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  1. 1,118 downloads
    object-mapper (0.1.0) Provides interface for operations above set of objects in single call. Binds method calls to all ...
  2. 4,921 downloads
    object_mock (0.1.3) A group of methods added to Object class to enable simple mocking of instance or class methods. T...
  3. 1,505 downloads
    ObjectModel (0.3.0) ObjectModel is an Object Oriented Database inspired by MDD approach, db4o and ZODB.
  4. 2,091 downloads
    object_momma (0.9.2) object_momma is an Object Mother implementation in ruby
  5. 438 downloads
    object_patch (0.8.1) An implementation of JSON::Patch but for hashes and array. The results can be converted to JSON u...
  6. 1,384 downloads
    objectpool (0.1.0) Little bit different and magical implementation of thread pool pattern in ruby.
  7. 1,482 downloads
    object_pool (0.0.2) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  8. 631 downloads
    object_profiler (0.0.3) Object::Profiler uses DTrace probes in Ruby 2.0 to help instrument your code.
  9. 5,972 downloads
    object_proxy (1.1.4) Tiny class that defers nearly all method calls to an object of your choice
  10. 2,921 downloads
    object-proxy (0.3.0) Provides collection of four proxy objects intended for intercepting calls to instance methods. Wo...
  11. 1,473 downloads
    ObjectProxy (1.0.1) ObjectProxy provides a proxied interface to Ruby objects. It lets you add methods to objects tha...
  12. 1,404 downloads
    object_pub_sub (1.1.0) An Observer implementation with finer-grained controll over event publishing.
  13. 15,973 downloads
    object_regex (1.0.1) Provides regex-based searches on sequences of arbitrary objects. Developed for querying Ruby toke...
  14. 4,167 downloads
    objectreload-foreign_key_extensions (0.1.3) Simple way to create foreign keys in migration files.
  15. 16,757 downloads
    objectreload-pagination (0.1.13) Simple pagination - without changes in controllers
  16. 8,290 downloads
    objectreload-permalinks (0.2.4) Simple way to create permalinks.
  17. 8,094 downloads
    objectreload-permissions (0.1.6) Simple way to add permissions to controllers.
  18. 5,562 downloads
    objectreload-roles (0.1.4) Simple way to create roles for users.
  19. 6,767 downloads
    objectreload-simple_enumerations (0.1.6) Provides simple and clean enumerations system for rails apps. Enumerations are defined in one fil...
  20. 5,731 downloads
    objectreload-vote_fu (0.1.3) Voting for ActiveRecord with multiple vote sources and advanced features.
  21. 1,458 downloads
    object_scoped_i18n (0.1.0) Translate using i18n and scope it according to the object's place in Ruby's hierarchial structure...
  22. 4,118 downloads
    object-scraper (0.0.4) Object scraper is a thin wrapper for hpricot to enable recipe-like extraction of ruby objects fro...
  23. 1,376 downloads
    object-send (1.0.1) What is send? ============= It’s a tiny wee ruby gem that is a fork of [Object#try](http://ozmm.o...
  24. 9,100 downloads
    objects_extensions (0.4.0) Convenience Methods
  25. 590 downloads
    object_space_diff (0.0.1) Gem helps analyze object space before and after yielding a block
  26. 852 downloads
    object_spy (0.0.1) Object Spy to send Ruby ObjectSpace and Symbol metrics
  27. 2,865 downloads
    object-stash (1.0.2) "Permanently stash your Ruby objects" Serializes your ruby objects and writes them to...
  28. 2,541 downloads
    objectstore (1.0.1) A SQL based object store library
  29. 2,137 downloads
    object-stream (0.6) Stream objects over IO using Marshal, JSON, YAML, or Msgpack.
  30. 36,940 downloads
    object_struct (0.0.9) An extension of Ruby's core OpenStruct, providing deep objectification and lazy loading.