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  1. 761 downloads
    optparse_ex (0.0.4) This extension allows us to use optparse library more simply to add accessor method.
  2. 1,487 downloads
    optparse-lite (0.0.0) You've seen Getopt::Long, OptionParser, Thor? What the world needs now is one more command-line ...
  3. 789 downloads
    optparse-off (0.0.1) Add a functionality which remove options already added to OptionParser
  4. 849 downloads
    optparse-pathname (0.0.1) Make Pathname class one of options OptionParser's option can accept
  5. 3,349 downloads
    optparse-range (0.0.3) This RubyGem allows standard bundled `OptionParser` to accept option arguments as `Range` object.
  6. 19,959 downloads
    optparse-simple (0.4.2) OptParse-Simple parses command-line arguments and returns them as a hash.
  7. 620 downloads
    optparse-subcommand (1.0.0.pre) Add subcommand parsing to Ruby's OptionParser class
  8. 6,805 downloads
    optparshie (1.2.2) OptionParser with Hashie::Mash like accessibility.
  9. 495 downloads
    optplus (0.0.8) Wraps Optparser into a class to enable thor-like scripting with a few meta-methods and a built-in...
  10. 1,059 downloads
    optruct (0.0.1) Optruct is designed for largely handling given arguments to method as options.
  11. 1,340 downloads
    opts (0.0.1) Rack for command line applications
  12. 1,978 downloads
    optser (0.1.1) Handle options from a set of arguments
  13. 16,636 downloads
    opt-simple (0.9.12) Parameter specification, validity checking and argument transformations can be put in one pl...
  14. 3,308 downloads
    opub (0.0.1) This is a simple implementation of a publisher in the PubSubHubbub protocol.
  15. 345 downloads
    opus (0.1.0) Command line utility for printing columnized code.
  16. 976 downloads
    opus-ruby (1.0.1) Ruby FFI Gem for the OPUS Audio Codec
  17. 2,308 downloads
    oqgraph_rails (0.1.1) Graph engine interface for active record.
  18. 1,073 downloads
    oracle_client_installer (1.0.2) Thor-based tasks for installing oracle client.
  19. 3,499 downloads
    oracle_ebs_authentication (0.1.3) This plugin provides Oracle E-Business Suite user authentication functionality.
  20. 4,817 downloads
    oracle_enhanced (1.2.5) Oracle "enhanced" ActiveRecord adapter contains useful additional methods for working with new an...
  21. 8,890 downloads
    oracle-enhanced-enhanced (0.1.7) This gem includes several enhancements and customizations to the standard ActiveRecord Oracle Enh...
  22. 4,937 downloads
    oracle_enhanced_plus_xmltype (0.0.5) add XMLTYPE to active record oracle adapter
  23. 5,252 downloads
    oracle-model-generator (0.3.1) The oracle-model-generator library allows you to generate an ActiveRecord model from an e...
  24. 3,315 downloads
    oracle_query (0.1.6) A way to neatly query Oracle with Ruby
  25. 5,157 downloads
    oracle_raw (0.2.4) This is a Ruby library for interfacing with an Oracle Database using pooled OCI8 raw connections ...
  26. 1,425 downloads
    oracle_to_mysql (1.1.0) Wraps the sqlplus binary and mysql binary does not currently require OCI8 or MySQL gems (might so...
  27. 55,876 downloads
    orange (0.5.8) Orange is a Ruby framework for building managed websites with code as simple as Sinatra
  28. 8,755 downloads
    orange-core (0.7.1) Orange is a Ruby framework for building managed websites with code as simple as Sinatra
  29. 4,883 downloads
    orange-flickr (0.1.3) Adds flickr functionality to Orange
  30. 1,280 downloads
    orange-gollum (1.0.0) Orange-Gollum uses the gollum gem to integrate a wiki with an orange site