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  1. 4,859 downloads
    oracle_enhanced (1.2.5) Oracle "enhanced" ActiveRecord adapter contains useful additional methods for working with new an...
  2. 9,015 downloads
    oracle-enhanced-enhanced (0.1.7) This gem includes several enhancements and customizations to the standard ActiveRecord Oracle Enh...
  3. 5,006 downloads
    oracle_enhanced_plus_xmltype (0.0.5) add XMLTYPE to active record oracle adapter
  4. 5,325 downloads
    oracle-model-generator (0.3.1) The oracle-model-generator library allows you to generate an ActiveRecord model from an e...
  5. 3,404 downloads
    oracle_query (0.1.6) A way to neatly query Oracle with Ruby
  6. 5,316 downloads
    oracle_raw (0.2.4) This is a Ruby library for interfacing with an Oracle Database using pooled OCI8 raw connections ...
  7. 1,445 downloads
    oracle_to_mysql (1.1.0) Wraps the sqlplus binary and mysql binary does not currently require OCI8 or MySQL gems (might so...
  8. 56,501 downloads
    orange (0.5.8) Orange is a Ruby framework for building managed websites with code as simple as Sinatra
  9. 8,862 downloads
    orange-core (0.7.1) Orange is a Ruby framework for building managed websites with code as simple as Sinatra
  10. 4,949 downloads
    orange-flickr (0.1.3) Adds flickr functionality to Orange
  11. 1,297 downloads
    orange-gollum (1.0.0) Orange-Gollum uses the gollum gem to integrate a wiki with an orange site
  12. 12,437 downloads
    orange-more (0.7.3) Orange is a Ruby framework for building managed websites with code as simple as Sinatra
  13. 2,449 downloads
    orange-ruby (0.1.0) Rails 3 generators wrapped up in a nice tidy gem
  14. 6,274 downloads
    orange-sparkles (0.7.1) This gem is a CMS theme for orange
  15. 1,541 downloads
    orangeweb_bootstrap_helper (0.0.10) Helpers that makes easier the use of Twitter Bootstrap with Ruby on Rails
  16. 1,287 downloads
    orangeweb-tasks (0.1.2) Orangeweb Tasks for Rails
  17. 1,264 downloads
    orangewire_sender (1.1.0) Sends messages to The Orangewire
  18. 9,213 downloads
    orangutan (0.0.7) Yet another test spy style mocking library that happens to support clr testing via ironruby
  19. 6,306 downloads
    orasaurus (0.0.6) A simple toolset for making it easier to build Oracle databases.
  20. 4,091 downloads
    oration (0.0.4) Oration converts a function written in Python or Go into a Google App Engine application ...
  21. 6,239 downloads
    orator (0.7.2) An implementation of an evented websocket system for rails.
  22. 5,880 downloads
    orats (0.9.5) Generate modern Ruby on Rails applications using best practices.
  23. 11,844 downloads
    orb (0.1.5) REPL-driven testing for ruby -- integrates with pry and lets you build tests incrementally in the...
  24. 2,504 downloads
    orbit (0.8.0) A ruby gem for calculating satellite positional data and look angles, etc.
  25. 1,742 downloads
    Orbital (0.0.2) Just a temporary place holder until the app can be turned into a gem.
  26. 879 downloads
    orbital_fields (0.0.14) The (possibly) reusable partrs of Orbital.
  27. 275 downloads
    orbiter (0.0.2) For tracking the orbits of n free bodies in a 2D space
  28. 6,231 downloads
    Orbjson (0.0.4) Lib for creating JSON-RPC server applications.
  29. 322 downloads
    orc (0.0.3) Operation result class
  30. 5,511 downloads
    orca (0.4.0) Orca is a super simple way to build and configure servers