruby with zero assumptions
  12. 1,632 downloads
    objective-ci (0.0.4) CI tools for objective-c
  13. 2,818 downloads
    objective_command ( ObjectiveCommand
  14. 8,240 downloads
    objectiveflickr (0.9.5) objectiveflickr is a minimalistic Flickr API library that uses REST-style calls and receives JSON...
  15. 4,275 downloads
    objective_form (0.0.6) Objective form is for whoever miss dynamic nested fields adding in form object using nested_form ...
  16. 2,995 downloads
    objective_release (0.1.7) ObjectiveRelease gives you nice methods for updating your build version and release notes
  17. 1,594 downloads
    objective-ruby (0.0.3) Objective-C style named parameters and type checking for Ruby.
  18. 4,125 downloads
    objective_spec (0.3.1) A set of extensions to RSpec for building Rails applications against Objective Spec
  19. 1,890 downloads
    object-let (0.1.0) Defines Object#let, which yields the object and returns the result
  20. 4,975 downloads
    object_loader (1.0.1) ObjectLoader can load Ruby Objects containing methods and procs from Ruby files without having to...
  21. 6,305 downloads
    object_logging (0.2.2) It's a pain to trudge through large log files. Sometimes you just want to see log messages for o...
  22. 1,081 downloads
    object-mapper (0.1.0) Provides interface for operations above set of objects in single call. Binds method calls to all ...
  23. 4,784 downloads
    object_mock (0.1.3) A group of methods added to Object class to enable simple mocking of instance or class methods. T...
  24. 1,464 downloads
    ObjectModel (0.3.0) ObjectModel is an Object Oriented Database inspired by MDD approach, db4o and ZODB.
  25. 1,987 downloads
    object_momma (0.9.2) object_momma is an Object Mother implementation in ruby
  26. 395 downloads
    object_patch (0.8.1) An implementation of JSON::Patch but for hashes and array. The results can be converted to JSON u...
  27. 1,344 downloads
    objectpool (0.1.0) Little bit different and magical implementation of thread pool pattern in ruby.
  28. 1,416 downloads
    object_pool (0.0.2) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  29. 596 downloads
    object_profiler (0.0.3) Object::Profiler uses DTrace probes in Ruby 2.0 to help instrument your code.
  30. 5,830 downloads
    object_proxy (1.1.4) Tiny class that defers nearly all method calls to an object of your choice